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  1. I mean, not really. I don't think there's a single release in the US that used the mini cardboard box with a plastic tray (and, again, phillips screws). The Genesis branding doesn't mean too much tbh. Remember, plagerism is Asia's MO...
  2. So I'm a CIB Genesis collector and I've had a few games with this issue in my time, and I'm wondering how other collectors handle this. At first, presuming the manual was otherwise in good shape, I used to just leave them alone. Lately though, I've started removing the staples in order to prevent the rust from further staining the pages (or leeching into the cardboard box, where applicable), cleaning off whatever has leached over as best I can, and finally leaving the manual staple-less. I've thought about trying to find a replacement staple of matching-size, but I'm worried it would eventually begin rusting due to contact with the rust already in the paper. I know some collectors like to see rusty staples, and take it as a sign of authenticity. How do you handle this in your own collections?
  3. Major update! So I found out that apparently SegaRetro already had a list of console box variants for the model 1/2 Genesis (though incomplete and not very detailed), so I've been able to add over 20 new variants to my list! Included are new core systems, US pack in variants, and Canadian variants! The one thing I've still not been able to find are any Mexican system variants, there must be at least one given that they at least had Chavez II as a Mexican-exclusive release...
  4. Hello all! I've been collecting for Sega Genesis a while now and I've finally got around to listing a bunch of extras I've accumulated. I'm putting these for auction on eBay, but if you're interested in any of them and want to buy directly, shoot me a message and we can work out a deal (I'll save on fees, you'll save on tax ). Sega Genesis Aero the Acrobat -- CIB After Burner II -- CIB Disney's Aladdin -- CIB Battle Master -- CIB BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat -- CIB Beavis & Butt-Head -- CIB Blades of Vengeance -- CIB Bonanza Brothers -- CIB Bubba 'N' Stix -- CIB Chakan: The Forever Man -- CIB Chuck Rock II Son of Chuck -- CIB Crüe Ball: Heavy Metal Pinball -- CIB Cyborg Justice -- CIB Dashin' Desperados -- CIB ESWAT: City Under Siege -- CIB Gaiares -- CIB Galahad -- CIB Galaxy Force II -- CIB General Chaos -- CIB The Immortal -- CIB Kid Chameleon -- CIB King of the Monsters 2 -- CIB Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar -- CIB The Lost Vikings -- CIB Pier Solar and Great Architects -- CIB w/ Enhanced soundtrack CD Alisia Dragoon -- Cart/Case Back to the Future Part III -- Cart/Case Batman: Revenge of the Joker -- Cart/Case Fantasia -- Cart/Case Haunting Starring Polterguy -- Cart/Case McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure -- Cart/Case Mercs -- Cart/Case Midnight Resistance -- Cart/Case Sega Genesis 32X Metal Head -- Cart/Case Knuckles' Chaotix -- Loose https://www.ebay.com/sch/billybob8484/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= This is just the first small batch of a whole bunch of extras I'm letting go of, so I'll post here as more get listed. Thanks for looking!
  5. Interesting that it uses regular phillips screws... I've seen people argue on both sides of the Asia/North America issue, it does have genesis branding, but they're so rare here as opposed to overseas
  6. So I haven't had much time to work on this stuff lately (there's still more of Tripredacus-Agent's list to go through and verify), but while sorting a box of games this weekend I found a few more variants not on either your matrix or his list: Ariel the Little Mermaid has 2 clamshell variants: Cart has no number, picture is wider, "Assembled in USA", Case rear has number 670-2668 Cart has number "670-2667", picture is narrower/mirrored, "Made in Japan", Case rear has number 671-2560 King's Bounty has 2 clamshell variants: Cart label has orange text with gray background Cart label has red/black text with pink background Everything else looks identical NHL 96 has 2 clamshell variants: Case has yellow "The best sports simulator ever" sticker Case has no sticker Everything else looks identical Also, a Canadian variant of Streets of Rage 2 has been found:
  7. @Gorfcadet this is awesome, thanks so much for these scans! <nevermind, I figured it out> also FYI, pages 22/23 and pages 14/16 are duplicates
  8. Thank you all for the nice comments, I had a blast restoring this! On a side note, if anyone knows of someone looking to offload one of the silver variants (either style - there are two), I'd love to add another to my collection! Northeast US here, but I'd be willing to go pretty far to get it.
  9. After on and off work over the last two months, it's finally complete! (or at least, for now it is) Shout out to all the support and comments from @NES CONNOISSEUR, @dyer, @Ghost Soldier, @Sign Collector Guy, @SilverspoonGaming, @drxandy, @portabello, and others! I could write a small novel on all the work I had to do here, but to summarize, - I completely disassembled the frame (as much as I could, parts were welded) and scrubbed it inside and out (my god, the dirt and grime...), - I replaced the Genesis*, TV**, controller, audio amplifier (the original did work, but it was mono audio, so I found a stereo-capable amp), and the fluorescent bulb - I handmade a replacement controller mounting bracket (which was missing) from sheet-steel and covered it in plastidip/spray gloss - I repaired the expansion port connector on the DS-16 (had some bad solder joints, presumably from being flexed when connected/disconnected) - Fabricated the rear locking compartment door (which was missing) - Modified the new power strip with an in-line power switch, so you can turn it on/off without having to unplug it (or daisy-chain power strips) - I also attempted to polish the blue plastic sheet behind the TV using 2 parts of a 3-step plastic polish (Novus 1 & 2), but didn't have much luck with that, so I didn't try it on the clear window in front of the console. It did help wear down the worst of the scratches, but it left the sheet with a cloudy appearance overall... fortunately it's mostly obscured by the TV so it's not a big deal. * From my research, these kiosks originally used a monitor with rear composite AV ports, but I couldn't find one for a reasonable price/close enough to pick up, so I used an old broadcast monitor with S-video in, so I modded the Genesis with an S-video jack (not technically authentic, but the improved picture is a nice trade) ** The TV was a disaster in and of itself. Found it on eBay for $40 with free shipping, but when it got here, it was smashed to hell; the seller barely put any padding in the box. He had a second, which was a few years older but nearly the same model, which did eventually make it in one piece; unfortunately the second didn't have an auto-on feature like the original one did, and the speaker inside it wouldn't stop making a very loud hiss even when muted, so I had to get creative. For the sound problem, I opened the TV and cut the wire to the speaker, and for the power problem, I figured out if the power button was pinned down the TV would turn on automatically when plugged in, so while I had the set open to fix the speaker, I soldered a small toggle switch across the power button's pins to create my own auto-on feature. There's still a few things I want to do some time, the case on the replacement TV is worn and I've been reading about painting plastic, and I also want to try retrobriting the "SEGA" marquee (it's even more yellowed than it looks in the pictures). I also want to do a short video showing it off, but it'll have to be some other time. For now, I'm calling this one complete!
  10. So I just acquired a copy of the ESRB variant for the original Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis), and while it's physically in good shape, the game won't boot properly. It usually reaches the title screen, where it improperly loads the tiles/colors and crashes to either an "illegal instruction" or "address error" message, or sometimes it will actually load into the first level, but doesn't actually load the level, so Sonic just falls to his death 3 times (then the game crashes on the game over screen). I've cleaned the pins to a mirror shine, and tried reflowing the solder on the chip's pins, and I'm not finding any continuity problems on the traces, so my guess is the chip has failed (though from what I know, this is still pretty rare). I've got plenty of spare Sonic 1 copies to swap out the board, but for the sake of accuracy, does anyone know if the ESRB copy is a ROM variant?
  11. Failed batteries and lost saves, absolutely, I've had this happen to tons of carts. My question was specifically leaking batteries that could damage the board
  12. Just out of curiosity, has anyone here actually seen/had this happen? I remember a discussion about it on segaages a while back, but so far as I was aware, this is exceptionally rare for coin cell batteries.
  13. So I've been having a discussion on reddit with user Tripredacus-Agent, who manages a Genesis list on vgcollect.com, and he was kind enough to compare this ongoing list with his own and pointed out a number of missing variants. I've spent the last few days researching his comments, and ended up agreeing with most of them, so I put together pictures and a description for each: 6-Pak - There are two releases of the slide box, a Majesco one, and a Ballistic one (sticker on back) Beavis and Butthead - This is the only picture/reference I could find to it, but there apparently was a big-box release of this with a hat/t-shirt included (hard to tell if the game is a clamshell or cardboard box though): https://vgcollect.com/item/170112 I tried to clean the picture up a little, but it's still not great Bill Walsh College Football - There are two cover variants with difference in the front lower-left blue badge, one says "Not sponsered..." and the other doesn't. Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoffs - A few notes on this one, after looking through ~60 boxes on ebay, there doesn't seem to be a "1st Round Limited Edition" release. There is however a variant for the case art of the non-1st round release: one says "EASN Presents", and the other says "EA Sports Electronic Arts Presents" Captain America and the Avengers - Given that we're not tracking "Value Pak" sticker releases, I'm not sure if we want to track this, but there appears to be two clamshell variants - one with a "Collector's Pin Inside" sticker on the clamshell plastic, and one without. It's possible the one's without the sticker are plastic swaps, but there are so many listed on ebay both with and without that it seems like the game actually had a release without the pin. The Duel - Test Drive II - This one's a little tougher to track. I see two variants of the VGC release on ebay: One with a "Free Poster Inside" badge and one without. For the non-VGC, I'm only finding the one variant (with the poster badge). The rub is I'm finding four cartridge label variants, and pretty much no consistency between listing for which box has which cart. I'm sure some listings are mismatches, but as to which are which... Carts: 1) Cars moving vertically, pink zig-zag borders 2) Cars moving horizontally, flat gray background 3) Solid yellow label with no cars 4) Solid white label with no cars ** Note, I've only been able to spot this loose: https://vgcollect.com/item/102881 & https://theclassicgame.co.uk/shop/sega/mega-drive-md-sega/duel-the-test-drive-ii/ Here's a breakdown of which pieces I saw listed together: Greendog Beached Surfer Dude - There are two cart variants - One with number "670-2286" on cart label, and one without (cases/manuals appear to otherwise be identical) Hard Drivin - There are three clamshell variations: 1) Has case art text "Manufactured for play on the SEGA GENESIS SYSTEM" & "Made in Japan" on back, color manual, cart has "Made in Japan" and only "Caution" text 2) Has case art text "Manufactured for play on the SEGA GENESIS SYSTEM" & "Made in Japan" on back, color manual, cart has "Made in Japan" and full patent info text 3) Has case art text "Manufactured by Sega Enterprises Ltd. For play on the SEGA GENESIS SYSTEM" ("Assembled in USA" on reverse), color manual, cart has "Made in USA" on back Also, for the slide box variant, it might be worth noting that the cart has "Assembled in Mexico" with a black sticker over it, & a b/w manual Home Alone - There are two variants of the cart label, one with the number "670-2327", and one without (both are made in japan) Joe Montana II Sports Talk Football - There are two minor clamshell variants: one has "we use recycled paper" on the back under the barcode, has the number "670-1763-01" under the 1 or 2 players badge, is printed in Japan, and has "1209C" on the spine. The other doesn’t have the "recycled paper" text or the 670 number, is printed in USA, and has "1209" on the spine. John Madden Football '93 - There are three clamshell variants: 1) Case has "EASN Presents" at the top and a "1st Round" badge 2) Case has "EASN Presents" at the top but no "1st Round" badge 3) Case has "EA Sports Presents" at the top The Lion King - There are two minor clamshell variants: one has "Made in USA" on the back of the case under the barcode and on the cart. The other has "Assembled in Mexico" on the back of the case under the barcode and a sticker on the cart. NHL Hockey - There are three regular (non-thin) clamshell variants: 1) Case has "Electronic Arts" at the top 2) Case has "EA Sports" at the top 3) Case has "EASN Presents" at the top (the right-most is the thin-case release) NHLPA Hockey '93 - There are four variants (all come in regular EA clamshells): 1) Case has "EASN Presents" at the top and a "1st Round" badge, "Made in Taiwan" on cart label 2) Case has "EASN Presents" at the top and a "1st Round" badge, "Assembled in USA" on cart label 3) Case has "EASN Presents" at the top but no "1st Round" badge, "Assembled in USA" on cart label 4) Case has "EA Sports Presents" at the top, "Assembled in USA" on cart label I checked through ~110 ebay results and these seem pretty consistent, except one Taiwan cart being in a EA Sports box, but I suspect it was a mismatch Pac-Man 2 The New Adventures - There are 2 cardboard variants, one slide box and one flip top. PGA Tour Golf - There are 3 cart label variants: 1) Top says "Electronic Arts", bottom has number 7002 (A) 2) Top says "Electronic Arts", bottom has number 7002 3) Top says "EA Sports", bottom has number 7002, logo has red text * * Out of ~60 ebay listings, I could only find one of these, and the case/manual had "Electronic Arts", not "EA Sports", so not sure if the case is a mismatch, but either way, its a new variant PGA Tour Golf II - Tripredacus claims there are 7 variant combinations, but after sorting through ~110 ebay listings, I was only able to confirm 4 (and his description doesn't make clear what the other three should be): 1) Case has "1st Round Limited Edition" badge, no red badge. Cart has number 7155. 2) Case doesn't have "1st Round" badge, has red "If it's on the tour" sticker. Cart has number 7155. 3) Case doesn't have "1st Round" badge, has red "If it's on the tour" sticker. Cart has number 7155A. 4) Case doesn't have "1st Round" badge, no red badge. Cart has number 7155. Note that the difference between carts "7155A" and "7155" is the game ROM. "A" has 6 courses and "7155" has 7 courses. Populous - There are at least 6 cart label variants: 1) 7016 2) 7016 B (sticker) 3) 7016 C (printed) 4) 7016 C (sticker) 5) 7016 D (printed) 6) 7016 D (sticker) They are presumably ROM variants The Revenge of Shinobi - You're missing the Canadian variant (which I think I mentioned in an earlier post). @RoyalT has a bunch of pictures/description here: (Edit: scratch that, it's actually your original list!) Road Rash II - There are 2 clamshell variants, one with a "Head 2 head" sticker, and one without Shaq Fu - There are two clamshell variants: 1) One with a yellow "Rap CD" sticker (and a CD included under the cellophane), and a red "Free CD inside" badge on the back. 2) One without the yellow sticker and red badge. The yellow sticker is only on the cellophane of sealed copies, but the red badge is part of the case art. Streets of Rage - There are 2 cart label variants for the non-classics release: one with the number "670-1600", and one without You're also missing the Canadian variant (which I think I mentioned in an earlier post). @RoyalT has a bunch of pictures/description here: (Edit: scratch that, it's actually your original list!) Streets of Rage 2 - There are 2 cart label variants for the non-NFR release: one with the number "670-2483", and one without Super Off Road - There are 2 cart label variants for the non-classics release. TaleSpin - There are 2 cart label variants for the US release: one with the number "670-2284", and one without (the art is zoomed in on the non-number cart) Taz-Mania - There are 2 cart label variants for the US non-ESRB release: one with the number "670-2170", and one without Winter Challenge - There are 2 cart label variants for the classics release: one with yellow text, and one with white
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