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  1. would be glad to add it! can you show some pictures?
  2. Cross posting from the Canadian variant thread, apparently Bio Hazard Battle has a Canadian variant: I've gone ahead and added it to the spreadsheet.
  3. So I've been reading about Sega's Accolade lawsuit and the four games retroactively licensed due to it, Al Michaels Announces HardBall III, Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge Golf, Summer Challenge, & Super Off Road. Later copies of Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge Golf would have a Sega Seal of Quality sticker added (specifically, it seems the "Includes Baltusrol" sticker variant got the SoQ sticker), but what bout the other three? SegaRetro is vague, claiming Summer Challenge and Super Off Road were re-released "with a license", but not mentioning any added sticker/branding, and for HardBall III says it was "licensed during production". I couldn't find any examples of these three with any sort of SoQ sticker/branding after a quick ebay search, but given that Jack Nicklaus' PCG got it, it's possible the others may have, as well.
  4. tiny correction, should be "Konsolation", not "Konsolidation"
  5. If you don't mind me asking, where abouts are you located (for trade of larger items)\ Sorry, missed it in your original post!
  6. For the non-ESRB Sega Classic variant of Golden Axe, the image shows a "megadrive" branded cart and "genesis" manual with black letterbox artwork. I am seeing a few of those on eBay (1, 2, 3, 4) but I'm seeing just as many (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) with the standard "genesis" branded cart and standard artwork manual... it's possible there are just a whole mess of swaps/mismsatches, but for how many I'm seeing, it seems maybe a bit more likely that there were two non-ESRB variants. Thoughts? Disregard! I am a silly billy, and did not see that it's already listed on the sheet!
  7. @ViKiNg gotcha ok. So I also noticed on SegaRetro that there are two covers listed, one of which doesn't have the "Division Alignment" badge: I couldn't spot one on eBay, could this be a 3rd variant? Has anyone seen this before?
  8. Looks nice! Good solution for building a room on a budget
  9. Wowww thanks @isacin! I'll have to go through all this and merge it in! Huuge help there!
  10. Been a little while since i was active here, saw on a game store's instagram that they had a copy of the world series '95 misprint, so at least there's confirmation it exists. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG8d3e5nFUN/?igshid=j2sdaiaaxn43 No pictures of it's contents, unfortunately.
  11. Greetings all! I'm a Sega Genesis collector and only a hair's breadth away from a full CIB North American set. All I'm looking for now is a copy of Normy's Beach Babe-O-Rama, specifically one with a good condition manual (a better condition box would be nice too, but the manual is the key part). If you have one and are willing to part with a copy, or have any leads on one, please let me know! I'm willing to pay fair market price (negotiable) or to work out a trade from my growing collection of Genesis extras (I have a lot of stuff I'm in the process of selling off, most are complete & in good condition, inquire for better pics): (N.A. residents are preferable for trades, international is always a hassle ) Thank you for helping a fellow collector! EDIT: Nevermind, found one!
  12. Is anyone else having trouble searching the forums? Tried with terms on several forums for words that were clearly in topics on page 1, and nothings working...
  13. Update! Added/updated the following items: Genesis Model 1: Added [Canada] # 3) Blank box without $50 rebate sticker Genesis Model 2: Added # 3) 6-Pak / Bugs Bunny combo pack-in Added # 17) “Sonic 2 System” mail-in coupon variant Updated # 31) Wal-Mart – better front image Added [Canada] # 9) “Sonic 2 System” with bonus offer sticker CD Model 2: Added # 2) “Core System” sticker
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