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  1. Since it looks to be first print we can assume they are: Cart: NES-F3-USA (round seal) Manual: NES-F3-USA (round seal) Box: NES-F3-USA (round seal) Poster: LJN-NES-US (round seal purple version) NP: PMG-US Black Sleeve
  2. It's a No Mexico version. So third print which I'm pretty sure has the strategy guide insert.
  3. There is no rush. I hate to say it but the days of buying a bunch of sealed NES games for cheap and opening them are over. So why not savor the moment? That being said, yes it has been awhile since I opened a game. I've been very tempted to open some more.
  4. I still have 12 more to open that aren't on the list. Break Time Faxanadu Goal! Greg Norman: Golf Power Jeopardy Jeopardy 25th Anniversary Edition Krusty's Fun House Laser Invasion Rounball Star Wars Super Jeopardy Super Mario Bros. 3.....maybe.
  5. Interesting to see how it came packaged. I had a hunch that the Encyclopedia was on the bottom. I figured the inserts would be in their usual spot. Tucked underneath the plastic bag flap. What's most shocking is there doesn't appear to be a NP insert.
  6. It's not flat. It's just a regular sized styrofoam piece. It looks like the cheaper kind though that you find in USA assembled games and unlicensed games.
  7. Did Battleship ever come with a poster? I don't recall seeing one before.
  8. That's what I mean by 2D games. The arcade ports.
  9. Both games have traits of Saturn being the lead system. There is pixel dithering in the PS1 versions when the PS1 was capable of better transparencies. The Saturn versions have some extra animations while the PS1 versions do not most likely to having less RAM and had to be removed. Most of the other 2D Capcom games were developed on Saturn first and then ported over to PS1 so the same most likely applies to MM8/MMX4 as well. The Saturn was just better at 2D. I grew up with the PS1 versions so I have no bias towards the Saturn versions but there are several clues that point to Saturn being the lead system.
  10. And this is why I open sealed games. No, people don't know what mint means.
  11. No, plastic baggies are good enough unless it's a super expensive game. Then you might want to consider a box protector.
  12. Comparing the two, yes I'd say the Saturn version of 8 is better. It sounds better, looks better, and has extra content. I think I do prefer the controls on PS1 though. For X4, there is very little difference. It sounds the same, looks nearly the same, and has the same content. Again I think the PS1 controls are a little bit better.
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