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  1. The first print of Kirby came with the plastic case, plastic bag, and plastic holder.
  2. That's a 4 player sticker on the shrinkwrap but I'll let Trifecta chime in. Strange how some games have these even though there is already a 4 player logo on the box.
  3. Sounds like we got a Jordan vs Bird and California Games situation. Later Prints came with a poster and is much harder to find.
  4. I wonder if mine will have the same contents.
  5. Finding one in NM/M condition is the hard part. Uhhg, that Nintendo poster does not go with that game and the bottom tabs are not locked in right.
  6. Y'all got any sealed NES games for sale?
  7. There is no need to add each individual creator(s) or composer(s). Thanks just going down another rabbit hole.
  8. That is the code but yes, Jonebone should add it.
  9. Right, some of the 3 screw oval seal black box games are tough to find. Which ones exactly I'm not sure.
  10. Carts but I suppose box and manuals could count as well. I thought Kung-Fu Heroes was as well but there are usually several copies online.
  11. Most Mindscape manuals were just barebones blue and white with no pictures.
  12. I know that some round seal versions can be tough to find as they came out right before the change and I also know some oval seal versions of early black box games can be tough to find so I'd thought I'd start a list. Let me know of any more and I will add it to the list. Round Seal Blaster Master Marble Madness Tecmo Bowl Wrestlemania Oval Seal Various Black Box games?
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