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  1. Well, I color corrected the front pic so that might be why they look different but yeah it almost looks like a sticker.
  2. Yeah, I've never seen it either. The Taiwan printing is odd as most inserts were printed in USA at the time. Can't say I've ever seen a Bayou Billy box with a cut UPC either so it must have been a very limited thing.
  3. Ok, I'm sure this has been talked before but I can't seem to find any thing about it. Did this come with certain copies of the game or did it come with something else?
  4. You make it sound like I didn't open it. Are you sure you watched the right video?
  5. Hopefully people are smarter than to buy from him...
  6. I guess I'm not a serious game collector and know nothing about games.
  7. He then comes back with this snarky comment. Am I out of line here? It was a simple question. WTF...
  8. And the scumbag seller of the decade goes to video-game-traders. Message reads from bottom to top.
  9. Welcome to the CK club. That one sits in a closet...quietly....calling my name.....to open it......but I won't do it..........nope, I refuse................damn you CK, get out of my head!
  10. You're welcome. It's going to be a tough uphill battle going forward due to sealed games getting extremely expensive but I think we can do it.
  11. A nice sealed Arkanoid. Getting harder to find these for a decent price.
  12. I use this and recommended it as well. However since different companies use the same design, I recommend opening it up and make sure it is indeed good quality inside.
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