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  1. I was planning on opening my sealed copy around April but now I'm tempted to open it sooner. I'd say that's near 100%. The sleeve should be textured and it looks like it has the cardboard spacer from Captain Planet? Interesting...
  2. When the trays switched over to the cardboard style, they stopped coming with bags. Then when GB games stopped coming with the plastic case, they included baggies again.
  3. Finally cracked it open from it's acrylic tomb I see. How did you do it?
  4. You need the "I Can Conquer The World!" Nintendo Power insert (GP-DMG-USA) and the Metroid II poster (DMG-USA-4). As well as the obvious. Game, plastic case, plastic baggy.
  5. Looks like it might be from the PC version. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nobunaga-s-Ambition-II-1989-Koei-Big-Box-Clamshell-Release-IBM-PC-COMPLETE/174100178533?epid=1727452301&hash=item28892de665:g:2v4AAOSwTRFdmKWP
  6. Uh...that's a huge discovery. 8539 (October 1985) means it's pretty much a launch title. Your other one is October 1986 Week 4.
  7. No, Classic Game Room is gone. Mark still uploads videos but just about drawing now. It's too bad, he was one of the better Youtube shows.
  8. The only people I support on Patreon. The production value of their videos is what inspired me to start a channel and take interest in photography/videography.
  9. I believe paperboard is the correct term but yeah it seems like the old ways of making boxes are gone.
  10. I've been trying to fast for 14 hours which is much easier to do when sleeping. I'm not really losing much weight but I feel better. Whether it's mental or not who knows.
  11. Welp...so much for opening my copy. LOL. Nah, just kidding. I'll still open it...eventually....sometime this decade.....maybe. Do you have anymore games to open @jonebone?
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