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  1. Two completely different cables. S-video is analog and was meant for CRT's while ultra HDMI is a digital mod meant for HDTV's. You do have more options with the UltraHDMI but IMO, N64 games looks best on a CRT.
  2. I'm pretty sure they were random. At first I thought they were released in order but I guess not.
  3. For some reason tears in shrinkwrap seem to subtract more points than box damage. Go figure. I'd rather have a mint box with some shrinkwrap missing rather than a fully intact shrinkwrap but the box is beat up.
  4. Investors gotta make that money. LOL
  5. @TrifectaOuch, that couldn't have been cheap.
  6. I think as time passes on and the less and less changes that occur to new systems, It's going to be harder to call any old system "retro". There's hardly any difference between PS3 and PS5 games besides looking slightly better. I doubt PS6 will be any different. Until we reach the days of holodeck gaming where we are literally inside the game, it's going to be hard to feel nostalgia for games that just look like outdated current gen games.
  7. Geez...so glad I bought a sealed one a few years ago for only a few hundred. Yeah, that's a legit seal. Double disc jewel cases came in both y-fold and overlap.
  8. I've said this before but I feel like the 6th gen in general was the last era of offline gaming. While games did have online capabilities it was usually just that. Playing against other people and nothing more. Meaning no boatloads of DLC that you had to buy like extra costumes, extra maps, extra weapons, etc. 80% of the game was usually focused on the offline/single player mode. The few online games that did have DLC was usually free IIRC.
  9. I think for the average person, the GCHD Mk II and Insurrection cables are fine. They are not exactly the same as OEM ones but are far from bad from what I've seen.
  10. You would think with the multiple third party choices out there that the prices would go way down but no. It's considered a trophy piece so that's why they are still expensive IMO.
  11. Circle seal Blaster Masters are harder to find as it was one of the last games to come out before the change.
  12. I'd say there's less than 20. I don't recall seeing too many games that have them.
  13. Thank you so much for doing this. I had no luck with ebay either but just as I figured the blue version came out first.
  14. I had a tough time finding mint boxes as well. Not sure why the ones for sale are always beat up.
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