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  1. So a quick update on this. It's almost been about two months since I deep cleaned it and it still feels pretty nice. I little bit grimy but not as bad as before. I wiped it down and it feels good again.
  2. I don't get it. I was planing to buy that to open as they usually go for cheap...guess not.
  3. Can anyone explain why this sealed Jordan vs Bird went for so much? There is nothing special about it. It's not signed by anyone and it's not mint. Me thinks shill bidding was involved. Either that or people got into a very stupid bidding war. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jordan-vs-Bird-Nintendo-NES-Brand-New-Factory-Sealed-H-Seam-w-Tag-WATA-grade-it/203135359300?hash=item2f4bcf9944:g:cGcAAOSwTmVfgeeE
  4. There is also a Bigfoot white cardboard box variant. I never see it but I did have one.
  5. These are the four companies I'm aware of that did it. Overlord even had it's own CR2032 battery.
  6. Having recently played through this game again for my unboxing video, I can say this game still holds up. I haven't played Odyssey yet which is like a true follow up to 64 but I still think 64 has a certain charm to it that makes it the best 3D Mario. I'd probably rank Galaxy 2nd and is worthy of a 9/10.
  7. Thank you both @DoctorEncore and @CasualCart for the support and kind words.
  8. That's mainly why I do it. To archive what inserts came with the game. If I'm crazy enough to open sealed games I figure I might as well do it on camera. Since I've been collecting CIB games for over 20 years I might as well share my knowledge on inserts as well.
  9. No, I'm not sure what code that is.
  10. Thanks. That also means a lot to me. Interesting. I wonder if the bottom flap boxes have dates after all? Can I see a pic of it? So on boxes with the locking tabs, there is a 5 digit code on the top tabs which translates to Y/MM/DD. So a code of 30507 would mean 2003 May 7.
  11. So I'm not really a big fan of posting my Youtube channel everywhere as it feels like I'm spamming/whoring it out but the people here are definitely my "target audience". For the people who haven't seen it, what I basically do is I open sealed retro, classic, vintage whatever you want to call them games. So for example NES, SNES, GB, PS1, and even newer not quite retro yet games like PS2, XBOX, GC, Wii. I also have another series where I go through all of the inserts, sleeves, posters, styrofoam pieces, etc. that came with games of that era. It's very niche for sure. The few regulars here t
  12. Hey man, just want to say you have a neat channel. I had heard the Dexter/Power Puff game was rare but I've never seen it. Those GBA boxes with a bottom flap don't have a date code on them otherwise I would say you could use it to match the date on the game. Hopefully someone opens a sealed copy one day. It probably won't be me though.
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