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  1. Oreo Or my favorite and popular at beaches , name him " shark "
  2. Wonder at how big the library is for the european and the asian version(s) are ?
  3. That is one heck of a christmas list of item(s) . . .
  4. They all look appealing Something you dont see often here state side . . .
  5. Love the graphics on these wrapper(s) . . .
  6. https://www.nintendo.com/products/detail/game-and-watch-the-legend-of-zelda/
  7. Its rough dating in this day and age Seems like nothing but hooksup and nothing serious ( and no telling at what keeps loving afterwards when she leaves )
  8. Sorry for your loss and gave you my sincere condolences She sounded like a special and wonder peraon inside and out , along with opening you to many perspective(s) And that is like rare , in my opinion , esp in this age ( one we are seeing unfolding ) You should be glad , that she picked you of the many souls out there and kindled your inner flame . And that should be treasured with they many beautiful aspect(s) she revealed too you . . .
  9. Just finished off ; cheers Started ; house Planning on after that ; G1 transformers
  10. Greeting(s) to the party . . .
  11. Just take it step by step and take it slow . No need to rush in knowing someone Also talk . Communication is key to a good start in any kind of relationship ( friend or even more ) And welcome aboard to the party . . .
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