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  1. I’m not seeing how the monkey island is a variant. Can you point out where the difference(s) are from the original? im confused about what you’re saying about the night trap variant. You have the red box, red box with sticker, and blue box. CD/32x games are not included because they need the 32x to be played. The pic you included is a CD/32x version. Of course it is a variant, but a line has be drawn somewhere. I choose to make that line at CD/32x games.
  2. Game Contents 37 of 142 games opened Below is a running list of game contents. There will be three lists: the first being games with no extras; the second being games with extras; the third is a "speculation" list, which more or less means the game likely comes with what is listed, but there has been no definite confirmation. No extras 1.) Batman Returns 2.) BC Racers 3.) Bill Walsh College Football 4.) Bram Stoker's Dracula 5.) Dragon's Lair 6.) Dracula Unleashed 7.) Dune 8.) Ecco The Dolphin 9.) ESPN Baseball Tonight 10.) Fahrenheit 11.) Joe Montana's NFL Football 12.) Mad Dog McCree 13.) Make My Video: INXS 14.) Microcosm 15.) My Paint: The Animated Paint Program 16.) NFL's Greatest: San Francisco VS Dallas 1979-1993 17.) Revenge of the Ninja 18.) Silpheed 19.) Software Toolwork's Star Wars Chess 20.) Space Ace 21.) Amazing Spider-Man Vs the Kingpin 22.) Surgical Strike 23.) Thirdworld War 24.) Trivial Pursuit: Interactive Multimedia Game Extras Several contents span several games, such as the Sony Imagesoft warranty card. To save space and clear clutter, if a piece of paper shows up in multiple games the image will only be posted once. 1.) Chuck Rock -Sony Imagesoft warranty registration card2.) ESPN National Hockey Night-poster-packet of trading cards-"Buy 2 Get 1 Free" promotional card 3.) ESPN NBA Hangtime '95 -poster-"Buy 2 Get 1 Free" promotional card4.) ESPN Sunday Night Football-poster-"Buy 2 Get 1 Free" promotional card5.) Hook-Sony Imagesoft warranty registration card6.) Kids on Site-"Rough day?" product pamphlet-temporary tattoo-"More cool stuff!" card7.) Lethal Enforcers-Konami registration card-blue gun-Please Read card-"How many hits can you take?" poster8.) Links: The Challenge of Golf-poster9.) Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine-Rocket Science gear booklet10.) Make My Video: Kriss Kross-Sony Imagesoft warranty registration card11.) Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure-Activism "Hey!" Fill this out" card12.) Road Rash-"Action Brain Drain/Hints Hot Line" pamphlet-"Road Rash 3 Offical Player's Guide" card-"Next Generation free trial issue!" pamphlet13.) Wheel of Fortune-poster-"Buy 2 Get 1 Free" promotional cardSpeculation1.) Cadillacs and Dinosaurs-Rocket Science gear booklet2.) Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck-"Robocop versus Terminator" poster3.) Lawnmowever Man- Sales Curve Interactive buisness reply card4.) Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighers-Konami registration card5.) Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventure of Mickey Mouse-poster6.) Popfuil Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure-"Attention! Read this first card!" card7.) Radical Rex-"Attention CDX users!" card8.) Snatcher-Konami registration card9.) The Terminator-"Robocop versus Terminator" poster10.) Vay-map-"Official strategy guide" card11.) Who Shoot Johnny Rock?-Gamegun recommendation card-American Laswer product card-"Live motion picture action" pamphlet
  3. So info is not lost and so others can still contribute any newly found info i'm reposting the sega cd collector's guide from segaage. RIP. U.S. NTSC Sega CD Collector's Guide Version 3.0. Changes warranting a new guide: -Consistent updates: Yes, developments in the world of Sega CD collecting are pretty sparse, but new items are still being found. Shai'tan did a great job with the original thread, but a more active member needs to take the reins. -Documentation of more than just the games: Games and variants are cool. But so are strategy guides, console boxes, game inserts/contents, and accessories. Let's hear about any physical media associated with the Sega CD. -Replacing missing pictures: Most of the pictures from the original thread are gone. They will return. Hopefully. Maybe. -General overhaul: Not to say Shai'tan didn't have a nice looking thread, but this is likely going to look and be constructed slightly different from the original. So let's keep the discussion, albeit slow discussion, going. If you opened a sealed game, post what you found inside the box. If you find the elusive Bram Stoker's Dracula Version 2.0, post a picture of it. If you just want to say you love the Sega CD, let's hear about that love affair. Always a work in progress.... Games Below are the standard, retail games. No variants. No console pack-ins. Just the good 'ol games found in the plastic or cardboard long boxes, totally 142. 1.) 3 Ninjas Kick Back/Hook 2.) A/X-101 3.) Official AD&D CD Game: Eye of the Beholder 4.) The Adventures of Batman and Robin 5.) Adventures of Willy Beamish 6.) Afterburner 3 7.) AH-3 Thunderstrike 8.) The Amazing Spiderman vs. the Kingpin 9.) Android Assault 10.) The San Diego Zoo Presents the Animals! A True Multimedia Experience 11.) B.C. Racers 12.) Batman Returns 13.) Battlecorps 14.) Bill Walsh College Football 15.) Black Hole Assault 16.) Bouncers 17.) Brutal: Paws of Fury 18.) Cadillacs and Dinosaurs 19.) Championship Soccer '94 20.) Chuck Rock 21.) Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck 22.) Cliffhanger 23.) Cobra Command 24.) Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 25.) Corpse Killer 26.) Crime Patrol 27.) Dark Wizard 28.) Demolition Man 29.) Double Switch 30.) Bram Stoker's Dracula 31.) Dracula Unleashed 32.) Dragon's Lair 33.) Dune 34.) Dungeon Explorer 35.) Dungeon Master II: Skullkeep 36.) Earthworm Jim: Special Edition 37.) Ecco the Dolphin 38.) Ecco: The Tides of Time 39.) ESPN Baseball Tonight 40.) ESPN National Hockey Night 41.) ESPN NBA Hangtime '95 42.) ESPN Sunday Night NFL 43.) Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side 44.) Fahrenheit 45.) Fatal Fury Special 46.) FIFA International Soccer 47.) Final Fight 48.) Flashback: The Quest for Identity 49.) Flink 50.) Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit 51.) Marry Shelley's Frankenstein/Bram Stoker's Dracula 52.) Ground Zero Texas 53.) Heart of the Alien 54.) Heimdall 55.) Hook 56.) Iron Helix 57.) Jaguar XJ220 58.) Jeopardy 59.) Joe Montana's NFL Football 60.) Jurassic Park 61.) Keio's Flying Squadron 62.) Kids on Site 63.) Lawnmower Man 64.) Lethal Enforcers 65.) Lethal Enforcers 2: Gunfighters 66.) Links: The Challenge of Golf 67.) Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine 68.) Lords of Thunder 69.) Lunar: The Silver Star 70.) Lunar: Eternal Blue 71.) Mad Dog McCree 72.) Mad Dog McCree 2: Lost Gold 73.) Make my Video: Kris Kross 74.) Make my Video: Marky Mark and the Funy Bunch 75.) Make my Video: INXS 76.) Mansion of Hidden Souls 77.) Masked Rider: Kamen Rider ZO 78.) Mega Race 79.) Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventure of Mickey Mouse 80.) Microcosm 81.) Midnight Raiders 82.) Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 83.) Mortal Kombat 84.) My Paint: The Animated Paint Program 85.) NBA Jam 86.) NFL Football Trivia Challenge 87.) NFL's Greatest: San Francisco vs. Dallas 1978- 1993 88.) NHL '94 89.) Night Trap 90.) NovaStorm 91.) Panic! 92.) Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure 93.) Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure 94.) Power Factory Featuring C+C Music Factory 95.) Power Monger 96.) Prince of Persia 97.) Prize Fighter 98.) Puggsy 99.) Racing Aces 100.) Radical Rex 101.) RDF Global Conflict 102.) Revenge of the Ninja 103.) Revengers of Vengeance 104.) Rise of the Dragon 105.) Road Avenger 106.) Road Rash 107.) Robo Aleste 108.) Samurai Shodown 109.) The Secret of Monkey Island 110.) Sewer Shark 111.) Shadow of The Beast II 112.) Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. II 113.) Shining Force CD 114.) Silpheed 115.) Slam City with Scottie Pippen 116.) Snatcher 117.) Sonic CD 118.) Soulstar 119.) Space Ace 120.) The Space Adventure 121.) Software Toolwork's Star Wars Chess 122.) Star Wars Rebel Assault 123.) Starblade 124.) Stellar Fire 125.) Supreme Warrior 126.) Surgical Strike 127.) The Terminator 128.) Third World War 129.) Time Gal 130.) Tomcat Alley 131.) Trivial Pursuit: Interactive Multimedia Game 132.) Ultraverse Prime/Microcosm 133.) Vay 134.) Wheel of Fortune 135.) Who Shot Johnny Rock? 136.) Wild Woody 137.) Wing Commander 138.) Wirehead 139.) Wolfchild 140.) Wonder Dog 141.) World Cup USA 94 142.) WWF Rage in the Cage Console Pack-ins Just a to-the-point list of the discs packed in with various consoles. Which CD was packed with which console variant will be listed in another section. 1.) Compton's Interactive Enclyclopedia NFR 2.) Joe Montana's NFL football NFR 3.) Karaoke Top Hit Sampler 4.) Karaoke Song Catalog 5.) Prize Fighter NFR 6.) Rock Paintings/Hot Hits 7.) Sega Classics: Arcade Collection/Ecco the Dolphin 8.) Sega Classics: Arcade Collection/Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective 9.) Sega Multimedia Studio 10.) Sewer Shark 11.) Sol-Feace 12.) Sonic CD NFR 13.) What Is X'Eye Multi Entertainment System Variants/Demos About half of the variants come from console pack-ins, while the other half are re-releases with some sort of sticker addition, change in box material, or altered box art. It is the general consensus the common Wonder Dog Green is the variant, while the ever elusive red box is the original. Sega CD/32X combo games not included. 1.) Compton's Interactive Enclyclopedia NFR - blue text 2.) Compton's Interactive Enclyclopedia NFR - red text 3.) Compton's Interactive Enclyclopedia NFR - black text 4.) Bram Stoker's Dracula - "Version 2.0" printed on manual - was seen in eBay postig Feb 2013 5.) Joe Montana's NFL Football NFR 6.) Lunar: The Silver Star - disk 1 non-foiled 7.) Lunar: The Silver Star - disk 2 fully foiled 8.) Lunar: The Silver Star - disk 3 partially foiled 9.) Lunar: The Silver Star - disk 4 fully foiled 10.) Lunar: The Silver Star - disk 5 partially foiled 11.) Lunar: The Silver Star - disk 6 fully foiled 12.) Lunar: The Silver Star - disk 7 partially foiled, blut dot 13.) Night Trap - cardboard box with MA-17 sticker 14.) Night Trap - blue box 15.) Prize Fighter - NFR 16.) Rise of the Dragon - cardboard box with MA-17 sticker 17.) Rise of the Dragon - plastic long box 18.) Rise of the Dragon - plastic long box with cardboard box art - segaage member posted in original thread Aug 2017 19.) Sewer Shark - Imagesoft Logo present 20.) Sewer Shark - NFR 21.) Sewer Shark - "4101" printed on disc 22.) Sonic CD - NFR 23.) Wonder Dog - green box Miscellaneous These three lone discs don't fit into the previous categories. Colors of Modern Rock is thought to be a mail away exclusive. Dragon's Lair Demo CD, as the name implies, is just a demo. 1.) Batman Returns Original Score 2.) Colors of Modern Rock 3.) Dragon' Lair Demo CD Unofficial Releases Most of these unofficial releases were previously slated for an official release during the system's lifetime. It appears some are full blown games while others are mearly betas. Does Marko and the Smurfs contain the code for the intended US release or are they repros of the import versions? Dunno. Most of these games are - or were - sold through Gooddealgames. Collectors are paying a premium for sold their 'sold out' games, such as Marko, which in a way makes them the "official unofficial" publisher. Homebrews and hacks are also included in the list. 1.) Battle Frenzy - gooddealgames.com - sold out 2.) Battletech: Gray Death Legion - gooddealgames.com - sold out 3.) Bug Blasters: The Exterminators - gooddealgames.com - sold out 4.) Bug Blasters: Special Edition (Budget Release) - gooddealgames.com - sold out 5.) Burning Fists: Force Striker - gooddealgames.com 6.) Citizen X - gooddealgames.com 7.) Code Eliminator - 2015 PRGE homebrew exclusive 8.) Frog Feast - homebrew 9.) Johnny Mnemonic - was sold through gooddealgames.com 10.) Marko - gooddealgames.com 11.) Mighty Mighty Missile - homebrew - gooddealgames.com 12.) Note! - Color Mechanica - homebrew - gooddealgames.com 13.) Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors - retrogamlab.com; Portland Retrogaming Expo 2009 - limited release out of 20 14.) The Smurfs - was sold through gooddealgames.com 15.) Sonic Mega Mix - homebrew/hack - retrogamelab.com 16.) Space Foxes - Power Up 2017 Exclusive - limited release out of 20 17.) Super Strike Trilogy - retrogamelab.com 18.) Star Strike - goodddealgames.com - sold out 19.) Time Cop - retrogamelab.com 20.) Ultra CD Backup RAM Cart - stoneagegamer.com Stategy Guides/Books There exists guides to Flashback, Dracula Unleashed, Prince of Persia, and Power Monger to name a few. However, for a guide to make this list it has to specify it is compatible with the Sega CD version. 1.) 16-Bit 2.) Awesome Sega Genesis Secrets 3 3.) Awesome Sega Genesis Secrets 4 4.) Cadillacs and Dinosaurs 5.) Compute's Sega CD Sourcebook 6.) Digital Press The Bio-degradable Source for Videogamers Collector's Guide Advance Edition 7.) Dungeon Master II: Skullkeep 8.) Ecco: The Tides of Time 9.) Heimdall 10.) Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine 11.) Lunar: Eternal Blue 12.) Lunar: The Silver Star 13.) Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure 14.) Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure 15.) Prima's Secrets of the Games: Sega Genesis and Sega CD Secrets 16.) Prima's Secrets of the Games: Sega CD Official Game Secrets 17.) Rise of the Dragon 18.) Road Rash 3 19.) Star Wars Rebel Assault 20.) Vay Console Boxes What actually is included with each release is speculation. Was Joe Montana's NFL Football NFR included in the Sega's Sports System? Of course it was. Which color variant of Compton's Interactive Enclyclopedia was packed with what X'Eye? Now that's a little tougher of a question. 1) Sega CD High Intensity CD-ROM System for the Genesis -Sol Feace -Rock Paintings/Hot hits -Sega Classics: Arcade Collection/Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective -black "belt" to hold software together 2) Sega Sports System -Joe Montana NFL Football NFR 3) Sega CD featuring Sewer Shark -Sewer Shark NFR disk -Sewer Shark mini manual 4) Sega CD Action System -Tomcat Alley disk -solid white paper sleeve to house disk -Tomcat Alley manual -Sega CD user manual 5) JVC X'Eye Red Box "Included Free CDs" -Prize Fighter NFR -Karaoke Song Catalog -Compton's Interactive Enclyclopedia NFR - red text 6) JVC X'Eye Blue Box -Prize Fighter NFR -Karaoke Hot Hit Sampler -Compton's Interactive Enclyclopedia NFR - blue text 7) Genesis CD-X -Sonic CD NFR -Sega Classics: Arcade Collection/Ecco the Dolphin Accessories 1) CD Backup RAM Cart 2) Gamegun 3) The Justifier
  4. Nurse. went to school for 4 years so I can push IV narcotics on drug dependent assholes bc “pain is whatever the patient says it is.” Narcotics should be for dying people only. I can CLEARLY see why there is a drug epidemic. yeah, I’m jaded and think the healthcare is complete horseshit.
  5. So what does somebody do with a 6 figure picture? Frame it and display it? Keep in safe?
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