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  1. Mine would have to be picking up Sculptors Cut in a N64 lot locally. I was really surprised that the seller was none the wiser to the rarity.
  2. I will always enjoy 64 FPS (Goldeneye, Doom, Quake I+II, Perfect Dark, Turok) My favorite hidden gem:
  3. Funny cause I think the exact opposite. I think NES carts display nicely and CIB suits GB much better!
  4. I recently gave up on obtaining my holy grail, Sqoon CIB. Instead I found a nice cart and manual and purchased a bit box with label. I’m actually very happy and it’s way less stressful knowing I saved hundreds of dollars on a likely beat-up cardboard box. full disclosure... I still love my CIBs but I have to admit that I also love the ease of opening up a UGC or BitBox and just being able to quickly and safely admire the cart or flip through the manual without worrying about damaging the precious box tabs. It’s a satisfying compromise.
  5. Yeah, this isn’t a new concept. Any miscellaneous income over $600 has always been required to have taxes paid on it to the IRS. I’ve been self-employed for the last 6yrs so I’m more aware of these things. That being said, it’s up to the individual to pay those taxes and if they don’t, they just assume the risk if audited and caught. Many don’t report some of their MISC income and get away with it, I don’t mess with that kind of risk when it comes to the risk of owing back taxes. What IS new is simply the system by which income is documented. If you receive a 1099 from the entity you make income with (eBay, employer, etc), you have to assume that the IRS gets a copy too, thus blowing your cover if you try and hide the fact you brought in miscellaneous income.
  6. Looks cool. I’m surprised no one has done this sooner!
  7. My cap on a single game is around $500. I’ve bid more than that on some eBay auctions and lost out, but I didn’t mind. I wouldn’t consider myself cheap as I’ve purchased many pieces of boutique gaming equipment in the $200-$400 range... (Ultra HDMI N64, Framemesiter, modded XBOX, everdrives, etc). I will say that while I’m a relatively modest collector and am curating a small collection, I could see myself pulling the trigger on items $500-$1000 if I have disposable income down the road.
  8. Sign or not, does it really matter that someone is looking up prices in their store? If an item is priced too high, tough shit for the customer, they can go buy it online for less and wait for it to ship to them, and hope it’s what they expected. If the item is priced too low, well, the owner isn’t doing a very good job of running their business. They shouldn’t put that on the customers by posting a stupid little sign that only makes them look like dicks.
  9. Thanks for the help everyone! Yeah, I was 90% sure it was real, but my lack of knowledge was making me paranoid that I would get screwed and not even know it. I’m all about having authentic items in my collection.
  10. I haven't been buying too many games on eBay lately due to so many fakes, but I decided to jump on this Adventure Island GB cart. When I received it I immediately felt that it was too good to be true. I'm hoping some others here know more about GB and the 'T3' production runs, etc. Maybe you all can help me figure it out... Potential red flags: The label font on the sides looks too big (see compared to legit G&W). The plastic color is a little different than others (maybe I'm just not used to 'minty' plastic). The back screw is silver and not gold-tinted. It also for some weird reason felt a little lighter than other carts. No battery save, but still lighter than similar GB carts. The GOOD: The PCB board looks fairly legit to me. There's a '22' stamped into the label which seems hard to fake (ie, why go through the trouble for a $15-20 title). Markings on the plastic shell look authentic. Thanks in advance!
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