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  1. Love my modded OG XBOX. I love original titles like Halo, Serious Sam and even Links Golf! I have to say, the best part was getting The Simpsons arcade to run properly... I can now die happy!
  2. What’s interesting to me is that in the big picture, 1958 really wasn’t that long ago. Hell, both my parents were born prior to this. Crazy how fast technology moved in the past 75 years!
  3. Aero Fighters Final Fight 2 Gundam Endless Duel Rendering Ranger R2 The Firemen Rainbow Bell Adventures
  4. Not so much collecting nostalgia... but I do remember the late nighties seeing the $5 discount bin at the local grocery store full of sealed Game Boy games that weren’t selling well... kinda kills me to think how easy THAT would have been to snatch a bunch of those. also similarity, the blockbusters in that same time frame and early 2000s that had clearance bins of used 16-bit rental carts that were getting phased out. Had I only known at the time!
  5. I’ve used a small amount of baking soda and warm water before. It’s just the slightest bit of abrasion to remove grime and make them feel new. Works for me anyway.
  6. Very cool! Thanks for sharing the documentation, awesome stuff!
  7. 2011. I was lucky to snag a few deals here and there before everything really popped. I also think I started when home brews were in an exciting phase.
  8. That’s what I’m talking about! NES LEGO console is cool but honestly seems like a cash grab. The scrolling TV is creative for sure, I wish it was only that for like $50.
  9. Most cards pre-2000s are pretty much worthless. I collected in the 90s and the only stuff that holds value are the rare inserts of big name players (Kobe, Jordan, Bird). Refractors, autographs, the occasional jersey card. The rest looked cool but are only gonna get you $5-$10 at best. My advice would be to hold onto a handful you like and give the rest away. Maybe you have some young kids in the family that might take a liking to them. If nothing else, Goodwill or post as a $0.99 lot on eBay.
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