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  1. I agree with the authenticity point of view, but I am almost always OK with the repro trays. For me, it’s a nice little surprise when I open up a CIB that I purchase to discover an original tray!
  2. currently looking to buy: (c) = cart (i) = manual/instruction booklet GameBoy (original) (GB) Adventure Island (c) (GB) Donkey Kong Land 2 (ci) (GB) Dr. Mario (i) (GB) Gauntlet II (c) (GB) Mega Man (c) (GB) Super Mario Land (c) (GB) Super Mario Land 2 (c) NES (NES) Metroid (i) silver manual Super Nintendo (SNES) Batman Forever (ci) N64 (N64) 007 Goldeneye (ci) (N64) Perfect Dark (ci) Other Super Mario Bros. 3 - Nintendo Power Strategy Guide (Vol. SG1/NP13)
  3. I’ve curated my ideal collection at this point. I both bought and sold over the last 10yrs and any time I let go of a higher priced item along the way, it was always because the item no longer brought me the kind of joy I thought it would. A good example of this was I had a nice CIB copy of Super Mario Bros... but I realized that the cheap combo cart with Duck Hunt in an original Nintendo sleeve was so much more nostalgic and enjoyable for me, so that was easy to let go of. If I found a rare title in the wild, I’d usually enjoy it for a while and then pass it along to someone that wanted it mo
  4. Love the clear Game Boy pocket retail case! My first handheld ever owned.
  5. My most valuable is definitely my UltraHDMI modded N64... however it is not my favorite console. I would have to say my favorite console is a tie between my RGB modded SNES mini and my RGB modded NES toploader.
  6. Love my modded OG XBOX. I love original titles like Halo, Serious Sam and even Links Golf! I have to say, the best part was getting The Simpsons arcade to run properly... I can now die happy!
  7. What’s interesting to me is that in the big picture, 1958 really wasn’t that long ago. Hell, both my parents were born prior to this. Crazy how fast technology moved in the past 75 years!
  8. Aero Fighters Final Fight 2 Gundam Endless Duel Rendering Ranger R2 The Firemen Rainbow Bell Adventures
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