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  1. Double post. @CasualCartyou're crushing it with the art.
  2. Wait! Come back! Or at least, lend us the ball. Seriously, I reckon I've only played about 5% of the Nes library. Watching lets plays on YouTube is obviously not the same as playing them, so I can only use the material I have. However, I'm looking at this in general. A game that receives overall positive praise. A title that usually makes it into a top 10 list. If the question was about N64 I would say Mario 64. And I hate that game. But I know what type of legacy it has.
  3. The flying buffet technique
  4. Little Mac is a Make A Wish patient. The boxing commission, the boxers, staff and audience are all in on it. Seriously. This mother fucker isn't even in the right weight class! At least glass Joe deserves his ass kicked.
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