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  1. Besides Contra Hard Corps, Gunstar Heroes is probably the most similar game to Contra. Also Hard Corps came out after Gunstar Heroes. My whole point is that the amount of hype behind Gunstar seems exaggerated. It is a great game, but honestly I’d much rather be playing any Contra game, even Hard Corps (which is also a Sega game but doesn’t get as much hype in my opinion while being the better game).
  2. I think Sega kids hyped it up way too much because they needed something to compare to Contra. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great game, but something about it (can’t put my finger on it) feels lacking.
  3. Both but the gun needs to have the recoil action or it’s no fun
  4. You don’t need to see the movie. Once you see him, you can’t unsee him. It’s an optical illusion. Id reveal it but I don’t want to spoil for others yet
  5. Wait a minute. In Japan they are getting a 6 button Mega Drive controller for Switch Online. Is that going to be made by Nintendo? I would have never thought there would be a Sega controller built with Nintendo quality.. I wonder if it will have the Nintendo seal of quality
  6. The tutor sets the price. A seller of any product or service always sets the price. Only the tutor knows the cost and value of his/her own time, whether people are willing to pay it, etc. If it’s too high, clients can find someone else. If the tutor isnt finding any clients, maybe the market doesn’t have enough demand for the level of service they are providing. Whatever the price, the tutor and client should both agree to the price levels prior to any services being given. Do you need to provide a resume? Its always going to be a matter of supply and demand. If there is enough supply of tutors on a particular subject, people may become more choosy and demand resumes.. If there is a shortage of tutors for that subject, clients will have to settle for what is available. Ultimately it depends on whether the client is willing to accept a tutor without seeing their resume. There is zero correlation between having a resume and being a psychopath. I am sure there are plenty of psychos with an awesome résumé
  7. I think ihop does that when you order OJ too
  8. This reminds me, when I only have fountain soft drinks to choose from, I will often do half lemonade and half tea. People used to laugh, but now that they make this in a can, it’s become accepted as legit
  9. Sorry to be a party pooper. I made this thread specifically for non-alcoholic drinks because I know that it would likely become exclusively alcoholic beverages pretty quick without the disclaimer. Do you have any special drink recipes to share? I just made an Apple cider Fresca. Half Fresca, half apple cider.
  10. Apparently someone made a web based chip tune player. They already have all of the Famicompo nsf files on the site, you can just play them right off the browser: https://mmontag.github.io/chip-player-js/browse One of my personal faves is one on FC mini 2 originals called LSI3
  11. I like RushJet. Have listened to his content for years and have heard major improvements over the years as the skill matured
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