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  1. I figured the Intellivision factor might drag it down. I really hate to sell this one, unfortunately just needed a little extra cash right now. If I was one of these big-time sealed collectors, and money was no thing, this would get graded and be sitting on a display shelf next to graded Atari 2600 Mario Bros, 2600 Donkey Kong, 2600 Donkey Kong Jr, NES Super Mario Bros 1,2,3 and SNES Super Mario World. The strange “humanized” version of Mario is awesome. It’s like a unicorn in Mario history.. haha not gonna lie, I’m definitely saying all this to promote the sale, but at the same time I really mean it.
  2. I posted this to eBay late last night. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SEALED-Donkey-Kong-Intellivision-RARE-Atari-CBS-Mario/114347156891?hash=item1a9f9f259b:g:qj4AAOSwe25fL427 It’s sealed in excellent condition. Love the artists rendition of Mario and Donkey Kong
  3. Was interested in seeing what this was worth, so I listed it on eBay. Haven’t seen many in this good condition sealed. It already got a $150 offer so at least worth that much, but I was gonna let it ride to the end to do some price discovery. Im not very well versed in Atari/Intellivision so no idea what it’s worth. I would hope that this doesn’t follow the same trend as standard Intellivision games since it is also a piece of early Nintendo history and has a CRAZY depiction of Mario and Donkey Kong that you won’t find anywhere else. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SEALED-Donkey-Kong-Intellivision-RARE-Atari-CBS-Mario/114347156891?hash=item1a9f9f259b:g:qj4AAOSwe25fL427
  4. It was long overdue for a Mario game when it came out. When it finally did, it was a minor disappointment. It was still a good game. But it could have gone without the water gun mechanic
  5. August 8 Update: Trump just signed an executive order to provide $400 in pandemic unemployment assistance per week. At least $300 is guaranteed because $100 of it is to come from the state, which still remains unclear how that will work.
  6. So glad I didn’t buy the Japan version. I’ve been tempted to pay a scalper
  7. If it is a standalone “deluxe” or “hd” version I would imagine it will be $60. How much did Windwaker HD and Twilight Princess HD retail for?
  8. If Mario Sunshine is coming to switch, what is the likelihood that Mario Sunshine on GameCube get a price drop? Pre-covid it was a $30-50 game. Nowadays it’s been up in the $80-100 range. I wonder if I should sell my copy now
  9. I have been watching a CIB copy of Ninja Gaiden trilogy for a while. I forgot to bid on it and eBay notifies me that the auction ended with no bidders at $65. Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see if it was relisted. While searching sold listings, I saw a listing that looked like the same picture. It was showing as sold for $300.. However, when you click on that listing that shows as sold for $300, then on the original listing page it shows as ended/sold for $65 with one bidder: What kind of shenanigans is eBay trying to pull here? I personally think that eBay thinks that I forgot about the auction and doesn’t want me to know it sold for WAY below market price. Maybe they don’t want me to get pissed that I missed it. Or maybe they are trying to protect the market price from eroding...
  10. I just relooked at my skyward sword. The red label is actually a sticker. I didn’t realize that until now, most of the other ones I have are printed on, so I just assumed it was the same.
  11. There’s many ways to invest depending on you experience level and risk tolerance. Here is a safe thing to do. 1. Get a Fidelity account 2. Don’t get excited and dump all your money into any one thing all at once. 3. Cost average some mutual funds that have 15+ years of history with at least 10% annualized return. Cost averaging means putting in a little each month to get exposure to average cost over a period of months, instead of your entire portfolio cost being the cost at any one point in time. 4. Don’t be tempted to buy individual stocks. 5. Don’t be tempted to alter you portfolio by short term market changes. There is of course other ways to make money more aggressively, but if you want to take all of the skill out of the game and are content with guaranteed returns of 10% per year, then this is the way. 10% beats what the bank pays in a savings account
  12. The bottom flap of the box is the giveaway. It appears to have a bit of damage to the flap although it’s under the seal. That kind of damage can’t get done while it’s sealed without damaging the seal itself
  13. Actually, we often didn’t even have the blurb on the back of the box. Back then games were often sold in a video game section of big department stores, locked inside of a glass case (kinda like Walmart still does today). Your parents would let you look at games while they shopped and then come back and tell you to pick a game. You typically didn’t get to even hold the box until after the cashier rang it up and it was paid for. Then you would read the blurb on the back of the box in the car on the way home
  14. Let’s say for example you are a big Nintendo collector. You got a bunch of games you play and along the way you’ve also picked up some sealed games. Since you have sealed games that you are never going to play anyways, they’re strictly just pieces of artwork for looking at. Assuming you don’t own any non-Nintendo platforms, would you then consider picking up sealed games for a franchise that you like on another platform (ex. Atari, Sega, PlayStation, X Box, PC) even if you don’t have that console and never intend to play it?
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