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  1. If it’s a new release, listen for people whining about it being emulated or whining about it not being emulated
  2. I only really played games up to PS1 also, and let everyone tell you, Switch is my favorite system. There are too many games that appeal to retro gamers
  3. Oops. My list doesn’t actually highlight the ports, I just did that on the fly for this post. Guess I need to get to work and PLAY all of my games
  4. That makes two of us. I’m not the original owner of mine though, but chances are this is the manual that came with mine
  5. I made these lists some time ago when I was actively collecting GBA.. since then I’ve become aware of some others that are definitely worth getting, but just have not revised the list. Actually have not gotten into playing the Battle Networks yet, so Im not well versed on the numbers of those (ironically I actually do have Battle Network 6 though).. Theres 1 or 2 games on the list that are trash, they just accidentally didn’t get deleted. So you’ll have to exert at least some effort I think its still a good starter list for anyone looking to experience GBA.
  6. Used Wii’s can often be found for $20 and many people already have a Wii sitting around. Wii has GameCube compatibility. All of the a Wii U library has already been ported to Switch, and Wii U doesn’t play GameCube. So many don’t really want to pay the $100+ for a Wii U just for HDMI
  7. It’s cheap and it works. But now hd retro vision makes an hdmi cable that plugs into the Wii... costs more but it’s less clunky
  8. I’ve got running lists of top games for all systems, less the more obscure ones. GBA just happened to be one with around 200 games.
  9. Rebelstar looks interesting, never seen this one yet before. Always another rock to turn over
  10. I’ve already done this. Top 200 (or so) GBA games in my opinion. Greyed out games are ports. Also missing a few good ones I’ve found out about more recently: Edit: a couple of games probably don’t belong on this list, I just put them on there because I happened to have them
  11. Are you referring to the game that is actually called Jumpman?
  12. Both definitions are correct. It’s just a problem of clarifying who is licensing the game. When NES was active Nintendo was granting publishers licenses as permission to make games for their proprietary hardware platform. Licensed “for use on the platform.” Today the IP holders are giving publishers licenses as permission for the use of their creative intellectual property. Licensed “to use Intellectual property” They are both valid licenses, but your talking apples to oranges.
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