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  1. These autographed items will always bring about a discussion about authentication
  2. There is an adapter but it costs like $40+ used. Wasn’t someone selling a custom SFC top snap on panel that had the cartridge port shaped like the snes carts? **Edit: ok I had that backwards. Someone made a slot adapter that can be put on the snes jr. to allow it to fit SFC carts. Now someone just needs to design a slot adapter that can be put on SFC to allow it to fit SNES carts. It would have to be the whole top panel assembly. I bet you could 3d print this.
  3. Don’t worry about the details, it really is hi-tech. All you really need to understand is that it’s a revolutionary technology and the masses are starting to speculate on it. Lots of crazy volatility over the past decade, probably will be lots more before it either goes to zero or stabilizes (in which case it will probably be our new money).
  4. Hi all. I searched for a cryptocurrency thread and could not find one. So I guess I'll start one now. I opened a Binance account years ago. Was fairly active when BTC was at 20k, then it dropped and forgot about it. I logged in today to learn that my account was suspended as Binance will no longer be serving customers in the US! I was able to get passed the suspension screen and started to withdraw my currencies to Coinbase and Exodus. One coin I am not able to withdraw is EON (EOS Network). EON was the token that got airdropped if you had EOS in a major recognized wallet before
  5. I’d always thought about getting a Terraonion because it plays the cd games. I know a lot of people crap on it because it is imperfect. But honestly I think thats just a few people in the community who can’t tolerate anything less than absolute perfection. For me, it’s good nuff
  6. I wonder, do Japanese collectors care to obtain legit US versions of games that never released in Japan? Personally I avoid Japanese games because of the language barrier, but I do collect Japanese games that were JP exclusive and do not have too much required reading
  7. I don’t think it’s waves because the clouds are following along the curve
  8. Does anyone have anything to say about Gameboy or Gameboy color Disney?
  9. Keep comments coming. I’ve added a bunch of your feedback to the sheet and added some color coding for games that are worth playing
  10. In a crystal ball... kinda reminds me of Warioland 3:
  11. Even if you don’t know all the info, plug in whatever you can if you don’t mind. I can keep refining it as I have time to research. I don’t even know what all the Disney titles are at this point so anything helps
  12. Hello all. I have started an incomplete list of Disney games for retro consoles from NES thru PS1. I am interested in knowing which games are worth playing. I won't have a chance to play every game and give it a review, so I was hoping that people that have already played games on the list can share their experiences. The list is here. It is currently editable by anyone with the link (I have a backup in case anyone screws it up!): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hsyoPTpL5THNEmKW4xWlaK1NKMnU8GGo2U40TIdfxEI/edit?usp=sharing My plan is to lock editing after a few da
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