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  1. Ask them if they’ll give it to you for half that price. Challenge them to live up to their name
  2. This story brought to you in part by our sponsor
  3. With extra nothing I think they figured if they just say they’ll get around to it, everyone gets off their backs. Then slowly we forget and move on to more important things.
  4. This it it. Hedge funds. As others have said they are probably also financing the homes at low interest after they are acquired so their cash isn’t tied up in equity. If there’s a lot of inflation, then all the additional money washes away at the debt.
  5. If a liquidator can’t liquidate, then they file for bankruptcy
  6. They’re getting too big. As it stands Nintendo’s biggest asset is their IP’s. They don’t make all of their money by being a hardware or software developer. They make money because they are the owners of Mario and friends, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Metroid, Pokémon, Animal Crossing, etc. No doubt they are already aware of this as they have already begun rebranding Nintendo from a video game enterprise into an entertainment company. Outside of games, they sell a ton licensed products. These products are all made by other companies that pay royalties to Nintendo for the use of Nintendo
  7. My intention was not educate you, so I’m sorry if comment rubbed off that way. I am not questioning yours or anyone’s level of intelligence. Just presenting some info for the benefit of the entire community here. While all of the numbers and dates I have presented here are easily found online with a simple search, the analysis may not be as obvious unless someone were to piece it all together. The only reason I mentioned the years when certain systems came out was that if anyone cared to question my attach rates then they would understand my method. When you do these types of analytic
  8. I think we will know apples to apples which one is more popular pretty soon when Nintendo releases both a 2D Metroid and a 3D Metroid within 1 year of each other on a 4+ year old console that has 85M user base. I think it is reasonable to assume that the Super Metroid fanbase will buy Metroid Dread at launch and the Metroid Prime fans will buy Metroid Prime at launch.
  9. I don’t know how many bundles sold, but the disparity between 3% and 16% is so big that I’d assume Prime would still be ahead even if you took all the bundled consoles out of the equation. Your right the stats don’t really tell you how people truly feel, or account for circumstances that may have thrown things off. But if you want to at things objectively, this is probably the best set of numbers you have to analyze. But again, we’re not measuring how good one game was compared to the other. We’re measuring how much popularity/mass appeal each game had. Attach rate generally goe
  10. Polls are one way gauging how favorable a game is. But another way is looking at how many copies of a game sold compared to how large the user base was. This is known as attach rate. The Gamecube launched in Nov 2001 and sold 21.75M consoles. Wii came out Nov 2006. Metroid Prime came out out Nov 2002, and based on the fact that the copyright date on the Metroid Prime/Windwaker combo is 2005, we can reasonably say that Prime was at least selling as late as 2005. Prime sold 2.82M copies according to VGChartz. So if we assume that 4/5ths of Gamecube systems had sold (80%) by the time Me
  11. I chose Super Metroid. I think you’ll find that Metroid Prime has more mass appeal and therefore many more people prefer it. Super Metroid is not as popular, but the fans that do appreciate it are much more hardcore. The results of this poll will not be representative of the general population due to a biased population sample. Too many hardcore gamers on this forum. If they did a random sampling, you’d likely see more love for Prime
  12. I tried but didn’t follow through more than maybe an hour or two. Didn’t really seem to be that interesting in my opinion. I’m not really a fan of games that have a death and darkness feel though. But for some reason I really like Castlevania. Maybe I’ll have to pick it back up and finish more of the game to see if it gets better
  13. It’s possible that they got junked, although I think it’s much more likely that they would give them to a liquidator to resell. Junking them, you have to pay someone to haul it off. If you call a liquidator, they will happily take it off your hands for free and you might even get paid a little
  14. Didn’t one of the Bomberman games also have support for the SNES 2nd player controller port
  15. I was surprised listening to Iga speak about his inspiration for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. If I remembered correctly, he said his inspiration for SOTN was actually Zelda LTTP, not Super Metroid. Very weird, as everyone considers SOTN to be Super Metroids cousin.
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