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  1. I bet parts-wise it’s nearly the same cost to manufacture as the Super NT (minus the high quality metal outer case of the Mini Noir). This is what you call “market level pricing” in business, as opposed to “cost plus”
  2. I found Shin Godzilla to be very strange
  3. I read that he had a heart attack, it didn’t mention that he died.. wow RIP
  4. I’ve only ever seen soda in a bag. Stores in the Philippines will pour it into a bag when you buy it so they can keep the bottle and get the recycling credit. If you take it this way, sometimes they’ll give you a little discount.
  5. Well I’m not personally a subscriber to simulation theory, but I find science buffs are better able to relate to through this paradigm. What if we are living in a simulation and prayer is the way of messaging an appeal to the “Grand Moderator” for exceptional treatment that may at times break the normal rules of the simulation?
  6. Point taken. Even so, a prominent theories like Newton’s laws of motion, those relating to electricity, fluid motions, thermodynamics and even more speculative physics theories like relativity, gravity, and so on on can be objectively put to test through experimentation using measurement devices and reproducible results can be achieved that validate the accuracy of these theories. And we can utilize these types of theories to achieve things in our everyday life. I don’t see the same level of objectivity or even the possibility of measuring to the same level of objectivity in all sciences
  7. As I remember from my studies, the scientific method involves, more or less, the following steps: 1. A Question 2. Hypothesis (an educated guess or a theory) 3. An experimental procedure 4. Analysis of the results (did the experiments affirm your guess or disprove it?) Truths discovered through the Scientific method should produce reproducible results that constantly re-affirm the truth proposed by the theory, proving it to be true. Just out of curiosity, what kind of experiments can an evolutionary biologist perform to prove evolution? It would seem to me that a
  8. https://www.apmex.com/product/224117/2020-niue-1-oz-gold-250-pac-man-40th-anniversary-coin
  9. It depends on the type of science. Science just means “the study of” There are sciences of objective measurements and reproducible experiments. There are sciences lacking experimentation and are purely of observation and speculative theories to explain the observations such as evolution. Religious studies can even be classified as “sciences” when you take into account the formalized methodologies used for contributing to the subject. One thing I take issue with is the sciences of observation being given the same level of credibility as reproducible experiments. Maybe I am biased as I
  10. You can control the dog as player 1, so maybe you remembered doing that. If you were playing Secret of Mana around the same time you may have gotten things mixed up. Both very similar types of games
  11. When you say first two do you mean first two Godzilla’s or first two Kongs?
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