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  1. Most of those series are in decline Won't be long before Bethesda will be making Avatars and Kinect games
  2. I enjoyed it enough to see it in theaters twice but that was a long time ago. I don't feel it was a great movie or anything, but I'd might watch it again maybe if it is on Netflix or something.
  3. Pretty alrite for an early 3D game. Levels feel kind of empty with few enemies, the toughest one being the camera.
  4. @Shmup 1. Legend of the Mystical Ninja 2. King of Dragons 3. Sunset Riders 4. Super Castlevania IV 5. Contra III Honorable mentions: Actraiser, Kirby Superstar, Mega Man X, Trials of Mana, Turtles in Time
  5. Panzer Dragoon Shining Force via Sega Genesis Collection What The Golf? Blazing Chrome
  6. Nope it should be the Mario-seum
  7. Prob even worse now with cameras in the classroom
  8. Got mine on Amazon last night. Sold out everywhere in mins. Heard about people ordering 5. I really hope you are going for Uncle of the Year and plan to gift them to all your nieces and nephews. Retailers really should limit to one per household/address. Sony have said they will have more PS5s than there were launch PS4s. So everyone who wants one should get one. Stay strong Sony Sages
  9. Sony put out lots of strong single player story driven games on PS4, PS5 looks to continue that. I think "games as a service" is flopping in non-free2play games. Even Destiny went F2P.
  10. Final Fantasy XVI looked medieval AF. Yoshi P gives me hope. Demon's Souls, Spiderman, and Resident Evil VIII look great. New God of War coming next year is a lot sooner than I expected. That last showcase they did in July, y'all whined it was all art-house and indie titles ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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