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  1. You skip the harder extra worlds and tricky green stars, then you skip the challenging content
  2. @Webhead123 Doing the VR training really helps you get a handle on the control and mechanics. The game wants you to play around with the different tools to solve each area, so there is a learning curve. It isn’t really a pick up and play kind of game if you never played it before, you have to play by its terms. You can’t see all areas at all times, so you really need to keep an eye on the mini map, seeing where all the enemies are and their cones of vision.
  3. Brought the stealth genre into the 3D world the same way Mario 64 did with platformers. Engaging story and characters. Solid stealth mechanics. Fantastic soundtrack and voice work. Graphics are a bit rough, but the art direction is good and makes it work.
  4. Playable Estel, let’s go!
  5. I can’t believe a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan film got Nic Cage
  6. Graphically better than the 2600 and has some more faithful arcade titles. But the small library of mostly ports lacks variety or much of an identity. The box art is groovy AF. Put a couple of those under your black light and fire up the vinyl for the ultimate trip.
  7. Still was seeing the 360/PS3 starter sets at big lots a couple months ago
  8. Wasn't planned! When playing Cyber Shadow the Mekacity Ruins seemed like a standout track on an already good soundtrack. Guess I wasn't the only one who thought so. Hope you enjoy the game.
  9. Maybe you were playing on an emulator? There is a popular room hack that lets the second player play as the dog.
  10. They haven't done a very good job of explaining but if you already have HBO through your cable provider or have AT&T for your phone plan, then HBO Max is free. And it isn't just HBO stuff (which is usually really good) but also includes programs from a bunch of other Time Warner channels and networks like Cartoon Network and DC Universe. Really cool they are doing these same day as theater releases. So far I've seen Wonder Woman 84, The Snyder Cut, and Kong vs Godzilla. Looking forward to Mortal Kombat next month, and later Suicide Squad and Dune. Kong vs Godzilla is deff the kind o
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