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  1. I played through the Super Famicom version patched. So it had the benefit of better graphics and sound and likely translation. It is a very straightforward and basic affair, but that isn’t a bad thing, sometimes that is just what you need. Nice it have an RPG you can beat in under 10 hours, sometimes you just want to jump into a game and go without it being a 50+ hour commitment. Only downsides aren’t the forced grinding for levels/money and a couple sections are a bit too cryptic without a guide.
  2. The same Trying to create and maintain a separate online persona seems exhausting
  3. They are saving those two *lost* entries as pack-ins for the gameboy classic
  4. Prob ment next Friday *July* 23rd. *Typo* is very sus, giving the wolves a two month head start hmmmmm
  5. So instead of downloading it from the eshop, you download it to Steam and then it is tied there instead? If you don’t want physical, you are just trading one DRM service for another. At least gog is DRM free
  6. @arch_8ngel I usually add eshop stuff to my wishlist and wait for a sale. Not as good as the bundle deals, where for every good game you get 10 other games tacked on as filler. When I think PC exclusive I think like RTS or other mouse/keyboard games that just wouldn’t translate well to a handheld. Glad to hear the Steam controller is a pretty solid alternative though. Lots of CRPGs modern and remastered are hitting the Switch. You dig into any of those?
  7. Switch is a more powerful than it gets credit for, some of the better ports like The Witcher and Doom run pretty close to the PS4 versions. Even if the parts are suppose to be close to PS5, I don’t expect it to run that well. PS5 isn’t just a tank, it is the entire aircraft carrier, you can last a small plane on it. How are they dealing with the heat sink without modern cooling systems PCs have? You aren’t cramming that into a handheld without the thing bursting into flames. Part of the genius of the Switch was that it was an all in one package. You got the handheld unit, but also the dock and detachable controllers were included. If those are just “bonuses” then you can get a Switch lite for $199, half the price. I’m not invested in the Steam brand, so that name only means nothing to me. Nintendo and Sony are known for their killer exclusives. PS5 is going play third party games best. Switch is my go to for indies and portable gaming. Feels like I got all bases covered, what can the Steamdeck do that they can’t?
  8. They said they aiming for PS4 level graphics, which puts it on par or slightly better than switch. I wouldn't call that a "Switch Killer." $400 for basic b1tch model. But sounds like you'd want the $530 or $650 model for more storage, SSD, and better screen. Dock, mouse, keyboard not included. That's a lot of money. They said there is Steam presets, but you never know how good PC games are going to run or control on it. It sounds pretty cool, but seems aimed at those already invested in the Steam ecosystem. What even are the big Steam exclusives? Dota 2? I feel like 98% of the stuff I'd want to play comes out on PS5/Switch.
  9. Finished reading Dune back in May (spread out over several months) and loved it. It's big but I found it a pretty easy and engaging read. Excited to hear what others think of it. good backround music for reading
  10. Got my OLED Switch pre-ordered from Target
  11. Got my OLED Switch pre-ordered from Target
  12. https://www.techradar.com/amp/news/nintendo-switch-oled-pre-order-what-time-to-get-it-today-at-best-buy-target-and-amazon?__twitter_impression=true preorders going up soon
  13. https://www.techradar.com/amp/news/nintendo-switch-oled-pre-order-what-time-to-get-it-today-at-best-buy-target-and-amazon?__twitter_impression=true pre orders go up very soon
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