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  1. Character skills and progression in Demon's Souls is a lot more in line with RPG systems than a simple skill tree you see in a lot of modern Action-Adventure games.
  2. @Sumez Character skills and progression in Demon's Souls is a lot more in line with RPG systems than a simple skill tree you see in a lot of modern Action-Adventure games. Many rpgs can be completed with low level runs. Mother can be beaten running from pretty much every encounter, there are few bosses or spots that force you to fight. Disco Elysium has no physical combat. Many table top games focus around sneaking past, talking your way out of situations, or otherwise avoiding combat. Role-playing isn't about gated progression via grinding.
  3. <$300. Not much reason to seek out a day 1 model over the revision with better battery life. The OG model does have a better kickstand if anyone cares. Having a lower firmware might be better for modders.
  4. Ask your doctor if Faxanadu is right for you. Not recommended for patients who take Xexyz.
  5. Been dipping into some famicom games lately, but there is a lot shovelware to wade through. How many pachinko, horse racing, and dragon warrior clones did this system need? Tell me what games I should keep an eye out for
  6. Another from back in the day that I never beat until now. GI Joe!
  7. Just pre-ordered on the eshop. 25% discount NICE!
  8. Central Yharnam in Bloodborne. Pretty much trial by fire, took hours to crawl my way out of that first zone.
  9. mid Jan update: Beat Extra Fitness mode in Ring Fit Adventure. I guess I should have put this on my backlog, technically I beat it last year, but I have been working on the New Game+ mode and cleared it. Main quest took 3 months, I beat the second quest in 2 1/2 months though I feel like I could have beaten it sooner if I didn't get a stringer in my hand/wrist that prevented me from playing much last month. Wonder how long it will take me to beat the final quest? Haven't been feeling much new stuff lately. Gave Planet Coaster, Crash, and Tony Hawk a try. Not bad, but sent them back I
  10. Like I know it is suppose to be his knee and he is wearing knee pads, I guess? But....
  11. Jack Box (From the makers of You Don't Know Jack) has a lot of really fun party games. Jeevan owns them all (that's like 35 different options for games.) Lots of players can play at once and we don't need to buy or download anything, Jeevan just shares the room code and you use your computer or cell phone to play along. Couple highlights: Trivia Murder Party: A gameshow meets Saw. Wrong answers result in punishments (losing a finger) or being killed by the host. But that is ok, ghosts can still escape in the final round. Fibbage: Answer questions, but everyone gets to make up fake
  12. Took years, but I finally beat Adventures in the Magic Kingdom. Haunted Mansion used to give me trouble till I found out the trick. Space Mt made my heart race. Phew!
  13. It sends you back to the lobby after every match to give you a chance to change your character or stage or rules but doing so punks you out of the arena and everyone just fires up a new match without you. What is even the point of going to the lobby then? That's ok next time we can just play pokemon stadium every round so I don't risk losing muy spot
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