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What game genre is your #1 ?


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Editorials Team · Posted
11 hours ago, BortLicensePlate said:

I like difficult platforming games 


3 hours ago, twiztor said:


Mario, Metroid, Castlevania, Mega Man, Kirby, Shovel Knight, and oh so many more!


3 hours ago, a3quit4s said:

FPS or third person shooters are usually what I play the longest although I haven't really found a genre that I don't enjoy. 


2 hours ago, Hammerfestus said:

RPGs.  I’m easily distracted so I like something where it’s easy to just stop playing and i don’t have to concentrate too hard.


2 hours ago, fox said:

Beat em ups.  But I play a bit of everything


2 hours ago, Bearcat-Doug said:

I like arcade style game, but if I have to narrow it down, I'd say platformers.



2 hours ago, Renmauzo said:

Hmmm...tough question, I'm split 50/50 between shoot 'em ups and tactical RPGs, so they tie for 1st for me.

All of these.  And also all of the other genres.

...except fighting games.  And most sports games.  And most racing games.

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Puzzle platformers. I love a good pure platforming experience like Mario and a good pure puzzle experience like Tetris but it's when the two genres come together that truly make something special for me. Games like  Limbo, Trine, Unravel, and Ico are just gaming bliss to me.

Pure platforming is a close runner up though. Followed by pure puzzle games, then probably Metroidvania action games. I really don't dislike any genre except sports simulations. 

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I like platformers, 3D and 2D, and FPS games, those would be my top 3 genres. 3D Action adventure games more generally are also up there, which would include your open world stuff.

I'm also big on puzzlers and puzzle platformers. Racing games I can get into as well, and turn based strategy games.

Obviously most types of games I can get into depending on the game, although I don't really like fighters or RPGs or sports games.

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16 hours ago, Nintegageo said:

Heya, just curious what your #1 game genre is.

Mine is action adventure or action RPG, particularly the top down old school style. The controls are simple enough and the games can look pretty great.

Same. Action adventure and RPG. Specifically anything Zelda related and SNES era RPGs.

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Well as you guys know I am trying to get caught up on the blue chip JRPGs I stupidly overlooked prior to 2013 because I wasn't so sure about the whole turn based combat thing 😛 

Now, there's nothing inheringtly wrong with this genre, but my least favorite would be one-on-one fighting games...I mean without a buddy to compete with, what's the point?  Even the great SSBM I only have as a GC tech demo (and what an awesome tech demo the trophies are BTW) as there's nothing really special for single player.

I guess the kind of games I need are ones that are quest/RPG types where you inevitably invest 40-50 or more hours into it and thus (provided it's one of the great blue chip ones) you really feel like you're getting your money's worth.

And as super weird and crazy as this may sound seeing as now every other game seems to love and adore it...I've chosen not to do any online gaming.

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