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  1. Possibly. It also depends on where the art was made. Black Box stuff was maybe done at NOA*, but if any game shared artwork with the Famicom versions, it's probably over in Japan. *assuming they had an inhouse art department, but like you said, NOA was pretty small in 1985, little more than a warehouse.
  2. He was also starting to make inroads in American media. He was the dad in the two Stuart Little movies, and was in the remake of Flight of the Phoenix (he was on the set of that when he auditioned for House.)
  3. There was a point where he was accepting just about any role put in front of him, which is why he was in stuff like "A Talking Cat." A couple friends of mine who work on low budget film projects nearly landed him for a role in something (fell through on their end.)
  4. I think Bronty said that any art Nintendo made was pretty closely guarded in their archives and very few, if any, made it into the wild.
  5. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-people-fall-for-conspiracy-theories/?utm_source=pocket-newtab Interesting read.
  6. Target audience age for her skews a little younger than our forum average, but she's not bad. Certainly no more offensive than [insert random pop star here.]
  7. Atari 2600 versions of Defender, Centipede, Demons to Diamonds, Swordquest Fireworld, and a few others, all at firesale prices due to the crash. NES came later, like Christmas 1987 thereabouts.
  8. They generally are, but stuff like this is basically whack-a-mole.
  9. Yeah, it's usually arcadey stuff. I've also seen Lode Runner, Nuts & Milk, and a lot of the black box games. Sometimes something a little deeper like Adventure Island will be on them.
  10. Charlie's Angels - attractive women, kind of piggybacking on a trend of 70s TV action, and the episodes started feeling samey after awhile, but not totally terrible. M*A*S*H - that show went through a lot of changes, so it kind of depends on when we're talking about. The early episodes were trying to ape the movie, but it didn't have the movie's jet black humor. Later on it became more of a dramedy. Some episodes were surprisingly creative, with one being in real time, one taking place mostly in dreams, etc. Sanford and Son - Redd Foxx chewed the scenery to bits, but it was pretty fu
  11. By the looks of the label, I'm guessing it has Bomberman, Battle City (Tank), Galaxian, Ice Climber, Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley, Wild Gunman, and Lunar Pool (Lunar Ball.) Pretty typical game lineup for these.
  12. Yeah, that's common on these multicarts. Usually the extra "games" are the small batch of games started on different levels, like world 5-1 of SMB instead of 1-1. They're kind of cool as a practice tool, sort of crude save states, but other than that it depends on which games they have. Usually it's the Famicom ROMs if there are any differences. Occasionally you find the cool hacked one that has Mario replaced with Shrek or something equally goofy (often you can tell when it was made by the IP they're ripping off.) Those are the ones I like.
  13. Yeah, the only thing that seems remarkable is the kid's age moving that amount of money. I thought it was the other way around, gouging on stuff people need being the not kosher thing. If someone is willing to pay double for an above ground swimming pool, I don't really see the issue.
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