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  1. Aren't most of the big spenders looking for stuff to be graded, as GPX mentioned? If he had a ton of sealed stuff, especially Nintendo games, I can see it. Otherwise, most people are going to want a discount because in their mind they're doing you the favor of taking everything at once.
  2. My school had a home ec class that was geared to finances and taxes. It didn't go into detail about things that Armageddon Potato did in his post, but it touched on things like that.
  3. Heh, we do have idiots down here. A lot of those people throwing fits about wearing masks in stores are happening in SoCal.
  4. Yeah, I don't get the economy argument. It was going to take a hit whether we lock down or whether people are dying way more than they are now (which would lead to worse panics, ostracizing, and spreading the virus.) I'd rather do the lockdown thing and have a hope of recovery.
  5. I have the Cthulu branded one.
  6. With you on backgammon (haven't played much cribbage), but contract bridge is my least favorite trick taking game. Give me good ol' whist or spades, or even hearts.
  7. Backgammon! Seriously, someone needs to do a Backgammon NES game, if there isn't one already. And slap a few others on there. Hearts, Spades, checkers, whist. Make a combo compilation cart of card/board games.
  8. If you want, wait until the Black Friday sales that they do for the Everdrive. I got mine cheap(er) through Amazon that way.
  9. Super Dodge Ball. Any shooter other than Zanac, as I've beaten that one, so I feel compelled to try to beat it again, and it takes about an hour.
  10. We have a Milton where I work. Not as heavy set, but the mumbly voice is the same. He also works in a secluded cubicle deep in the building. No word on whether he has a red stapler.
  11. You guys are missing out. So many great quotes.
  12. It's not official, but there is a hack of The Guardian Legend that has some new levels and bosses. Core gameplay is the same.
  13. Monster in My Pocket and Rockin' Kats are pretty good, too. I'm not big on the point and click games, but Deja Vu did get a sequel. Not on NES though.
  14. Okay, cool. Though we'd like to stay six feet apart, sometimes you have to get a little closer to people to actually do things. Hopefully both are wearing masks. Stay safe, dude.
  15. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/16/astrazeneca-covid-19-vaccine-likely-to-protect-for-a-year-ceo-says.html
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