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  1. That doesn't make any sense. We're the main buyer of their stuff. They don't want us to go anywhere.
  2. I really, really like their early stuff. I'm not as high on the more commercial friendly stuff from 2000 on.
  3. "Wait, 8-bit game? I thought it had 'dazzling 3-D graphics.' Philip, make up your goddamn mind!" - Jontron
  4. 20. But if you meter them out, another refill will come along. They have a set pattern. All weapons except weapon #0 have limits, either by supply or timers.
  5. If you can get to level 10, you're on your way. Caveat for level 11. If you don't beat the boss by the end of the timer, you have to start the level over. It doesn't skip the boss like the others do. Level 11 is the first part of the "System." Final boss has no timer. Either you beat it or run out of lives.
  6. I like a fully powered weapon #6. It doesn't shoot the projectile, it just erases enemies and bullets when you push A. Weapon #5 fully powered (the laser) is pretty sweet, too.
  7. I did warn you. In order, the level 7 warps are level 4, level 8, level 9, and level 5. Avoid the first and fourth warp, unless you feel like repeating all those levels again. The backward warps are one of two ways to rack up a mondo high score. The other involves the end boss. Oh, and there's a trick to level 8 that makes it a ton easier. I'll let you try it out first before spoiling it.
  8. Every time you want to play an SNES game? That'll get tiring real fast. Not to mention the wear on the screw holes.
  9. Joy Mech Fight is like one of the few fighting games on Famicom hardware worth a damn. The Famicom Kickle Cubicle, Meikyūjima, allows you to play the levels in any order, rather than the set path of the NES version. The Famicom Super Dodgeball allows for a four player beanball mode if you have the adapter*. The order of the teams in the story mode is also different. *note, this will not work with the NES Fourscore, but will work with a Famicom or a RetroUSB AVS. I presume the Analogue Nt Mini may also have the capability. Astro Fang is a fun Rad Racer clone with weap
  10. Gun Nac is fun, too. But a hair too easy at times. Zanac separates the men from the boys.
  11. I've beaten it. It is twelve grueling levels, but very rewarding. The adaptive AI is also pretty cool. There are warps available in some of the enemy erasers, with with four in level 7 alone (although two send you back.)
  12. Maybe, but I think the crash made the 1983-1984 market too toxic to do a console release. Warner Communications had also by that time sold Atari's home electronics division off to Tramiel, who was more interested in Atari's computers than the consoles. It was really bad timing for the 7800 more than anything else.
  13. Charlie Chuck's Food Fight. 'nuff said. It's not a terrible system, but it was clearly made for a pre-crash market and ended up in a post-crash world. I don't think it was expected to compete with the NES, more like "Well, Nintendo brought the console market back, and we have this thing fully developed, why not release it and see what happens? If it carves out a small niche, all the better." And it did.
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