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  1. Wait a sec, are we talking about from the GBC's speaker, or from headphones, or from the Game Boy Player (or Super Game Boy for a GB/SGB title)...because those are VERY different things.
  2. To borrow a quote from Home Improvement, there is a big difference between the 360 and those "other" games/systems. At the end of the day, those other systems still work!
  3. Yes indeed. The spirit of the law counts just as much if not more than the letter of the law. I really tried my best to pull up a clip/transcript/quote of this but in the Andy Griffith episode Runaway Kid (S01E06) Andy explains this to Opie using an example of if you see a man in danger of drowning in a lake, do you go save him even though there's a law/rule/sign that clearly says, "No Swimming Allowed"? And you know that really infamous anti-piracy PSA about "you wouldn't steal a car/CD?"...well the correct analogy would be that of using an already lit candle to light your own. Look, there most definitely does need to be laws about copyright/piracy and all that to protect sales and quality/integrity of the original product (no one wants to get stuck with cheap knock-offs for example). But at the same time it's far more important to preserve history, even if it means bending this some. I mean, if it weren't for so called "piracy" of vintage software (video/computer games or other software), it might be lost forever...like all those old films that were lost forever (especially the silent era ones) because people didn't think they were worth saving for posterity. Look, I use original hardware for sure, and I got most all the main blue chip cartridges/discs. I did my part to support Nintendo/Sega/whatever. But there is nothing wrong with using Everdrives to have the convenience of playing whatever game I want without wear/tear on the cartridge or cartridge slot or risk scratching/printing the disc as well as to be able to do things like BS-X games (like the Picross ones) or imports/homebrews/hacks that would otherwise not be possible/practical. Or as Jimbo would say in the South Park flag episode, I'm not doing any "piracy" with anything that's currently on the market or anything...this is about history! This is about preserving history, and that's the kind of "piracy" I wholeheartedly support.
  4. The fact that such a thing was even necessary was a big joke. What good is a "best system of the era" if you have to worry about it quitting on ya at any time? Like years ago when I tried (and I mean tried ) to cancel AOL back in the day when they went way too far out of their way to "save" people from canceling I tried to tell them that I don't want to pay for a service that "quits" on me constantly. I mean, suppose you're at a job and after a few hours or so, you just quit working...what will probably happen to you? Then again this is the UNpopular opinion thread that I personally started... Still, I'm with the AVGN on this one...the most important thing about a video game console is being able to f-ing play it! And you can't do that when it RROD's on ya like 3-4 times.
  5. Too bad half of them were RRODing and people were having to swap them for replacements about 3-4 times.
  6. These aren't actors but... 1991 Studio Cal Ripken, Jr looks like Garth Brooks Country singer Randey Foster and Dodger great Orel Hershiser (especially on his 1994 Stadium Club card) David Stern and Kenneth Star Former Lakers coach Del Harris and Phil Donahue
  7. No no no no no, that's not the idea at all. The idea they take a short term eh, not exactly meeting expectations to make an even grander more ideal version of that same system later.
  8. Would I be crazy to suggest that Nintendo half hearted the WiiU on purpose? That is, they wanted the signature tablet to be as small and portable as the Switch one turned out to be but at the time of the WiiU's release getting the tablet that small would've been too expensive and thus "bought some time" until it could be? You guys get what I mean by that? I mean that could also explain why they re-released so much WiiU stuff onto the Switch...the Switch is what they wanted the WiiU to be all along but the tech just wasn't quite ready that far back.
  9. I only know the Linus one. I wonder how that whole Great Pumpkin thing got started anyway...
  10. Estil

    Metroid Prime

    Yeah; the wallet in the original Twilight Princess was way too cramped
  11. Estil

    Metroid Prime

    I especially appreicate how starting with Link's Awakening the mark on your dungeon map all the chests you haven't yet claimed...I don't consider a dungeon truly cleared unless you collected all the chests. The ones inside the dungeons I mean, not the ones in the houses...even if they are very nice chests!
  12. Estil

    Metroid Prime

    Even the Zelda ones?
  13. Wow, I didn't know you really COULD have whiskey under the bridge!
  14. Was it picked by a Hick from French Lick?
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