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  1. But aren't elephants an endangered species? Please tell me there aren't still really thoughtless people who kill elephants just for their tusks...
  2. Yes people need to realize that disabled people don't necessarily need or use a wheelchair and/or oxygen tank. You know how disabled people routinely get those handicapped parking credentials to put on their plate and/or rearview mirror? In my case my mental/emotional disability/issues are such where it'd be too dangerous for me to drive at all.
  3. I know exactly what you mean. When someone has mental/emotional health issues it opens up a whole new way of discrimination...people not believing you are truly disabled. Or even yourself even knowing exactly what it is you're dealing with (which I didn't even find out at all until 2006).
  4. They did an amazing job on that game's intro. Though the game after...
  5. That's because as a former "brain-dead" retail worker, I know from personal experience that even if you do your best to be a model employee and help people and such, the big retail bosses will not hesitate for a second to chew you up and spit you out whenever they feel like it. And no doubt these so-called "brain-dead" workers started out wanting to be helpful to customers and be "good little soldiers" until they had one too many Karens and/or one too many corrupt/dishonest higher-ups. I guess these "brain dead" workers figure (who are probably only there because they have no other real choice) if they (both the bad/dishonest customers and higher-ups and co-workers) don't care, why should I care?
  6. I guess with my backlog as well as the other hobbies I'm working on it's just like that expression on how to eat an elephant...one bite at a time. Though, we should update that expression with a new large animal as elephants are an endangered species
  7. I'm one persona who persona-lly has never heard much of Persona
  8. Is it even possible to KO Tyson (in the game; I know it happened in real life and resulted in the Genesis' "answer game")? If so, what's the current record (no cheating!) for quickest KO?
  9. I mostly just keep the list in my head...I mean I knew about the "big two" series (DQ/FF) starting out but boy was it something discovering it was more like "big three" ("Tales of...") and then you add to that me wanting to get caught up on stuff I missed out on with the PS1 (I mean its prime was in my HS years and I completely missed out on it and only got one in 2001 for the MegaMan games). Now if I can just figure out a good "Everdrive" sort of deal with the PS2...and having a nice condition OG Xbox ready for MAME arcade roms/games would be quite appealing too...
  10. Geez are they a game or a department store?
  11. I haven't yet done the third one. And the only Dragon Quest I'm still working on is the ninth one (DQ10 (and FF11 for that matter) doesn't count as that's online only).
  12. Well why do all the games before it have to (mostly) be JP only?
  13. Again, having the option is better than not having the option.
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