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  1. Even if just the Internet went down for more than a few days it would be rather catastrophic.
  2. Hey don't sell the graphics/environment short! Most blue chip 2D RPGs on the SNES/PS1 look beautiful and colorful. The way the Crystal Tower in Lunar Silver Star that I'm currently working on comes to mind...reminds me of those crystal caves done in DKC...
  3. Oh yeah...well if nothing else it might bring to my attention other blue chip JRPGs on the SNES or PS1 I overlooked...ones where you get to have cute girls in your party of course
  4. There is still the matter of figuring out how to get the second "disc" of Silver Star to work on my PSIO though...though that will still take awhile to get that far...what do you think makes these games so good? (try to go easy on spoilers of course)
  5. So I finally got back to where I was...this time I'm using a cheat sheet from both GameFAQs as well as one from RPG classics to make sure I (hopefully) Catch 'Em All. BTW, isn't Jessica's victory pose in battle (is that the right term) so cute? Now those vampire fangs of hers those aren't so cute though... And I think Nall (the flying cat/dragon sidekick) did in fact mention at least at one point how much more fun an adventure is with cute girls on your team! They better have some in Dragon Quest 12...
  6. I kinda feel the same way about 2D vs. 3D that Adam did when Eve asked if he liked on her the maple or the fig leaf...he said honey they both look nice! (that was from a 90s Neal McCoy song called "The Shake" BTW)
  7. Ummm, I do have a PS4 (and the PS's before it) and all the Nintendo consoles except the Switch...dude I am NO stranger to technology. And I can and do use my late wife's hand-me-down red/black tablet so I can play the Simon's Cat games on it And I do use a cordless phone with Caller ID on it (so I can see who's calling and especially when talking with my wife I liked to have it on speaker so it feels a bit more like she was there with me, if that makes sense)...it's not like I just use a plain Model 2500 (wiki it) phone or something
  8. Not to mention I'm afraid if I do take a DS/3DS (which are the special Mario and Zelda themed ones respectively so replacing those would NOT be easy!) or a phone or something with me I might wreck it or misplace it or something And yes I've seen a few phones with spiderweb cracked screens and one small child banging a tablet over and over until it got the "black blob of death" on the screen. And even when I was working they obviously wouldn't let you use a smartphone while on duty (for obvious reasons) so it wouldn't done me much good even then.
  9. Saying you don't need buttons to play a game is like saying you don't need pedals to drive a car.
  10. IOS vs Android (in terms of being "gaming platforms" anyway)...
  11. Why would anyone in their right mind get phone versions...you can't even use buttons!
  12. That depends on exactly what constitutes an "artificial human"... And on the video game side of things do they need to be able to "think, feel, and make their own decisions" like MegaMan X and the rest of the Reploids...or does OG MegaMan already fit the criteria for "artificial human"? After all in MegaMan 8, MegaGirl asks when he wakes up if he's "alive" and Dr Fudd answers that he is...but isn't he supposed to be a robot/machine? Robots and machines can't be alive or dead...can they?
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