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  1. https://psntrophyleaders.com/leaderboard/main Wow, this is beyond insane what the all-time trophy hunting leaders have one...there's exactly 100 with at least a thousand platinums...I'll be lucky if I can even get one or two I bet!! And 451 have at least 25K trophies overall. Of course they had an over ten year head start!! Wow, this sounds like the kind of thing you'd have to invest every waking moment of your life...and I got way too many other kinds of hobbies going on too! Not to mention Nintendo and PS1/PS2 gaming! So yeah, while I certainly think doing the trophies is fun, I hope you guys aren't expecting me to ever get anywhere near these guys!
  2. I dunno, I think I got mine at or fairly close to 10 years ago-ish...so I don't know if anyone thought of putting heat sinks in a top loader NES...I mean I thought the whole point of cartridge based consoles is that there's no moving parts and hardly any heat? So how many hours would be too many for one play through? Just so I'm on the safe side. Does using the Everdrive make more or less heat?
  3. I'm not sure if this is triggering the laughing reflex as such but I always thought Misadventures of Tron Bonne was a cute/funny game especially those neat tricks you can make the adorable Servbots too...my favorite is at the farm levels where you can Beacon Bomb the truck and have them bounce on it like a trampoline! And I still can't get over what an experience Tales of Phantasia was...just when I thought I've seen everything the SNES has to offer! And I must say for a game starting what appears like adorable kids on the battle screen they and especially Arche in particular can engage in quite some M-rated talk/antics...which might explain why the game didn't make it to the US!! I'd say the funniest moment is when they are at the sauna and Arche says that Mint "got the biggest tits I've ever seen!" and Mint is blushing in embarrassment and asking all defensively "they're not THAT big are they?" And then Arche catches the boys listening in on them and throws a bucket of water at them!! And right after Arche offers "a little favor down in the cargo hold *wink*" and the gang boards the ship, Klarth engages in some "locker room talk" with Clese! Or "male bonding" as he calls it... https://legendsoflocalization.com/the-infamous-arche-fs-like-a-tiger-scene-in-tales-of-phantasia/
  4. First off, there will never be a federal lottery. The states and their lotteries won't stand for it. As for your last paragraph I'll have to disagree. If it weren't for gov't grants (both federal/state level) and a federal student loan (I only took the subsidized interest free one; I used an after school job on campus to pay the difference and for my summer school at my local community college) there's virtually no chance I could've gone to college, certainly not our big flagship one. And call me old fashioned but I for one would like to see more people get their college education and I feel very lucky that i was able to do so.
  5. Soooo, how many hours is too many for the top loader? I mean I do have a nice composite modded one and I sure wouldn't want to wreck it
  6. But that's JP-only right? I mean they can get away with that kind of thing more there.
  7. How in the world did you do that? I mean how many hours are we talking about here?
  8. I beg your pardon? And for Nintendo games I always liked to get all the stars/badges/icons/etc I could on my save file. Such as doing so for the first five Battle Network games. I mean those count too, right?
  9. You know we had the KEES scholarship program in KY back in my day that worked like that! Sadly it only went into effect my HS senior year so I was only able to get I think $500/yr as opposed to up to $2000/yr (IIRC) if I it had been in place all four of my years. Yeah, I think that'd be a swell idea to use state lottery funds to encourage kids to go to an in-state university and offer scholarships if they get high enough GPA or ACT score or whatnot. I mean the state lotteries (including ours) started on the promise that it would help fund education sorts of things, well there you go. Of course, state level things and federal level things are two very different things.
  10. Which one? I almost forgot I should get the MegaMan Legacy Collections on PS4 at some point too!
  11. I guess just like taking tests at school just start with the easiest trophies in a game and work your way up. Bronze trophies count and add up too!
  12. I totally get why most cats don't like getting wet...it makes them look like a freak!
  13. So I'm progressing through my PS3/PS4 games and I can totally see why people love collecting trophies so much...it is fun and gives you reason to go for small goals/things in games you might not otherwise think of or care about (especially in Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy on PS3). I'm now up to 65 Bronze, 8 Silver, and 5 Gold...the hardest one by far was in Wheel of Fortune where (I kid you not) I was able to solve a puzzle with only one letter revealed! I seriously doubt I'll ever get a Platinum...and NO I am not going to get one of those "20 easiest games to get a Platinum" just for the sake of that sort of thing. For right now I'm actively working on Wheel/Jeopardy on PS3, Final Fantasy X on PS3, and Final Fantasy 12 on PS4... and then I'd like to maybe work on FF X-2, the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, and the two Kingdom Hearts Remixes on PS3. As for PS4 the only other game I'm really wanting right now is Dragon Quest 11.
  14. Not to mention it seems to go against the idea that cats love warm places like sunbeams, those old fashioned kind of radiator heaters (I forget what their called), snuggled up with their favorite human, and the most aggravating way of all... Okay so a refrigerator is a fairly enclosed space, so it's got that going for it but it really doesn't make sense for a creature who allegedly loves very warm places and has a higher body temperature than a human to choose to want to be inside a 40ish degree place.
  15. No really, there were people who suffocated in refrigerators back before the law mandated (50s?) they easily open from the inside.
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