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  1. For those of us who regularly use/deal with game consoles, computers, and other electronic equipment, does anyone want to guess how STUPID and insane (you know, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results) the lady in the first story is?
  2. Even worse than this kind of harm? Which is no doubt what happens when you try to sneak in cheap store brand cat food/cat litter... PS: Of course my kitty would NEVER even think of doing anything like this...then again he doesn't have claws and I wear glasses so...
  3. Well James Bond supposedly has a License to Kill but that doesn't mean he can just kill whoever whenever.
  4. And what would Morgan Freeman have to say about that? Remember what he said crack does to ya?
  5. He probably just disabled Wily's ship so he could capture him. Remember, the first rule of robotics is that a robot must never harm a human being.
  6. If you see a sign that reads "Say No To Crack" and it reminds you to pull your pants up, you might be a redneck!
  7. They probably DID make it up just to get attention...of course no one REALLY thinks the snow was fake, any more than those Flat Earthers REALLY think the Earth is flat. In both cases these were just jokes to get people riled up.
  8. I remember when it was just the opposite problem...when sellers would hold feedback hostage and buyers would be scared to leave a negative (even if it was most definitely called for) for fear of getting retaliatory (negative) feedback from the seller (this was back in the dark ages when sellers could leave feedback for buyers...and frankly I'm GLAD this can't be done anymore). Not to mention the crap some sellers tried to pull about "if you don't pay extra for the insurance and your item gets damaged/ruined in the mail, tough noogies". See I'm a card collector and it's VERY important tha
  9. This is kinda a step above fast food but I've already gone on record as saying Kentucky Fried Chicken (original of course) is better than s...e...x...
  10. We sadly had a similar situation in our area where a cat/kittens were left on a doorstep in the freezing cold/snow Luckily they too were found in time and are safe. Let's hope for both the Ohio kitties above and the ones found in my area they do have a good foster parent...
  11. I actually live pretty close by to a McDonalds...every kid's dream not too long ago. At least it was back when they did super size and you felt like you really got your money's worth. But as long as they do that mean sneaky "pinching the bottom of the fries box" trick, forget it!
  12. Estil


    It's freezing cold, but... A cat's place is in the home So kitty is warm!
  13. Estil


    How about this one... I just love kitties My favorite of God's creatures They're man's REAL best friend
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