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  1. Already announced. Check my link a few pages back.
  2. Watched The King of Staten Island last night. It was average. Bill Burr and Steve Buscemi carried the movie. Sub plots left unfinished and very uneven.
  3. I must admit, this is the only reason I want the CE, I can have both on my desk...and maybe pretend battle when no one is looking haha.
  4. Yep countries like France and the UK are getting back to scary numbers. Belgium and Czech Republic too. It was to be expected considering a few weeks ago these countries were going on about just having to live with it and then walk around with no mask while eating at a packed pub. Then go to school and infect more people. I think what a lot of them didn’t understand is that even if you are in the low risk category you still spread the virus which then in turn starts to fill the hospitals, the hospitals run out of room and then doctors have to choose who lives and who dies and also pe
  5. Can't disagree with their bad D pad. I had the Namco Arcade Stick which worked on PS2 so that helped me overcome most issues with the D pad. I know it is an extra controller but I love arcade sticks for consoles.
  6. Yes. The SMS was huge in Australia and Europe. It is probably hard to state in words how big Sega was in these regions. I don't have hard sales figures but growing up the majority of kids I knew had SMS. I was very lucky to have both and loved both equally.
  7. Yes I think nostalgia will unfortunately play into a lot of opinions, which is both good and bad. From a nostalgic point of view the NES is what I grew up with and loved. But from a gamer point of view I love the PS2 more because the library is just really solid and has so many standout genres so it appeals to a large audience.
  8. I think we are educating a few people on the greatness of PS2 here.
  9. I had never heard of this before. I did really mean backwards compatible with its previous generation though haha.
  10. This is true, but I do think this is slowly changing and a lot of early 20's prefer Sony over Nintendo. It is possible that Sony will be just as nostalgic as Nintendo going forward.
  11. I’ll have to revisit some of those, I don’t remember them being too foggy. But yes definitely a down point compared to GC.
  12. Yes very true. A lot of these Chinese companies are basically bankrupt with the Chinese government keeping them alive. I think Ant’s financials are a bit more accurate, but it is definitely something I have considered in my risk profile.
  13. I was also wondering that. I keep putting off getting the game and now will definitely grab this version if it includes the DLC.
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