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  1. I’m waiting for the Analogue duo to be released before I jump in to collecting pc engine. I really wish I had the spare cash now though to buy a few items because I’m guessing once the analogue is released the prices are going to get more crazier.
  2. Knocked off another 20 pages and I’m still not feeling it. How are other’s travelling with it?
  3. The AC games are pretty fun but they take some liberties with the history to make it more action packed. I think dates tend to match up but not everything is 100% how it happened. I’ve played AC1-4 and loved 4 the most. The navel combat was so addictive. AC3 is the American Revolution game and it was ok. I know nothing about US history but now know what the Boston tea party is all about haha. AC is like an open world Action game with light RPG elements. Maybe check out some game play footage to see how it plays.
  4. I like to think of Duolingo as a supplement to study. You won’t learn to master Japanese using it but it’s good to do a few levels a day as part of your routine to solidify things you learn elsewhere. I personally prefer LingoDeer but you do have to pay for it after a few lessons. If you mastered 101 & 102 you probably won’t get too much out of either app besides as a refresher. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check out Tae Kim’s Guide to learning Japanese.
  5. @Tanooki I was able to find those books by googling the name and putting pdf at the end. I started watching the videos but without the book it was a bit confusing. Now that I have them I can read along and do the activities. For anyone interested or for future people who might read this. I found this beginners guide to be excellent to give a guide on where to start with learning: https://www.tofugu.com/learn-japanese/ they also have a lot of extra articles to work through. @fcgamer I have been taking your approach with looking at the kanji for Japanese cities while also learning Kanj
  6. Well I got the time conversion to Australian time totally wrong and missed the super nt but by some miracle the NT mini is still available which is what I wanted more. Huzzah!
  7. 10 but would also go to 11 if possible. Psycho mantis is still one of my favourite battles in any game.
  8. A few new pickups: Metal storm for Famicom, Crows & Dungeon and dragons for Sega Saturn.
  9. It might be because I’m reading this before bed, but I’m up to page 35 and I’m lost. I couldn’t tell you what is happening right now. Also, really long chapters make it hard to stop and pickup again. It’s ok so far but a bit different from what I was expecting.
  10. You can do it! You’re the best! You got this man, we believe in you! This book has nothing on you!
  11. I was going to say the exact same thing actually. I must admit if I hadn’t been on NA (and I was more a lurker/buyer honestly) I would probably be a little put off joining here because it is very North American focused with collecting. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with that and I still love coming here and talking to people. However, hopefully more Europeans, Australians, South Americans and Asian members join. It’s great having people like fcgamer and optout here because they are almost the same time zone, so we can talk in threads and get instant replies. If we can get more nati
  12. Things are still $19.99 here. If you pay in cash it is $20 and if you pay on card it is $19.99. It has been implemented in heaps of countries so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work in the US.
  13. I think it just takes time. I’m pretty comfortable with hiragana but katakana really throws me. I use Duolingo like yourself and find that really useful for learning both. Also, not sure about SFC but Famicom games are mostly either hiragana or katakana so you should give those a go too.
  14. It surprises me that countries still use 1cent pieces. Get rid of that crap. Also I can’t remember the last time I used physical cash, using a card/phone is pretty much the only way the majority pay here.
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