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  1. Yep love all those too. Bride of Frankenstein is probably my favourite of the Universal Monster movies.
  2. I’m three episodes into midnight mass and it is still a slow burn. A friend insists it is worth it though. I’m finding it to be ok, but so far it’s nothing special and I would have given up on it if I had just randomly stumbled across it myself.
  3. Well hopefully we can introduce you to heaps of great movies in this thread there’s already been some great suggestions. In regards to B&W horror, I find that people either love it or hate it and find it too cheesy. I personally love it because a lot of them look cheesy but the stories are really good, they have a gothic story vibe. It’s also really interesting to see how they did effects back then. I think a lot of us horror fans have become desensitised and don’t find too many movies scary. However check out Martyrs (French version) that will mess you up. Also most of David Cronenberg’s stuff still freaks me out and now his son is continuing his legacy, check out Possessor. Also, it looks like you’re a slasher fan like me. Check out the movie I recommend on the first post, Pieces. You’ll have a great time with that one.
  4. I don’t understand, that is the characters name in P5. Why would they change it in Smash?
  5. Do you have the SMT & Persona games on your RPG list? If not, get them on there and to the top
  6. This about covers it. I don’t even like boxing games and love this game
  7. I won’t be going anywhere near DWAC but I will say that I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this stock climbs further and holds its ground. If Trump’s Truth Social actually becomes an alternative to FB and YT it could make some serious money. These brainwashed idiots will flock to the site and will most likely spend big. YouTube & FB are shutting down fake news (as they should) so this will be the perfect place for all the tin foil hat people and Trump fanatics. It may also crash and burn like the majority of Trump’s business ventures.
  8. It’s all about connecting with people in Japan. My source came from winning a few well priced eBay auctions. We got to chatting and do everything privately now. Yahoo Japan still does have great deals though. You’ll have to use one of those third party buyers though. If you’re looking for N64 stuff @OptOutis your man for Japanese stuff. Best prices you can get honestly.
  9. Was going to post a similar thing. I had a 1080 plasma tv and recently upgraded to an OLED 4K TV. I can 100% tell a difference between a game running in 1080 vs 4K. Same goes with true 4K movies (not the upscaled rubbish). I think 8k is where most people will struggle to notice the difference. I don’t know the install base for 4K TVs in my country but I actually don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a 4K tv these days.
  10. Fantastic summary from Sumez. Estil, you should definitely play ToCS( trails of cold steel). I’m just about done with the first one and it has become one of my favourite JRPGs. The character development is amazing, the writing is some of the best I’ve seen in a JRPG (except for my two favourites SMT & Persona). It also doesn’t have any of those tired tropes like “amnesia” or young lad out to save the world that so many early JRPGs relied on. Do yourself a favour and bring it to the top of your JRPG pile
  11. Yes but some people, and I'll openly admit I am one of them, are bitter about buying said games on the Virtual Console only to have Nintendo shove the middle finger in our faces. When digital game marketplaces started popping up like Steam & GOG, everyone was worried they would never be able to get their games after a few years and would have to re buy them. Turns out it was "friendly Nintendo" who were the dicks.
  12. It is already implemented in my country and Europe and we have great health care. Not sure why it wouldn’t work in the US who are swimming in money? Don’t know enough about Brazil but if they’re similar to Colombia, probably not. But that’s due to corruption in government and not the actual tax system unfortunately.
  13. Because they’re set based on a wide range of economic factors that the government has information on not just one metric. Things like inflation, what tax people are currently paying, what tax could be paid, how much businesses are paying in tax to help contribute towards a minimum wage etc. Once the minimum wage is set it increases with inflation plus maybe a little bit of political sway to get some votes (but mainly inflation). A minimum wage is paid by businesses. It will mean that businesses are paying their fair share to employees to operate in that country.
  14. How much is enough for what? Not sure I’m following your thoughts. If you mean how much tax is enough then you set it on per dollar earned and work your way up the more you earn within brackets. E.g someone earns $0-$18000 no tax, $18 001-$45k you pay X percent. $45 001-$80 000 you pay a higher X percent etc etc. until you get to say $200 000 and anything over that is the highest tax rate, maybe 45%. Anyone earning over $200k is doing very well in my book and should help society provide services to help those less fortunate. If you’re talking about minimum wage, well, that’s the job for the treasurer to work out. Our minimum wage for an adult is $19.84. Whether you’re working as a waiter or flipping burgers, you must be paid that amount. We’re functioning fine and people are still buying food and going to restaurants.
  15. Good old taxes. Nothing like the talk of high taxes to get Americans* (North & South) more riled up then taking their guns away Taxing people that make more money does work and you only need to look at European and other Western nations to see that. It absolutely blows my mind that people actually advocate to not pay someone a living minimum wage. Why should a dude flipping pizzas or serving tables not earn a living wage? You could wipe out your tipping system overnight by paying someone properly. They also then feel like a member of society and can actually buy things and contribute. Taxing the rich also will help fund initiatives like free healthcare. My wife earns in one of the top brackets in Australia and when she initially saw her tax she complained (she’s originally from South America) but I explained that those taxes actually go towards helping out the people who don’t have it so well off. She then got her tax statement which breaks down exactly where every dollar went and understood. Im not going to say that every rich person pays their fair share but the majority do because they believe it is the right thing to do. No offence meant but I couldn’t live in the US. One unlucky day and the system throws you to the ground like dirt. *not including Canada because they seem to have their head screwed on.
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