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  1. You can use analogue products to play on a CRT if you wanted to though. You can also do that with MiSTer FPGA. But I think that's a minority of users, though options are always nice to have. Even if you don't get why they exist, at least take it as a sign of a healthy market for these old games. If a company like this can exist and be profitable, that means a lot of people must enjoy playing these games right? Thats pretty cool.
  2. Welcome! I too am curious what work you have done in the gaming industry
  3. Don't eat it all the time, but dammit sometimes you just want to indulge in some nasty greasy food. Usually I'll go with a Popeyes, Taco Bell or Wendy's. Big fan of the Popeyes chicken sandwich
  4. 9. I thought the game was really fun and novel at the time. But honestly this one game is why the wii was so successful, its hard to knock it with that historical significance
  5. I freaking love CTR. I'll happily play the PS1 game over Mario Kart any day. Haven't checked out the remake yet
  6. I chose 64 because I played it a ton when I was young. Snes was one of the first games I ever played, but I didnt play it as much as 64
  7. I've heard people talking about gratitude journals, which sounds like a bunch of horseshit at first but all you gotta do is take 5 minutes in the morning to write down a couple things you are thankful for or excited about. They could be the smallest things, but seeing these little triumphs on paper and starting your day by thinking positively can have a great impact on your mood and avoid the negativity thats weighing you down.
  8. The first step is probably try to find what the source of stress is and if there's a way to resolve that. I think its important to keep your mind sharp, learn new things, experiment and get creative. Just find things that you enjoy doing that help you grow as a person. I find the biggest cause of stress and anxiety for me is stagnation and complacency. I am always thinking about the future, my goals and what I'm doing to achieve them, and to me if I am seeing progress that reduces my anxiety tremendously. Also, don't be afraid to talk to your friends and loved ones. They'll be happy
  9. Horror, RPGs and Shoot em ups have historically been known to keep a high value over time. Especially with VR, since it lends itself so well to the genre, get all the Horror asap
  10. From my research the quality of cable does make a difference. I think if I was upgrading my setup to RGB I would want to spring for as high quality as I can at that point. But even if RGB does exist in North America, it was never commonly used. So finding the cables and splitters and all that isn't that easy here. And yes, composite isn't ideal. I figured with the retrotink I could use S Video and Component and be pretty satisfied
  11. Yeah RGB is a hard sell for me in North America when you have to invest in the proper cables, a good cable is like 30 bucks or more isnt it? For all my consoles that adds up. I just wanted the easiest solution with what I had
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