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  1. Castlevania 4, just a really boring game. The rest of the classic Castlevania games are fantastic
  2. So the problem is you don't have enough space, the solution is to take up more space?
  3. I thought they were going for a play on words since it was the 4th game in the series
  4. I have the original supaboy, I had 2 batteries for it that both stopped taking a charge in about a month. Stopped bothering after that
  5. I think it's cool they put the lost levels on there. Wonder how well the buttons work
  6. I wonder how these would look with boxed games, probably wouldn't be very practical though
  7. Nostalgically speaking I'd say late snes to early n64. But nowadays I enjoy playing nes games the most
  8. Is this where I drop off the money for casualcarts new phone?
  9. They should do something cool. Like sweet home, I'd buy that
  10. There was a list someone made on that old nintendoage website. What ever happened to that place anyway
  11. I was on a kick of this game for a while, but after getting my Avs went back to nes tetris. Still enjoy this one a bunch though
  12. That's a great point, the reason I havent participated in many of those discussions is because I havent played a lot of the games. So doing metroid and earthbound and stuff like that might be a better idea
  13. I think in order for something like this to be successful it should be really popular stuff for a while until it builds a following. I could see "let's all play chrono trigger" or Mario 64 or megaman 2 bringing in some traffic. The first year could be dedicated to classics and then start doing more obscure stuff. Its something I've been thinking about lately. I may start up a thread some day, who knows haha
  14. Something cool I saw on the racketboy forums is what they call "together retro" The idea is that every month theres a game, and people who want to participate just play the game and discuss it. Usually its classics that maybe you havent played in a while or perhaps havent gotten around to playing at all, but it's cool because they community just all plays the game casually together and talks about it. Not everything needs to be competitive
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