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  1. I’d say I’m in the same boat, yeah. I keep trying to play the newer ones and a get a few hours in and then I just don’t feel any urge to get back to it. I think the first 3 gens were great and beyond that I just kinda meh on the series.
  2. still looking for a damn job ehh theres always next year. Probably will trim the goal down a bit
  3. When I was a kid I was never really good at finishing games. I believe my first was Pokémon Silver, but I had the strategy guide, so that helped
  4. I voted Konami. while I am a big fan of many Capcom games, I leaned more Konami just because the games I like from them are high up on my favourites, not necessarily because of quantity. Especially Castlevania and Parodius, those 2 series are huge for me.
  5. That’s why it was such a big deal. What they managed to do with very little outside reference was really impressive
  6. Surely someone has this game for sale
  7. What other games are there like animal crossing?
  8. For me where Mario 64 excels is that it gives you a set of moves (back flip, wall jump, triple jump etc) and a non linear obstacle course for each level, where your goal is just to grab the stars. There’s a path they want you to take, but nothing stops you from getting creative and messing around with the moves you have available to you and finding unique ways to get the stars. So anytime I replay the game I’m thinking what are some different ways I can go about getting the star, maybe it’s a faster way or a harder way with a cool looking maneuver. Just look at a Mario 64 speed run, most of the moves they do aren’t too difficult with a few tries, and they’re super fun to pull off. That said I haven’t played OOT so can’t really compare them
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