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  1. I would say tetris but I usually end up playing it a lot more than I planned
  2. Super C or Megaman 2. I dont know if you'd call Castlevania fast but I know the game well enough that I can get through it fast so I'm happy to pop that in once in a while
  3. This is certainly cool, but I feel like I'd still rather copy games onto the harddrive to save wear on the disc drive
  4. Is Ghost Babel the GBC one? I think it is. But if its not play that one too haha
  5. Battle of Olympus! I forgot that game existed. I gotta get a copy of that. Great choice though. Some other cool open world ish games could work too, Rygar, Faxanadu, clash at demonhead
  6. Monster party is an excellent choice
  7. A second tmnt game like the first one would be cool
  8. In my opinion if the IP owner decides they no longer want to support it (wii online) they are no longer profiting on sales from wiiware/virtual console, so piracy is fair game. If they choose to not offer me something I want I will find another way. That doesn't hurt them. Theres lots of games that you cannot play "legitimately" anymore so as someone who wants to preserve these games, piracy is often the only choice
  9. In canada I was told its 16K, if you're making more than that its considered a small business and you need to apply for a business license and all that. You could file if you're making less but why bother
  10. Ive come to the conclusion that digital games are fine. Buy them on sale on steam so you can carry them over to your next computer if you have to and they go cheap enough that im not worried about losing them because I don't have much money invested in them. For me, I do like to go back to games from time to time but 9 times out of 10 if I'm revisiting a game, it's something from my childhood that I have a hard copy of. It's very rare I like a new game enough to play it again. I dont care that much if I cant play a game because it's gone from the digital shop, theres tons of games out there that I could play instead.
  11. Pretty bad for the most part. Maybe one or two songs that are passable, from what I've heard
  12. I have a hard time choosing one but it would probably be Super Mario World. Though Paper Mario and Mario Odyssey are up there. Oh and Mario Maker 2
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