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  1. Voted SNES though I tjink 8 DX is the best one they'e done.
  2. I actually think the PS3 is the cutoff generation to collecting, just because it started the whole 'download 1/2 a game' trend we see in games now. As per usual, Nintendo doesn't count as they are always collectible as a company.
  3. My buddy has one that was stored. He asked me the value and I honestly dunno.
  4. I think the book has some serious promise. Interested to see what it actually is as a book.
  5. My Cotton 2 ST-V cart had no picture and was using google translate essentially to purchase it thanks to a proxy site. Granted it was in Japan and I just trust them not to be as shady as Westerners. #notantiwest
  6. 7. It's a good game, the 2nd is pretty good title and Saga is a great game.
  7. https://www.arcade-projects.com/ this should do it I agree with @DefaultGen though Capcom tended to use 6 and 4 with the Neo Geo so that is something to consider.
  8. This is the only prior to NES/SG-1000 console that even interests me. It's pretty neat.
  9. The traditional Kirby games would see a serious improvement with flying limited to a couple extra air jumps rather than flight. I might say that tighter controls would help the games as well.
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