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  1. Agree to disagree. I know in theory an option is good though with this one I just don't think that is the case.
  2. 9. The game is so easy to recommend to people, casual and not. I know that means 8 however it is also a dope ass game.
  3. Honestly, no voice chat online option should be the standard. People are so shitty. Wanna talk to friends? There are apps. That's this curmudgeon's opinion.
  4. Admittedly, I thought it should have always just stayed Nintendo characters. I'd choose Cloud. I know that as a kid during the 90s I should choose that Sonic character. I just think Cloud symbolizes the split with the companies and Nintendo no longer leading the industry. Which would you choose?
  5. I just beat the game. Pretty good I am happy with this title.
  6. With your criteria it's SMB3 however it should have had a freaking save feature which is why I wouldn't personally place the game #1. I know we have some psycho on here who claims the no saves improved the game and warp whistles are just as good though they are not. It's a great game though that 1 thing.. grr
  7. Do you think it helped or hindered the NES? I understand why they did it though it is sad we didn't get certain games due to this.
  8. It's dope. Pretty linear though. Think Fusion-ish. Some cool new gameplay.
  9. Wow sorry I did not realize that this thread was so old.
  10. Robotrek. A game no one else seemed to know when I was young even existed.
  11. Cows. Despite what someone in this thread seems to think, they are absolutely horrible environment-wise. Not as bad as humans obviously though their CO2, the deforestation to raise them and the fresh water used are all just great reasons.
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