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  1. Wow, interesting replies. I think some people are being a bit kind to the NES; implying they had game design mastered or that 2 buttons was enough. While the latter does allow simplicity it also meant some crummy workarounds as well which seem ignored. Sprites shimmering was its own problem worth mentioning as well. PS. I honestly love the two consoles and think they each have their own impression with gaming history
  2. I adore the two consoles, and love their graphical-ness to this day. I think both have a charm to them. The N64's main issues that I can think are the controller (I know it was a pioneer though 2 analogue woulda helped this department)/camera whereas the NES' is the 2 buttons and the slowdown/sprites. I think the NES may edge it. Which do you guys think has/shall age well compared to the other console?
  3. 8/10. A great console/games. People talk RE4, though I thought the RE 1 remake and RE Zero were exceptional. Some o the great Dreamcast games were ported and it seemed like the last time, at least prior to the Switch, that Nintendo tried to be the cool kid.
  4. Honestly, I have just gone the local stores route with sales that involve lotsa games. It's just not worth the hassle and stupid people you deal with. Sites like these are another option as well. Then those asshats don't get your money as well.
  5. I gave it a 7. Without GHZ though this would be a lower grade. Decent game but it certainly saw improvements with 2.
  6. This is my #2 slightly edged by the SNES. I gave it a 9 but could totally be a 10.
  7. They are both exceptional Metroidvania games. The 1st one is awesome/somewhat traditional while the 2nd one took notes o Hollow Knight and was an ever better experience in my opinion.
  8. So what I know regarding this issue is via my best bud whose dad fled HK as the Chinese government was taking their shit, so there is some bias surely. My understanding is that HK didn't want to go back to China and only did so due to the two system approach. When that is broken then HK could say screw this, then we don't honour our deal and we leave. I dunno how to answer that other than saying it does matter and those other countries shouldn't do that shit as well.
  9. I'd say you break an agreement then it becomes null and void and in the case that means the English get HK prior to a new deal; then we can see whether China honours its agreement. (I don't actually think this would happen however I also do not think the world should just accept shitty behaviour by shitty government heads as well).
  10. Generally the FPS or modern sports games. They're prolly cool at a technical level however I enjoy seeing my character do cool shit.
  11. @Webhead123not entirely the same genre however you may enjoy Ghost o Tsushima. Awesome game.
  12. I have always loved nature in video games. A nice forest is pretty, however I also really adore a snow landscape as well. Considering playing God o War a 2nd time just cause how I adored the landscape, mythology, etc. Which do you enjoy?
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