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  1. 7. I actually enjoy the art, though not the GameCube one. The game has its charm and its cool moments.
  2. This is the 10. Nintendo had the tech, the console to own and they had third party titles like no one else. SNES* is the greatest console. *SFC
  3. You guys are nuts. This is a great game.
  4. @Sumez it's not Switch game
  5. Oh man, this game has been my Sunday. I am really enjoying it. The game is much larger than I thought, and it shamelessly aludes to other things which is super cool. Example: I am in the Necromancer Den (1st real dungeon) and I need to collect the arms, torso, heart and legs to then fight the dude. Wonder what game did that ;). A townsperson warns me it's dangerous to go alone though I should be okay with my sword is a great example. Just charming. I think the game has the same style as Shovel Knight and you can even bounce on enemies and things to discover the secrets. Gold lets you
  6. This game seems sweet. Sorta reminds me Shovel Knight meets Metroidvania and Wonder Boy. I am enjoying playing.
  7. Guardian Legend Rescue The Embassy Mission Crash Bandicoot games
  8. I voted 9 though certainly understand the 10s. I'm sorta like @Reed Rothchild as I only plan to give one 10 and that is the SNES.
  9. My 'complete set' goal was generally JP dev'd games when talking NES and SNES. I thus sorta ignored the Western games with some exceptions such as ZAMN. What Western developped games do you consider exceptional during these generations (generally Nintendo/Sega) that you'd recommend?
  10. I am team PS though when talking I do say PS1.
  11. Do Origins. The newest trilogy was good, though I think Valhalla was the weakest amongst them. Regardless each one is a pretty good game.
  12. @Boosted52405 in all honesty I think among my core pals, only one doesn't have a Switch; the others have it along with another console. As to which they play, that depends on what games are available that interest them. I also am not arguing that Nintendo has less adult players than those combined consoles; I was only saying that I think the majority their player base are adults. I do recommend you take a second look at the Switch library though, the console has got some awesome games available.
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