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Leg Washing


Wash Legs?  

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  1. 1. Do You Wash Your Legs In The Shower

    • No. The soap washing down from my body does the work for me.
    • Yes. I wash my legs like my other body parts.

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In an effort to get all of the hot-button topics off the table in the first week of operation (excluding the endless religious or political glitches):

Do you wash your legs in the shower or is letting the soap run down from above clean your legs?

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Administrator · Posted
22 minutes ago, Splain said:

Last night I took a shower and thought "ok, maybe I should wash them." Beacuse of this thread.

I almost died. The only way to wash your feet with soap, without slipping and falling, is to sit down in the shower. Just an FYI for disgusting non-washers like myself.

And as we all know sitting in the shower means never getting back up again. This whole thing has been a ruse to get good law abiding non-washers like you and me stuck in our tubs. 

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