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  1. Been a minute. I forget to post my finds on here...lol. December: Switch Waku Waku Sweets - Gift from mom (new) PS2 .Hack Infection - Secret Santa gift (CIB) N64 Castlevania - Secret Santa gift PS1 Lunar Silver Star Story Complete - $60 (CIB, and I mean it is complete, map, manual and outer box) PSP Half Minute Hero - $15 (CIB) [First Facebook Marketplace find] DS Glory of Heracles - $5 (CIB) DS Lost in Blue 3 - $5 (CIB) DS Myst - $5 (CIB) DS Professor Layton and The Curious Village - $5 (CIB) DS Professor Layton and The Diabolical Bo
  2. Ah so nothing TOO special then? Oh well...it's still super awesome. Man they go for a lot don't they...welp I'm holding onto mine firmly since it's so cool lol. I'd sooner sell games off then this baby. I'm actually South of Seattle. But I've found some neat stuff trickle down this way like an official employees cookbook they gave out as a Christmas bonus I think in '92? Got that sucker at a rummage sale for a buck.
  3. I just bought this thing...has World of Nintendo on it, feels like leather/fake leather and I can't find any info online about it. I'm guessing it was an employee item...but what would they have used it for? What would be inside it? I'd just like some history on this. There was sadly nothing inside (and if there was originally, Value Village might have thrown it away...). Thanks! Oh and any advice on cleaning this? It has some sticker residue and idk if Goo Gone is a good idea on this thing.
  4. CDC states kids 2 years and older should wear a mask so that kid should have worn a mask unless he had a medical reason not to. Same with the mom. She's a dumbass to not wear one. All people not wearing masks right now are dumbasses...again unless you have a REAL medical reason to not wear a mask...wear a god damn mask. I could probably get away with saying I have a medical reason because I have bad lungs (had asthma as a kid and it turned into chronic bronchitis) and I really do struggle to breath in masks...I've gotten lightheaded sometimes. But I'd rather pass out in a mask then go wit
  5. Time and effort are worthless to me as I have both in spades. It's price that's the factor which is why UGCs was my option. But even they weren't cheap after shipping...even from CA to WA was...stupidly expensive.
  6. Forgive me if it's been asked, I looked up UGCs and Universal Game Cases in here but didn't see anything recently. So we all know Media Shelving got rid of UGCs. What I didn't know what Media Shelving is gone. Or at least under that name. I guess they completely rebranded and turned into The Video Store Shopper? This new(?) business still has UGCs on their site. But it's "call for price" now. Are they still being made or is this just a page they shouldn't have up? Assuming that UGCs are truly gone for good...what's the next cheapest option for loose cartridge games? I'd like to stick
  7. I've never complained because I figure they could give a rats ass about the issue and if the mail lady found out we complained...more stuff might arrive "damaged" or go "missing".
  8. I was your SS. Glad you liked it all. Funny thing, I found another CIB copy of Myst on DS like RIGHT after I sent your package...I guess the fates want me to own that game.
  9. Oh don't get me started on USPS. As long as I've been alive we've had issues with them. That's 29 years. They either won't deliver the package which can easily fit in our oversized mail box, thus making us go to the post office which because of where we're actually located is much further then it should be (we're closer to one in another city but because we're in another city...like the freaking border of it and the next city...our post office is way the hell out there.). About 5 years ago we got fed up and installed a decommissioned postal box (old fashioned kind that can handle big packages)
  10. No Idea who my SS was, but they got me two games off my want list that I've been wanting for awhile as well as two Funko Pop Mystery Mini's. I managed to luck out and get the two characters I wanted most out of the Mystery Mini boxes.
  11. I'm Jewish too...lol. I still participate in SS though since no one has a Hanukkah themed SS...
  12. Hmmmmm....does it have to be staff? I'm guessing it's a higher chance it's one of them but someone already guessed the person I was going to guess...soooo...random guess. Is it @Br81zad?
  13. I personally like wrapped gifts or even bagged gifts...anything that makes it so I can't see the items so I can put them under my tree and stare at them...daily...since my tree is table top sized and right next to me lol. It's sweet torture. I can't wrap to save my life so I just try to find a bag from the Dollar Tree that looks festive and use it. There's a lot of good bag options if you go that route.
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