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  1. It wasn't within the last 10 minutes... it was at/right before the last 10 minutes... at least as I understand it...
  2. Lol, I'm not that worried about it. I'm small potatoes compared to those other folks. I go by Neodolphino Productions, and I use my Twitter for pretty much all info (@JustinOrenich) -VERY- profession. XD
  3. Have supplies coming for 25 more copies of Haradius Zero, and GGGG. Stay tuned.
  4. They -did- do the Hole New World NES chiptune cart... and Dead Tomb... But yeah, the other releases had some significant bigger tie in, or proven track record (GALF, Mall Brawl, thr 8-bit music powers). To answer your question, use me!!! XD But seriously, LRG has its production issues, but if you can get them to take your release on (they'd be crazy not to) you'll reach a very large audience easily, likely get a ton of sales, and the product would likely be good quality.
  5. I'm not taking anything you are saying as an offense, first off. Anyway, the thing is my opinion had nothing to do with the project, but more to do with impatiently calling someone out and acting like you were owed a response. If you want to discuss something further with someone who hasn't engaged you (and isn't any kind of personal attack) and they aren't responding to public quotes, maybe just try to PM them to discuss it more. Acting all aggro about it isn't really necessary - that's all. My opinions about the project have no impact on that part... but to address that part specifically, I get what you are saying about Mystic Origins being a surrogate for those unwilling to wait longer - thing is, it's billed as a precursor/a fraction of what the whole adventure is supposed to be. It's nice that it's a option for people, but it also isn't 100% what they backed for. Yes they can also wait... which I am (I think I have one of the testing copies of Origins, and a completed copy somewhere that I bought aside from the campaign). I think what a lot of people have trouble digesting is how Joe can sometimes come off in his replies. Yes, he may have may good points - but a lot of times customers just want accountability and a clear/reasonable way forward, not a huge wall of text and a bunch of excuses/you wouldn't understands/philosophical ramblings. I personally don't care, but I can see how others would. They are also entitled to their opinions, just as you are. But in the end, like I said before... I think in the end, Joe really does want to do what is right and will eventually deliver what was promised. Also, to answer the original question. I have backed many kickstarters - mostly homebrew related, but some others as well. I will continue to back, and honestly, I don't care the context in which the project is released (unless it's a huge corporation who is fully capable of releasing the product on their own, taking advantage of the system).
  6. If we are going off of your analogy - sure, you two bumped, but it was because you saw him walking down the street without even looking at or interacting with you, and you decided you didn't like the message on his shirt, so you intentionally bumped into him... or more like brushed him, and got angry that he didn't react to it... As for the KHAN "incident" (haw). The big difference there is that CM made what superficially was a shitty little snide remark about KHAN's game/project. Which is personal attack... Not sure why you are guessing about the last part. It's like you assume that because I disagree with you, I must have a ulterior reason why, which if so, somehow invalidates my argument... but to answer you, I did back the project, and while I do hope the full game comes out and wish it would be a primary focus/finished after all this time, I don't feel "ripped off", and do feel that -overall- Joe wants to do the right thing...
  7. So wait. You're saying because -you- quoted -him-, he is then -obligated- to reply to you?? Come on man... Had he quoted you and said something inflammatory toward you or argued your points, then didn't reply to your rebuttal, I could -maybe- see your point, but that's not the case. Getting mad at someone for not responding to you when you are demanding that response (without that person having engaged you at all in the conversation) seems unreasonable. Sure, you may want to argue their point, but I don't think there is any rule, unwritten or otherwise, that obligates them to respond to you.
  8. Not to mention that no one is obligated to reply or respond to you... If stalking someone's online/browsing status and getting so upset with a lack of reply you publicly them out over their opinion (especially when it's in no way a personal attack to you) doesn't seem at least a little inappropriate, I don't know what to say...
  9. One of my all-time favorite bands - extremely easy 10/10 for me. - RIP CC P.S. - @Gloves how on earth had you never heard Black Hole Sun? Too much Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain, Our Lady Peace, and Celine Dion?
  10. The two drops of 50 (100 total) have sold out (they were sold here on the site in the merchandise section, like with Haradius Zero). I may make more in the near future if there is enough interest.
  11. @VGCollectaholic @BouncekDeLemos I may order parts for another small run of Haradius Zero (and GGGG for that matter). I'm keeping an eye on interest. Stay tuned...
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