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  1. BUY THIS MAN'S MUSIC CARTS!!!... ... maybe that will convince him to finally release "Music for Gamers Only"... GD it.
  2. Sounds awesome. Thank you for the pictures Please let us know when to send the $$.
  3. I'm in for a copy!
  4. Perhaps, but if making a free account for a great site is that much of a barrier... >.> :D
  5. Well the ones that are supposed to come out in October were sold as a preorder. I -think- they mentioned possible further runs of the game, but it wasn't very solid or specific.
  6. I thought they were aiming for October.
  7. Got my copies today in great shape! Thank you so much!!
  8. Hey, thanks so much, folks!!!
  9. Been following your project on Twitter as well. Im very happy you found your way here!! I'm very sure you'd have no problem sellingn20mcopies of your game, especially here. I'd for sure be in for a copy!
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