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  1. ah man, he sold to you too! $$$$ transaction gone very well on this end
  2. No objection here. Even playing it as a kid when it came out I was mesmerized.
  3. My luck on Mercari, both as buyer and seller, comes in waves. The people running it are absolute idiots, don’t care, or both. Their customer service is abysmal and like others have said, it’s an environment ripe for deals falling through. I have zero faith in anything close to real-time search results — it’s purely luck if you see something quick enough to grab it (eg maybe you landed on the right server at the right time?). Even then, back door deals hurt man.
  4. I almost posted this word for word. Ditto.
  5. El Topo Some of the scenes and lines from that remain with me, and I watched it exactly once over 5 years ago
  6. Most people earning 200k a year aren’t millionaires
  7. I hadn't heard of this until now -- but wow, what a sight to behold! Mitch Hedberg comes to mind: "Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something." I'm definitely not trying to pry yours from your hands -- I fully recognize the desire to pair them with NES consoles But beyond my adoration for the game, including the influence it's had on my life -- I don't know why I'm chasing this with fever... I will say, though, that watching the pile grow is incredibly satisfying. I also make a point to clean them all up as necessary, so it's a whole process. Call it a form of therapy
  8. SMM2 for Switch. I bought a Switch just for this, and I'm not disappointed.
  9. Can a moderator please move this to the "Buying" subforum? I feel like an idiot
  10. For those that know me, I know I've been a phantom. Life got in the way. However I'm still kicking On the old site, I recall somebody was chasing after as many of the Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt (dual-cart) as they could find. They got pretty damn far if I recall. I am on the same path. I'm currently sitting at 117 copies. My obsession all started when I realized I was sitting on a dozen or so randomly, and figured "why not". It's my all-time favorite game, and it's also the game that brought me back into NES-era gaming in the mid-2000's. Ideally, I can pay $6/shipped per copy, which will hopefully be more advantageous for folks in bulk. I'll take 1/10/100/1000 copies, whatever you have. If you can provide >=50 copies, hopefully we can get it closer to $5/each My requirements are fairly lax, though I do ask: (a) it's the SMB/DH 2-in-1 (not the trio) (b) The end label is mostly in tact (c) The front label is mostly there I've had some luck hitting my price point on eBay, though it's been slow and not too satisfying. Hopefully somebody here can help me out! Thanks in advance. Attaching an older picture from when I was about a couple dozen shy compared to where I am now
  11. Rest assured that all is well on this end -- just super-swamped with home and work projects. I don't want to simply show up every few weeks... want to be all-in or nothing.
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