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Werewolf Vol 2. Episode 1: ESCAPE FROM ARKHAM ASYLUM! Sign-Ups Now Closed. Inquire within to be a Back-Up.


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Hello, my name is Mitch, AKA Kokiri, and I would like to formally welcome you to the first official game of Forum Werewolf on VGS! The game is a thought-provoking, themed who-done-it that will test your wits against your fellow forum members! It will be played in a separate Club right here on the site! I recommend that anyone interested sign-up to play! If you want to sign up, simply state so here in this thread! Happy Hunting, my Werewolf brethren! 😎
The Story: 



It was around the time of day when late evening turns to true night. The time we in the ‘biz call Twilight. That was around the time of day it happened… that horrible… horrible thing.

Anyone who signed up to be a correctional officer at Arkham Asylum knew what they were getting into. The big guns. The truly ugly ones. The ones that’ll rip a human face off a living being and not bat an eyelash. It was like they simply blew that eyelash off their cheek. Blood, guts, and all.

Clayface. Scarecrow. Deadshot. Harley Quinn. Killer Croc. We were talking real psychos with real Powers that could get really ugly, really fast. Still, the iron bars, shock collars, and whatever Warden Sharp had dreamed up that week made it easy to get comfortable. Heh… comfortable. While a person who killed thirty in a single day stands inches from my person. What a life.

It made us all the more useless when the assault actually took place. No one to this day knows exactly how they did it. Gorilla Grodd? Psycho Pirate? Some even rumored that Ultraman from Earth-3 came and did the job. We’ll probably never know… but all that mattered, was that Killer Croc’s collar was missing - and he soon feasted.

Pandemonium ensued. Before long, every mob boss and petty thief in Arkham was loose. The situation was deemed so bad the Justice League got involved. So many of my fellow brothers died that day. Fellow Guards of Arkham Asylum.

It wasn’t long before Batman and the others wrangled up most of the big-bads; but, not one to miss a beat, there was one thought that couldn’t help but make even the Batman’s blood run cold: The Joker, and several other high-profile patients, were missing.

By the time this realization had been made, the impossible happened. The doors of Arkham locked behind its inhabitants. Lock Down-mode was activated, sealing the outside world off from the Asylum via large, steel doors. No one in. No one out.

Then, the gas came. Anyone who’d studied Gotham criminology would recognize it immediately as the Joker’s creation. Thankfully, however, it wasn’t toxic. Well… at least in the KILL YOU kind of way. Instead, it removed all facial recognition skills from everyone inside. Now, a jumbled mix of Superheroes, Arkham Guards, and Supervillains remained inside Arkham Asylum. Everyone - a total stranger.

I constantly ask myself why the Joker didn’t just use poison gas to kill Batman and his allies. Maybe he didn’t want to kill himself along with them. Maybe… and I truly do believe this… he did what he did for the pleasure of it. A test of wits and skill from a man who just wants to see the world burn…

And so, that is how our story begins. The backdrop for what happened next… a locked-down Asylum, noxious gas, and cries in the dark: “SAVE ME BATMAN!” SAVE ME!”




Da' Rules:

1.) Object of the Game

-The object of the game “Are You a Werewolf?” is dependent on what side of the game you are playing on. There are two main factions: the Werewolves and the Townspeople. Townspeople win the game when they have eliminated all Werewolves from the game. Whereas, the Werewolves win the game when there is an equal amount or more Werewolves in the Town at the end of a day or night. In some cases, more factions, such as independents are added to the game.
---For the purposes of this game:
----------Werewolves = Joker's Army
----------Townspeople = Arkham Asylum Protectors

2.)Game Day and Nights

2a.)Game Day
-The game day is divided into two cycles, Day and Night.
-Unless otherwise stated by the mod, a Game Day will last 48 real-life hours.
-Each Day, the village will try to lynch a player. To do so, a simple majority of the Town must vote them out.
---Half is not a majority.
----------EXAMPLE: If there are 17 members left in the town, 9 people must vote for the same person to lynch them.
----------EXAMPLE 2: If there are 18 people in a town, 10 people must vote for the same person to lynch them.

2b.) Game Night
- Unless otherwise stated by the mod, a Game Night will last 24 real-life hours 
-After the Day update, the game enters the Night. NO ONE may post AT ALL until the mod begins the next Game Day
---This INCLUDES inactivity posts. Players who will have extended inactivity will PM the mod who will decide a course of action based on the circumstances
-During the Night those players with roles will PM me their actions.
-At the end of the Night, the Night Update will summarize the pertinent actions, and Day will begin again.

3.) Voting

3a.) At any time, in any post made during the Game Day, you may vote. 
3b.) When voting, the word "VOTE" must be capitalized and bolded
----------VOTE: KokiriChild
3c.) You may unvote at any time, but you must specifically unvote the player you previously voted for before voting for a new one.
3d.) When unvoting the word "UNVOTE" must be capitalized and bolded
----------UNVOTE: KokiriChild
----------VOTE: Gloves
3e.) You do not have to unvote and re-vote in the same post.

4.) Posting

4a.) Unless specifically stated by the mod, all posting will cease upon reaching the End Day time and date regardless of whether the mod has posted or not.
---Posting after the Day End date and time without mod instruction is grounds for punishment
----------Offense one: Public Warning
----------Offense two: Replacement
---------------If a replacement cannot be made, a modkill will be done instead. 
4b.) Unless specifically specified in your role, you MAY NOT speak or communicate with other players about the game (outside the game thread) through ANY MEANS
---First offense: Replacement/Modkill, ban from next game
4c.) Do NOT edit your posts. 
---First Offense: Public Warning
---Second Offense: Replacement/Modkill 
4d.) Do NOT double post (with or without the double-post eliminator).
---First Offense: Public Warning
---Second Offense: Replacement/Modkill
4e.) Do NOT verbatim quote anything in your role PM. You may paraphrase, summarize or re-word information you receive, but may not directly quote anything you receive via PM from the mod.
---First Offense: Replacement/Modkill
4f.) Do NOT "Thank" players for their posts. 
---First Offense: Public Warning
---Second Offense: Replacement/Modkill
4g.) As the mod I have the right to immediately punish the First Offense as a Second Offense if I deem the damage great enough.
4h.) If I deem you causing trouble with too many First Offenses, I have right to Replace or Modkill you
4i.) If the situation is deemed severe enough by at least three approved VGS mods, bans from future games, or blacklisting may be applied to a rule-breaker

5.) Modkills

5a.) Modkills during the day end the day early with no lynch
5b.) Modklls during the night will be included among those killed during the night
5c.) Anyone who purposely gets themselves modkilled in an attempt to affect the game will be punished
---First Offense: One game Ban

6.) Death
6a.) Death is permanent unless otherwise stated by the mod
6b.) You may NOT post in the thread AT ALL while dead unless approved by the mod
---This includes bumping, vote counts, "Game is Frozen" posts
----NO POSTS OF ANY KIND until the game ends
----------First Offense: One game Ban

7.) Inactivity
-If you have not posted at least TWICE between the start and end of the Game Day, you are considered Inactive
---Special Circumstances may be made for Games Days that are unusually short or pre-maturely ended 
----------First Offense: Friendly Private Reminder
----------Second Offense Replacement/Modkill 

8.) Common Roles

- These will be listed in their most basic type. Any Moderator may make modifications to said roles if they wish. This just gives the basis for what the roles do. Roles may have modifications such as Sanity (Insane Seer, who reads Town as Wolf and Vice Versa), X-Shot (3-Shot Vigilante, who may kill thrice), or Wolf (ability for the Wolf Faction, rather than town). 

-Townie (Vanilla Townie, Civilian). No Night Role, must use logic to find the wolves by what they say during the Day.
-Mason. No Night Role. May speak, at times defined by the Moderator, with another specified member of the town outside of the game thread. Usually defined as Town/Town aligned, but can sometimes not be so.
-Neighbor (Acquaintance). No Night Role. May speak, at times defined by the Moderator, with another specified member of the village outside the game thread. No defined Role Alignment pairing.
-Priest (Doctor, Angel). Night Role. May try to save one member of the village from Death during the Night. Whether this saves them from all attacks or just one is up to the moderator.
-Seer (Cop). Night Role. May investigate one member of the village to learn their alignment. 
-Detective (Role Cop). Night Role. May investigate one member of the village to learn their Role Card/Abilities.
-Tracker. Night Role. May follow one member of the village to see what they do.
-Watcher. Night Role. May follow one member of the village to see who they target.
-Vigilante. Night Role. May kill one member of the village.
-Role Blocker. Night Role. May stop member of the village from using their role. (Does work on the wolves’ night kill, if they chose the correct wolf).
-Alpha (Godfather). Passive. Investigations of their Alignment return as "Town."


1. doner24
2. RH
4. Gloves
5. ZeldaFan042
6. Hybrid
7. Splain
8. zi
9. ap123
10. behemos
11. Wasg13
12. ICrappedMyPants
13. Alakhira
14. Reed Rothchild
15. Bronty
16. Vectrex28
17. Ted Playa
18. MasterBigCat
19. Kguillemette
20. nesking80


1. Br81zad
2. fox

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