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  1. I've just completed my fourth 48-hour NES game, Antenna Antics! Can you fix all of the antennas in your neighbourhood? Anyway, sorry for the quick thread but I gotta get *some* sleep before work haha... I'll prolly update this later today - I just came out of an all-nighter https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/49/antenna-antics
  2. PCEWorks crap are bootlegs and are absolute cancer
  3. Some really cool HuCards in there! Soldier Blade is easily one of the best shooters ever made Also, Japanese PC Engine catalogue is where it's at. Much cheaper and a library that's ten times better!
  4. All this talk about the Carolina Collection, and yet... When will my collection back home be recognised as the "Swiss Stash"? Can't really go for the title of "Tokyo Tape Treasure Trove" yet, grumble grumble...
  5. New game: Organic Growth! Stage 1 - You're at your favourite con, and there's sealed games everywhere! Snap 'n Slab 'em all up before that killjoy Youtuber catches you in the act! Stage 2 - Congratulations! Your WATA-slabbed games caught the eye of Jimmy Halps and Jeffy! Get as much money from auctions and become a WATA director! Stage 3 - It's time for the big one: Super Mario 64, 9.8 A++! Corrupt as many newspapers for headlines and sell as many shares of the game as you can Stage 4 - Uh-oh! You have been exposed. Time to make a quick escape to the Bahamas with all your illegal WATA money!
  6. And yeah it's nice to still see you around. After all, you're the one person who made so many of us part of this community
  7. Hey I appreciate you taking criticism so well, which has become way too rare in this day and age. I'd love to read about your thoughts about all this, keep me posted
  8. I don't know about you guys but that copy of Magical Chase I saw in the shop the other day made a certain body part of mine have organic growth (Okay I'll stop shitposting now)
  9. Jeffy would prolly get lynched, haha **VOTE: Jeffy
  10. Organic growth? You mean like what happened to that lunchbox I once forgot in my school locker for three weeks?
  11. I remember the meme banners, hahaha. Pretty sure I had one myself
  12. Oh, nice seeing you here! I really enjoyed the video. Dain may have had good intentions but there were a few things that could've been handled better, such as giving the mod team a bit more insight when selling the site to a for-profit cuz I remember this announcement being a bit out of the blue, which angered a few of the mods and was one of the catalysts that led to VGS being made. But then my memory is a bit fuzzy because I left the NA Mod Squad a bit before things were starting to get sour. Pretty sure I remember the founding of WATA as a few of the mods/admins were involved. Pretty sure I even bought games off of them (Kenny Thrower I do remember getting stuff from him, haha). But from what I remember dealing with them they didn't seem like scumbags to me. The real culprits in this whole ordeal are the Heritage guy, Jeffy, and all those scumbags that willingly create a bubble trying to profit off this silly little hobby of ours. I really do wonder how much of the shady stuff WATA does is genuine ignorance and how much is scumbaggery
  13. #30 (with #29, too lazy to crop it out)
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