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  1. I still need some of these, mostly some of that Color Dreams stuff, and others that would be a terrible financial decision PM sent
  2. Wish I had the space and the willingness to blow a grand (because international shipping is gonna be a major oof) to blow on this. I'll prolly settle for just the cart one day
  3. Hahaha don't flatter me, I wish I was half as good as some of you are
  4. 1/10. Better off smashed - I heard there was a homebrew that lets you do that (Memes aside I'd give it a 6 prolly)
  5. I'd be down for either Jackbox or Cards
  6. I got mine for 5000 yen, though it was broken. If you don't mind fixing the CD unit it's absolutely worth it. You could also go for a Duo, those can be had for 7000-10000 if you're patient. Be aware that those need servicing as well (I saw a boxed one for 15000 yen, though that one might need a recap)
  7. That's a pretty nice list, there's some pretty cool songs in there, even though I wouldn't have scored Ducktales moon and Wily 1 so high because they're the definition of overrated (not saying they're bad, far from it. I tjust hink they get far too much exposure when there's far better NES songs) Needs more Codemasters music too, Follin is great and all but there's other great composers in a similar style. I'd recommend CJ's Elephant Antics or Super Robin Hood for some great tunes
  8. 9/10 If the PC Engine didn't win my heart I'd give it a 10. I mean Super Metroid is probably the closest gaming has ever been to perfection, and is my second favourite game of all time. And aside from that there are so many gems on this system such as Kirby Super Star, Mario World, Link to the Past, Metal Warriors, Chrono Trigger, FF6, etc. On the other hand, while it has some of the best games ever made, for each gem you get 5 pieces of rancid shovelware. It'd also have been a 10 if it didn't have such a high concentration of unplayable messes such as all those shitty football games or especially crappy licensed games
  9. Late, but wouldn't it be great to have someone with access to Japanese auctions and classified ads wink wink nudge nudge
  10. (Gotta keep them separate because the file sizes are too big haha)
  11. I tend to sort mine by publisher. I have way more cases back in my country so it's not as impressive here (I'll also include a pic of those hah)
  12. Also given the context of the rise in popularity of the Turbo I can definitely see why some of the people in the community might feel bitter about it. I really sucks for everyone to have so much speculation in the hobby, especially on such a niche console like the PC Engine (I know that all too well, I got into it very late and while it's now become my main system to collect for, the prices sure aren't the most welcoming for newcomers... Oh how I wish it was 2008 all over again)
  13. Oh NA getting sold came straight out of the blue, not even the **MODS** knew about it until the sale was finalised. Can't remember for sure if I still was on the mod squad when it happened but it came as a shock for sure (I stepped down around the time the GoCollect™ fiasco was about to happen)
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