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  1. Looks like a few women and a lil duder that appears to be hungry just waiting for the store to open. So confused by this entire thread lol.
  2. Good for you OP! In those ethical dilemmas with nothing to gain I like to ask myself, "what if I were in this situation?" and then react from there. If I had lost a phone I would be ecstatic a stranger helped me get it back.
  3. Yep this thread made me instantly think of Kids, what a f'd up movie.
  4. The mid-2000s Towncar is beautiful in my eyes, with a very reliable drivetrain. They've brought back the Continental now as their flagship and boy, it is gorgeous. They've got some limited # ones with suicide doors too, I believe. Don't trust their newer engines though, I believe they ecoboosted that one too.
  5. What do you know, my '11 Chevy Tahoe has that technology and it still sucks (c'mon GM). Mine hops from 8cyl to 4cyl and many enthusiasts disable that feature to increase the engine reliability (I still need to look into that...).
  6. One question to ask - do you want the vehicle to run good during the warranty period, or also after? Kia/Hyundai unfortunately do not have a good track record with high mileage vehicles. I play pokemon go with a local player who is a mechanic for them, he spends the majority of his days doing full engine swaps that are under warranty. I made a comment to him about how crazy this is, and he goes "well hey the customer doesn't have to pay for it". For Chrysler, I'd be hell bent on giving my money to a company that is being whored around and bought from company to company. The only t
  7. With respect to electricians (reference to sparky?), I quickly think of @MrWunderful. If that is the profession in question, I bet he would have some great feedback. Haven't seen him post in a long time, but I've been MIA for quite a while too.
  8. I've worked in IT all of my adult life and one thing that is constant in that environment is change. With all the companies (3 - 16 years) I've worked for, there are constant reorgs and layoffs. It's kind of exhausting having a family and mortgage working in this kind of environment. Outsourcing is heavy in this world and you can get shuffled all over the nation if you get into the contracting area of IT. It does in general provide an opportunity to work from home though, which is a massive plus. I only point these perspectives out because working in the trades, as an outsider, seems
  9. I'm 36 and did not watch the originals growing up, resulting in this opinion (and also why I'm sure so many are passionate about the originals). I watched SW off and on growing up but never got into it until I, II, and III were already on DVD. After reading several debates online on which order to watch 1-6, I did give IV-VI a fair chance and watched them first before I-III. They were soooooooo much more engaging.
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