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  1. As a newfound P&R fan, I'll just note that clip wasn't that funny to me either lol. However, the show does grow on you pretty strong if not compared to the office (even S1 wasn't that bad imo). There are some really great moments on P&R (and some that are a bit forced). I think the little things with P&R are done brilliantly, similar to another show I really enjoyed - Superstore. Comparing Office to P&R, I'm finding so far they are pretty head to head and stupidly similar in layout/execution.
  2. Oh gosh how did I forget about that guy! He was a fairly involved character in season 1 now that I recall, that flew right over my head when S2 rolled around
  3. So I feel the need to bring this back up. I reported previously how I could not watch P&R directly after finishing the Office series. With a year or two in between now, I'm finally giving P&R a fair go and have to say I am loving it. On season 4 now. At first it threw me off with Rashida Jones being in both shows, but her character is much more in depth/involved on P&R - she comes off similar to Jim from the office, for some reason to me I cannot explain. Nick Offerman is the f***ing man, well at least Ron Swanson is lol. It's genius how uninvolved he is in the main story of each episode, yet he kills it every time he appears. Leslie is 1000x more relatable, yet close to as funny, as Michael Scott. I still loved him in the office tho. Tom is quite the enjoyable character as well, but for some reason I cannot get enough of April's f***-it attitude. Mid-S4 it's still weird seeing Chris Pratt as...well Andy. In re-reading the comments here, now I'm left wondering who the "boring Jim clone playing the straight man" is from season 1 @Reed Rothchild Very solid show.
  4. Last day for sales for a good while!
  5. bump - sales closing end of day Friday for forseeable future
  6. @captmorgandrinker@Tanooki just seeing this...i have no idea the background/drama/different versions for the Fix-it-Felix. This one was definitely bought on NA many many years ago, I'm thinking user dragoon perhaps? Trying to recall, it was almost certainly one of those groupish buys with lists of buyers back on NA. Not official, nor am i aware of an official version... Any helpful info on my copy versus others would be great so I can speak on it for a potential future sale.
  7. Congrats to the winners!!! @MiamiSlice@captmorgandrinker@spacepup@Jeevan@TDIRunner Winning Bids: 1 - $10 MiamiSlice 2 - $41 captmorgandrinker 3 - $18 spacepup 4 - $10 MiamiSlice 5 - $1 Jeevan 6 - $10 MiamiSlice 7 - $5 TDIRunner 8 - $30 MiamiSlice 9 - $8 spacepup 10 - $10 Jeevan
  8. Thank you all for the bids so far, these auctions end tonight at 8pm CST / 9pm EST!!!
  9. Hey guys - years ago I sold and bought on eBay like no one's business, have 1000+ feedback score I believe, but haven't touched ebay in years. I'd like to sell some NIB Amiibos and maybe some other things and just wondering if you guys could toss me some quick 2021 tips, if that makes sense. Any new scammer tricks to worry about when listing? For my Amiibos, they do have a tiny bit of shelf wear so will be sure to disclose that. Not shipping overseas either, or partaking in their global program if that's still a thing. Are ebay collections still high, like 12% of each sale? Is it correct they no longer work thru Paypal? Lol, I'm guessing I haven't sold on there since ~2015ish so any thoughts would be awesome. Thanks!
  10. Except that in your linked example, they changed their stance and allowed WHO approved vaccinations. Think positive on this front. This whole process has evolved rapidly since day 1. I imagine future events/protocols will also follow similarly as this continues to evolve. And yes, of course, when you're dealing with ANYTHING international it will be deeply strung with politics - no avoiding that. Even the act of creating the various vaccines has been a political nightmare. I don't think there will be an international solution in that respect with what you're encountering.
  11. I think that handling of the event seems mostly reasonable - they are only accepting adults vaccinated with an "FDA or WHO authorized vaccine". My concern would be this, however: "The only exception, the policy states, will be for children under the age of 16, or those who need reasonable accommodations due to a disability or sincerely held religious beliefs." I do think the branding is more of a concern in your location versus the states, at least from what I see day to day it's basically vaccinated or unvaccinated (with the 3 FDA approved ones). As appropriate tho, they opened up the inclusion of AZ so that will likely be followed for future events modeled similarly. There will ALWAYS be the people who fight all this though, so not sure anyone knows how to combat. People will figure out a way to fake their vaccination cards (some already have), and unvaccinated people will still go into public places unmasked even when the establishment or their goverment requires it - because no one enforces anything. Some act like their "freedom" = entitlement to put innocent bystanders in an uncomfortable state by not following requested guidelines. Not much beats wearing a mask with an unmasked person coughing right behind you, when they're supposed to be 6 feet away and wearing a mask.
  12. The idea in concept is not far removed from the concept of locking up your guns. Risk Management is a great way to look at it versus the psychological aspect presented. I'd take it a step further and associate it to societal restrictions, such as requiring a seat belt, or being 16 to get a drivers license, 21 to drink, 18 to gamble etc. I really don't think there is loss of trust with any of the above, including locking up pricey or unsafe possessions like jewelry, guns, money, and so forth.
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