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  1. I was tagged on Facebook about this very cart it was taken down before I had a chance to look at it
  2. As much as I respect you gloves I don't think you could valuate what I would like to bring on the show.... In fact there's probably no one who could
  3. You missed with the masterpiece misprint
  4. Nope it's a shading layer that got rotated there's one other game with a similar error
  5. Yes I have to explain it to a lot of people it's such a great misprint
  6. Recently got this guy in for my misprint collection cost $7
  7. Bought it drank it don't plan on keeping it
  8. Misprints seem to follow me to work
  9. To quote an old beer commercial "why ask why?" I am only saying what I see as a seasoned error hunter
  10. A wet label could get in easier which this label shows plenty of evidence of being at one time
  11. I'm going with this not being an error and here's why the label shows plenty of damage, including in a circle where it would be if it were on the front, now on to the front the flat label area shows scratches around the center circle
  12. Yes it was real, but it wasn't the cart but the system.
  13. With each sandwich being 11 inches you would be short a total of 5,280 inches (440 feet). It would take a total of 5,760 subway sandwiches to reach a mile so it's not a good rough estimation
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