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  1. I'm looking for Strider Returns for Sega genesis cart only if possible, but the one I want has to be a double label version. While it's relatively common finding one with a good labels isn't. Picture for example
  2. 110% counterfeit The over use of the aerosol adhesive the label lift on the edges the picking and scraping at the corners
  3. Considering that there's no week 67 of any year you are looking at the wrong place for the date code. 5th week in August of 88 1st week in September of 88
  4. Here's an Error spotlight I've wanted to do for a long time in this entry we will go over what the "error" is and how to find it as well as a theory as to what happened with this particular game. This one was brought to my attention years ago from a post on digitpress. what exactly is the misprint? The back of the box appears to have the back of F-22 Interceptor instead of the normal back cover. I couldn't believe it when I eventually came across one which i had to import myself to get. I then began to scrutinize the covers after receiving both copies. I will show you what the difference
  5. I have a theory of what the power monger artwork is which is may not be what most people think it is
  6. The pic is from an old auction but I do own one myself
  7. I've seen similar on one other game any chance we can get a pic of the full case?
  8. My guess it was a licensing issue with Fifa not bearing the name for the US version
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