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  1. Nice is there a factory stamp on the Trojan? I've known about that one sense it's was on eBay
  2. JM: So why’s “Shodown” spelled funny? YA: This was suggested to us by SNK’s U.S. distributor. They said that “Spirits” [from the Japanese title Samurai Spirits] doesn’t really tell the consumer what the game is about, so they suggested replacing it with the word “Showdown.” And the movie Shogun was popular at the time so they suggested the spelling of “Shodown” as a reference to Shogun. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2017/4/10/15223966/the-making-of-samurai-shodown
  3. the damage to the letters can be barely seen in the ebay photos the problem is the lighting and resolution of the photos which i think was done intentionally
  4. Nice PII can I see back pics of the Bill Elliott's and the base wars?
  5. I'm probably as niche as they come misprints and errors
  6. Not really a GI Joe fan but I'm in
  7. That looks familiar Ironically enough the levels can be accessed on the vanilla ROM with the password hard
  8. Marvel vs Capcom 2 my first misprint And My sealed copy of GT 3 a spec
  9. These were in house carts used for testing and other various things such as reviews and what not sometimes Others are prototype
  10. See if you can get a pic so it can join the others here https://iamerror.gamehacking.org/?page=database&catID=4&sysID=14
  11. Hybrid

    Free ROMs

    The incident hmmm.... remember the ; I still have my glitched copy
  12. Infinite Continues C262-DF04 Start with 9 Continues D666-D4DD Start with 8 continues D566-D4DD Start with 7 continues D166-D4DD Start with 6 continues D966-D4DD
  13. Got dark cloud 2 and final fantasy 8
  14. From what I read in the old digitpress thread these were sold in Mexico with the Japanese version of the game on the cart. Which I recently heard were kiosk demos previewing the game before it came out in there
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