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The first annual VGS Secret Santa is HERE!!!

Secret Santa

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Ho Ho Ho!   I have made my way to bring some Sages of Video Games some holiday cheer.

Welcome to the first annual VGS Secret Santa!   If you would like to participate, please read through the following directions: 

1- Send Secret Santa a PM with your real name, your address, and a LIST of items that are $20 or less.   The more specific the better.   If I get any of these lists with all $50+ items on them- I won't even ask you for a revised list, you'll just be out of this year's Secret Santa.   

1a- Also please indicate if you can ship internationally.

2- Once I receive your list, I will invite you to the SS 2019 club.

3- Signups will end at 10:00 pm Eastern on Tuesday November 19th.   There are ten full calendar days between this posting and that deadline, if you can't figure it out then I don't know what to tell you.

4- Santa hopes to have recipients matched up and your lists sent out by November 21st.

5- Once your gifts are shipped, please PM Santa with the tracking number!   This is very important, so don't lose it.

6- Deadline to ship in your own country is Dec 17th.    International is Dec 10th.   (That int'l window isn't ideal so I will try to keep everybody within their own country if possible)

7- Have fun!   I'll post a reveal thread Christmas morning for you to show off your goodies, but no revealing before!


Also, Santa has some basic rules to follow:

1.  PLAN ON BUYING SOMETHING.   Don't assume you can just pull some stuff off your shelf.

2.  Plan on spending a minimum of $20 before shipping.   Take that into consideration before buying your recipient those Rock Band drums.

3.  DO NOT MESSAGE YOUR RECIPIENT.   If you need clarification, please reach out to Secret Santa.

4.  No public complaining about your gift/your list/etc.   If something is that bad PM either Santa or VGS site staff.

5.  We reserve the right to refuse Secret Santa entry to anyone.   This will especially apply if you've been on Santa's naughty list before.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or send me a message.

Merry Christmas!



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