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  1. I'm with you, not a fan. Feel the same way about purposeful aerobic work as well. I love playing sports and doing outdoor whatever. But just working on a treadmill or whatever is the worst.
  2. My personal favorite console as well, I was that one kid in the neighborhood you knew that had it in 1989. This is actually an older pic, if you're collecting for the platform please arrange your cib's by color.
  3. Vidales? He's on facebook groups and IG and things
  4. Sorry to bump this, just going back through the old debates. I voted for 64 but what I'm really here to find out is why people love 8 so much. It's honestly my least favorite of the console releases (never played the handheld stuff). I find the tracks boring (they do look great) and the item box distribution is the absolute worst. They just don't help/hurt enough to make a difference. Passing people and getting passed rarely happens short of someone making a colossal mistake. And hell, even falling off the track is barely penal anymore. I'm sure some would consider these plusses but it just doesn't have that 'first to worst' chaos potential of the previous games.
  5. I gave it a 3. I'd never deny it it's place in history but I was an intellivision kid and even then I thought Atari sucked.
  6. Turbografx is the best, welcome sir.
  7. Got a few extras to move along if anyone is interested. Down to sell or trade, I'm into all sorts of stuff but minty NES/N64/Turbografx cib's are always interesting. A few specific things I'm looking for are.... a cib of Bomberman Second Attack, cib of Giga Wing 2, as well as a sealed copy of Dungeon Explorer for the turbografx and Rondo of Blood for the pce but don't be afraid to send me your lists. I'd also be willing to buy those if you have no interest in trading. These are the rough values I have for these. Have no clue about Gotcha Force as the only comp I'm aware of is a 9.6 A+ that sold for $4000 a month ago on facebook. But one sale does not a market make. Feel pretty good about the other ones but I'm open to discuss it. Gotcha Force 9.8 A+ SOLD Mega Man 64 9.0 A+ SOLD Lone Ranger 9.2 B+ SOLD Blast Corps 7.5 A $500
  8. I'm sure @Gloves would never use such an obvious alt name as one that clearly pays homage to his home country. If you need someone I'll see if I can get my boy @Mittens to create an account and play.
  9. Nice but the copy of super mario 3 sealed if in great shape is what brings the money. If you can get people on board to consider it 'new' then you could get more but you're probably looking at $400 ish.
  10. Appreciate you checking in but sounds like it will be too much of a time commitment for me to participate. Good luck to all, and may the odds be ever in your favor.
  11. Sounds interesting. How much time do you generally need to be able to devote to this each week?
  12. Sorry for being unclear. Yes, this is exactly what I was saying. Many people (myself included) have graded sealed games because well...to be honest I wasn't going to open them anyways with the money they command. So since they were never going to be opened there's a 'might as well grade them' or at least a 'no harm in grading them' type of attitude. CIB feels very different to me though, it just doesn't feel right for whatever that's worth. But the larger point is that I know plenty of people that feel this way, people that have sent hundreds of games to wata/vga but have never done so with a cib. I'm sure the dollars they sell for is a big part of that. Sealed nes games will eventually dry up and If cib versions of the sealed counterparts start bringing crazy money then I'm sure cib will follow suit. But how long can a new business wait for that to happen (if it ever does)? That's the most interesting difference/thing about this market to me compared to other collectibles. There is no cheap version of Action 1 or Honus Wagner. If you want it you need to pay big money for it. But with games a sealed Super Mario 3 can sell for 150k while the same object sans shrinkwrap sells for $150? That ratio seems severely skewed to me. Also, you're correct I thought you were only grading the 30 black boxes and Zelda for whatever reason. My apologies.
  13. I don't know if we 'need' another grading company but depending on price I think there could be room for one. For example I think Wata's lowest tier was $25 (for sealed) when they first started, and a plain old nes sized acrylic case costs $20 from CGA. So I think there's a value proposition for people who buy cases like that merely to protect their games if you can be solvent in that neighborhood. I get you'd want to start small, get the process down, make sure you can meet deadlines, etc.. but just grading black box and Zelda nes cib's seems too limiting to me. Grading is already a pretty small part of the hobby and to keep it to just a handful of cib's (even to start) feels especially narrow. Specifically because we're talking about cib, which isn't as prevalent as sealed.
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