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  1. 4/10, He's always been hugely overrated to me.
  2. Here's the list of Dreamcast games I need to finish off the set. Looking for cib of course and in solid shape, not interested in the Sega All Stars variants. Willing to pay market for the more expensive stuff left but looking for deals/bulk pricing on the QB Club's and alike of the list. If that sounds doable to you give me a shout. 18 Wheeler4 Wheel ThunderAero WingsAero Wings 2Bomberman OnlineBuzz LightyearCaesars Palace (pending)Capcom vs SNKCharge N BlastChicken Run (pending)Chu Chu Rocket (pending)Conflict ZoneDeath Crimson OXDinosaur (pending)Donald Duck Goin QuakersDraconus (pending)ECW Anarchy RulesESPN Track and FieldESPN NBA 2 NightExpendableF1 World Grand PrixF355 ChallengeFatal Fury Mark of the WolvesFrogger 2 (pending)Gauntlet LegendsGrand Theft Auto 2The GrinchGundam Side Story 0079Hidden and DangerousIllbleedJoJo's Bizarre AdventureKao the KangarooLoony Toons Space RaceMagForce RacingMat Hoffman's BMXMaximum PoolMidway's Greatest Hits Vol 1Midway's Greatest Hits Vol 2Monaco Grand PrixMr. DrillerMTV Sports SkateboardingNBA 2k2NBA HoopzNCAA College Football 2kNFL QB Club 2000NFL QB Club 2001Omikron The nomad soulOoga BoogaOuttriggerPlasma SwordPOD SpeedzoneProject Justict (or case/manual)Re-VoltRoadstersSeventh Cross Evolution Shenmue (regular edition)Sno-CrossSoldier of Fortune (pending)Speed Devils online racingSpider-manSpirit of SpeedSports JamStar Wars episode 1 racerStar LancerStreet Fighter III Third StrikeStupid InvadersTest Drive V-rallyToy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear to the rescueUnreal TournamentVirtua AthleteVirtua Striker 2Virtua TennisWacky RacesWetrixWho wants to beat up a millionaireWorms Armageddon (pending)Worm World Party
  3. It's this one https://cgagrading.com/videogamegrader/ You were in the right place, it really looks that old
  4. You should keep in mind that ebay auto enables best offer on any BIN listing. So if they forgot to uncheck the box or though they already did then a lot of times your offer is the first time they realize it was even on there. So if they didn't mean it to even be there then they were likely firm on their price, hence the counter. Happens to me all the time, but I always send a message back like "hey sorry, wasn't meaning to accept offers on this" or whatever.
  5. *WE. GRADE. EVERYTHING. *assuming it fits into one of our 5 case sizes
  6. I could be wrong but I don't think Wata grades PS3 yet anyways. So easy choice for those if you decide to do it.
  7. Interesting, at least he's consistent that way (I'd check his sold listings too). A 90 ish would be a good example too. Most sellers would want to show just how nice that item was, maybe it wasn't on purpose. Still, I wouldn't feel bad about filing a claim if you don't want to keep it. There's no reason for him to not show all sides or disclose flaws.
  8. Just another example of buy the game, not the grade. As previously mentioned eBay will basically force the seller to take the return 99% of the time, but I applaud you for trying tot do the right thing. In my opinion I'd say you have a case if there weren't pictures of each side. The only real reason not to include them is to hide flaws. Check his other listings.....see if he takes a picture of each side in those.
  9. Here's my dog Link, and I used to have a cat named Hudson.
  10. tempting, I have all 3 and will keep you in mind. good luck with your search
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