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  1. I buy what I like to play. Wii and N64 are two of my smallest librarys and my Gamecube library is roughly half the size of either one. And when I compare it to other consoles I would rather play NES, SNES, N64, Wii, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, PC Engine than play the Gamecube. If you lined up the Gamecube next to each console and said you can only keep one and the other would dissapear, what would you pick the Gamecube over? The Wii U, Master System, maybe Xbox/360, or PS3?
  2. They have Oddworld Strangers Wrath, Munch's Oddyssey, and New and Tasty on thr Switch for $20 each at Gamestop.
  3. Right, but there are other variables. Exm. People from China, Vietnam, Germany, etc. where they have a better handle on the virus are less likely to come into contact with the virus a second time. And the range of when people caught it is all over the place. Most of these didn't begin in March.
  4. Ya, they might definetly be outliers. I think it's still too early to tell.
  5. Ya, Idk, there are cases where people have already caught it twice.
  6. I am pretty easy when it comes to cod games. I had fun with Ghosts and even Advanced Warfare even though they weren't ranked as the best; easily put hundreds of hours in on those two. Black Ops lll was so bad. It would freeze my console and the lobbys would break in the middle of sessions. And it was a multiplayer only game, lol. And they refused to refund my money, Gamestop said it was the manufactures problem and the manufacturer said Gamestop sold the game so it was their issue. And this was while I was in college so I was broke. If I play MW I know I will have fun. But then I jus
  7. I'm thinking about getting that Cyperpunk on opening day. The last game I bought on opening day was Black Ops lll for the PS3. I was so angry about that broken pos, I haven't played any new cod game or bought a new game at launch again.
  8. ***SPOILERS*** (Not sure if you have to do that for a console, but just in case) I just opened mine up. My god is it sexy. Its heavy as f*#&. It has beautiful brass connectors and a light clear plastic around the controller ports that contrast the solid metal body. I honestly had no idea it was going to look this good. Yes, the games are not snug. Also, you have to carefully pull the game out because the dust flaps are solid metal and kind of loud if you pull out the cart too fast. The opening screen is bad ass. Most importantly, the games look beautiful. I put in
  9. Is anyone waiting anxiously for the LRG release of Shadow of the Ninja?
  10. I don't own a Switch yet, but my plan is to only buy the exclusives when I do. I don't use hand held. The PS4 is generally the superior version of games. Many of the Indie games have lower print runs on the PS4. And someone can correct me, but the controller options seem superior on the PS4. I don't think the base controller is super comfortable, but I have a feeling when I drop $100 - $150 on a controller I will enjoy it. (Someone can correct me if I am wrong, because the last point is conjecture.)
  11. @Dr.Morbis, if you are just looking at 3d games than yes, gaming has come a long way. But the PS1 has more quality 2d games than the PS2-PS5 combined. And the three platformers I named earlier are three of the best platformers ever made. The PS4 has some platformers but most of the developers moved into rogue lite games or metroidvanias rather than pure level based games. PS2-PS5 don't have the same quality or diversity of shmups as the PS1. PS2 has some goods ones and the PS4's library is growing, but neither is up to the "Phenomenal Shmups PS1 Library," just yet. We had this discussion
  12. 9 or 10? 9 or 10 ...? Funny thing is this is one of the few consoles I have almost no nostalgia for and it is right there knocking on the door for goat imo. Shout outs to people who went 10 I can't commit to that yet. -Klonoa, Rayman, Adventures of Lomax, Skull Monkeys - R-Type Delta, Einhander, Sexy Parodius -Final Doom, Dark Forces, It really has some of the funkiest, weirdest, coolest titles.
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