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  1. Income is taxed. Super rich people have many assets that appreciate in value like stocks that do not get taxed because they never become realized. When you inherit something your basis is fair market value. All of that unrealized gain will never be taxed. And they were throwing out numbers like after your first $10 M so you are defemding the top percentage of one percent which is irrelevant to you.
  2. Fuk that guy. One of the biggest contributors to selling the Iraq war to Americans with fake news. He can eat a bag of dicks.
  3. An update on Twin Dragons. The game is really good. I'm on the fourth area and it has a nice difficulty that ramps. This is the first game I've played that I think is better to start off with a turbo controller. When I play games I like to kill everything, but that play style would suck without turbo. And the game still isn't easy using turbo. I could see coming back and using more dodging/speed running style, but it's not fun imo on the first run of this game specifically. There is a glitch on lvl 2 I hit multiple times where a required platform is not there, but it has otherwise ran really well. I've played so many retro inspired games I actually had to remind myself this is running on original hardware.
  4. This is a little expensive, but I think I am going to buy it. Anyone else?
  5. You know, I saw the GTA stuff in passing, but haven't thought about it. Are people excited?
  6. What is up with this week? Analogue announcement, new season of Succession, AMC is running, Pixel Heart is supposed to release a couple DC shooters, and Pink Floyd is getting back together.
  7. Tried out Kaze and Twin Dragons. Kaze has a better difficulty than I expected and is precise, but the jump is different. Something seems missing, might just be the graphical style. Twin Dragons is going to be better than I expected. The jump is a little low and stiff and the enemies take mulitple hits which is different, but I can tell this one is going to be solid.
  8. My bad, I thought it was a Compile game. Zanac X Zanac is kind of fast, but power ups give you different levels of invinvibility. So you can have fun switching between weapons, and by rolling the invincibility you get time to take a breather when you get tired. It's a little easy when you get used to it.
  9. The Compile games were mostly an acquired taste for me. As far as straight up fun out-the-box I would say Zanac X Zanac is the best game, then maybe Soldier Blade.
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