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  1. Agreed. Would be really surprised if this doesn't become a classic.
  2. I believe this Guns, Gore, and Cannoli was a 500 unit print run. This is the first time I am considering not opening a game. Also, the more I watch the video's the more unsure I am of how fun the game is. Freedom Finger - is solid.
  3. I'm running out of games to buy. I would be very surprised if my purchase and sales don't slow to a crawl by next year.
  4. The last couple times it had big declines there was a quick push back up. This time the drop was large, but the volume relatively low and the IV more stable. I'm hoping there is a nice bounce, but I'm a little nervous.
  5. Me too. Bought the dip on RIOT friday. Really wishing I would have picked up more instead of GME.
  6. Wow. I got in queue pretty fast. I set everything up early by going through the sale process with a dif. Item. Lost maybe 3 or 4 seconds because one of the buttons wouldn't work, still got in queue maybe one of my fastest times. Sat in line for 30 min and they are sold out.
  7. I'll give you $20 for that red key card from the Switch version if that helps. Edit: oh wait, you got the middle one. I read that as just the game for some reason.
  8. Quantity is especially annoying complaint when a game like "Blaspemous" came from an open pre-order.
  9. Star Wars Dark Forces had look up and down on the PS1, don't think that was true in the PC version.
  10. The extra fee's you all are talking about sounds like a scam.
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