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  1. I got 69K (nice) but I miiiiiiiight try to improve before posting.
  2. What even are those Battletoads rules? Lol. Should be a fun week that's for sure.
  3. 30,520 Pretty tough game! Need some more work on this one someday.
  4. 157,410 Not sure how you are supposed to get through this part without dying but whatever. I also figured out along the way how to max out the score, seems like everyone is doing that. Not me! One and done.
  5. Haven't actually played this one but I do have the cart for it! Maybe I'll get familiar with this a little before attempting a score on Saturday.
  6. Nice job fellas! 4th place in Marble Madness in this forum sure seems like a win to me!
  7. I wanna do a deathless run someday. That will probably coincide with a 170K score.
  8. 168,260 I'm super happy with this run, don't think I've even gotten 160K before, let alone this close to 170K. Got a Beginner wand and died once in Practice (lol), Beginner, and Silly. This was on my 4th or 5th attempt.
  9. 116,450 Participation score I guess. I'm kind of digging the "let's pop this in Saturday night and see what I can do" thing I've got working.
  10. 11,549,260 I got pretty worried when I was down to one life on the final boss, but I got the job done!
  11. 627,800 I’d do better if I actually knew the strats and could do 1-1 halfway decently. Thanks for at-ing me @docile tapeworm!
  12. This is a really great list! It's fun to check back in with you all ... I know I have been, uh, less than present for a while now. I don't think I'll be competing but may throw in some scores for funsies, especially the Famicom entries. I might have to buy the basketball game if shipping isn't stupid expensive.
  13. Finally following the thread so I can see everyone's accomplishments!
  14. This is way, way, way (way) late, but my SS was @Deadeyeand he did awesome! I’m really happy with my gift. First pic is what I opened on Christmas morning. I was real pleased with everything, and then last week another package shows up! I am very happy with everything. Thanks so much! EDIT: Shout out to my iPhone for flipping the picture
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