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  1. Damn I totally missed this year Just been too busy to lurk around hehe hope y’all have a good Christmas
  2. Yeah that looks like a later one compared to my buddies
  3. Wonder what date does the rom that was dumped have compared to this one
  4. Anyone here that collects NES prototypes? i have a friend looking for some info on a cart he has basically wanting to know if anyone else has one or has seen one before and if ya put a price on it , how much would you think it is From what I got it’s a JP game that didn’t make it to the states crazy thing is that it’s in a ntsc shell and the board is big too ( not like the small famicom boards ) well any info would be cool
  5. Yeah that’s a me! Mario haha I always forget to put a note but make some art on the packaging. glad ya liked it and the games ( was trying to fill in those megaman titles ) And I guess the character is megamandolarian -or- megadolarian hahah well merry Christmas to everyone too - My SS hooked it up and helped my n64 collection run. Got two titles from my list ( so close to finishing it up now ) and a cool Batman wallet very happy with the stuff and thank you
  6. I’m old school and what this kid probably needed some ass whomping at home ( or kids in the class ) Kids these days don’t know respect comes two ways and if ya can’t handle yourself someone will do it
  7. I ate 3 of these yesterday and got one in the fridge hehe last time they came out I lucked out on getting one Its def crazy to see how much business they are getting
  8. Damn I’d like to get nes/Snes games vga’d but haven’t legends will be hard to get , I like never see that around at all. and don’t even mention kid Dracula >.< good luck on the hunt just recently got these back ( had them sent during sdcc )
  9. Man I have a ton of collectible stuff ( part of my business to have stuff like it ) sweet to have a dedicated part of the site for it now
  10. I changed it up when joining the board but I should change it back again hehe my old one was Lego Simon Belmont and now I currently have a homage to a comic story with joker/batgirl. it was a cover that was going to make it to the shelves but ppl protested it and it got banned from making print. personally it’s cool because it’s a terrifying image ( if you have read the killing joke ). With the expressions you can just see how strong the Imagery is
  11. Thank you Baltimore haha but as a SF fan id study the tape to see what can be done cause we okay them soon.
  12. I enjoyed the flick was neat seeing that scene of John/Sarah basically creating another reality after it what would’ve been interesting is having all the terminators that were sent to the past have no real mission to do. So Sarah could’ve used them as a army instead of just destroying them. the action was sweet in this film and it was neat to see how each character from the future had their own eye sight tech ( Arnold’s looked all dated haha) throughout the last part of the movie I was expecting Arnold to do the thumbs up but I guess that was the other T2 terminator t
  13. Couldn’t watch the game today ( had to go to a bday party ) but was Keeping up on the updates. Hopefully I can find a replay of it these coming weeks the 9ers are gonna be tested with division games & other good teams
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