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  1. Merry Christmas everyone. The time has come so I'm just gonna get to the point! You've waited long enough for your gifts, open em up! As per the guess that santa thread, I am revealing myself to be everyone's favorite overweight yoshi, @SNESNESCUBE64. Thanks for everyone who participated, but unfortunately (or fortunately), nobody guessed it. As promised however, the money is going to be donated to Extra Lives! For those who have not received their gifts yet, just please be patient. USPS has been struggling all year and from what I understand some gifts are still in transit. HOWEVER,
  2. Christmas is approaching everyone! So with that said, I have something to reveal, I am not really Santa Toki! I'm sorry to have lied to you all in such a way. However, I want to take this opportunity to have a little game, Guess that Santa! The idea is to guess who I really am! I can be anyone on the site, we have 2000 members, so which one am I? To make this interesting, I am attaching a prize to it! The first person to guess who I am gets a cool $25 gift card to either Gamestop, the Nintendo eShop, Playstation Store, or Microsoft Store! Or if none of those things are your cup of tea, Do
  3. Sorry for the late response, I seemed to have missed this one but I haven't made a club this year, I didn't think it was necessary this year but I think I might put one together today. Edit: Oops, I see the confusion I created, it doesn't help that I put it in the initial thread
  4. I did send you a message a couple hours ago, sorry for the delay. ANYWAY, I just finished sending out the pairing messages. If you signed up and did NOT get a message, send me a message so the issue can be resolved.
  5. Hi everyone! I've just finished updating my list and replying back to emails. Consider this the last call! The deadline is in about two and a half hours. So be sure to get your list in. There are lots of friendly folk participating, join in on the fun!
  6. If you haven't gotten any emails back, you should be good to go and have been added to the list. Although, I really should send out some confirmation emails now that I think about it. Re Links: If you send a link to your GVN or Google spreadsheets, I do check to make sure its valid. If it isn't valid, you would get a reply back about it. Update - Santa just updated his list and sent out confirmation messages a little bit ago. Sorry for dropping the ball on that one
  7. I don't foresee a problem with this. HOWEVER, the problem with this is that if I am not mistaken, you are able to see whoever viewed the document. That said, it could compromise the fun of it being a mystery. With that said, consider this a reminder for everyone considering participating that the deadline is approaching fast. I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING LATE ENTRIES. Santa is a very busy person this year, and I intend on beginning the pairings right after the time to sign up ends. With that in mind, just saying "I'm in" is not good enough, you MUST message me your list and ship
  8. Absolutely. It's always good to have some Elves ready. I'm hoping it isn't necessary, but it is definitely welcomed. If you would like to do such, just message me about it.
  9. Ho Ho Ho! It's that time of the year once again! Sorry I'm a bit late, these flight cancellations to the North Pole have been ridiculous! Welcome to the second annual VGS Secret Santa! If you would like to participate, please read through the following directions: 1- Send Secret Santa a PM with your real name, your address, and a LIST of items that are $25 or less. The more specific the better. If I get any of these lists with all $50+ items on them, I won't even ask you for a revised list; you'll just be out of this year's Secret Santa. 1a- Also please indicate if you c
  10. Santa is planning to be several Red Velvet Cupcake Baileys in, so I may pass out before midnight. Unfortunately, the USPS decided to drag their feet this year, so despite our best collective effort (and their Santas mailing before the deadline even) @Prime2099 and @SardoNumspar don't have their super awesome gifts under the tree. Neither does @Vectrex28, but you weren't home when the pikemen or whomever attempted to bring you your holiday cheer today. Reveal your goodies, @ your giver if you would like, post a pic if you can, and enjoy your day! Thank you to all the part
  11. July is about the last opportunity I have to game before I kick the elves into high gear!
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