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  1. You're right. I was being intentionally reductive/simplistic. Regarding abortion... for me, it's simple. Let the person decide. it doesn't make any logical sense to make any argument for what SOMEONE ELSE should do being a human being into the world. Especially when there are so many children in Foster care/given up for adoption as it is. If there were 0 children in foster care then that argument would make much more sense. But the simple fact is there are more children than people/families are willing/able to take care of right now. LITERALLY RIGHT THIS SECOND THERE ARE KIDS WAITING TO BE ADOPTED. (>391k at the end of 2023 - https://usafacts.org/articles/how-many-kids-are-in-foster-care/ ) Again.... when that number is 0, there becomes a stronger case for the "in between" argument. Yes I was intentionally using the "extremes". But I'll say this: You can vet every single gun owner in 'Murrica, and the fact that you can still purchase an AR15/other automatic weapons will be the reason why mass shootings will continue. So yeah, let people have their guns, but allowing automatic weapons to civilians is a way over reach of that.... and a cause of much violence that I'm not sure I understand why the "right" supports. No abortions is covered above. Like others have said.... the "no trans/gay ideologies/material in school is incredibly asinine. What sort of indoctrination to heterosexuality is the church?? That is indoctrination in itself..... so..... take EVERYTHING out of schools then Straight, gay, EVERYTHING...... Stories about trans/gay people are literally the same as any other stories. They about HUMAN BEINGS. They don't change children. If you allow children to grow up without indoctrinating them into ANY sexual preference, they will grow up as is. It's demonstrated all around the world, and all throughout history, and throughout many animal species... gay/trans people exist. HOW IN THE FUCK DOES IT MAKE SENSE FOR THESE HUMAN BEINGS TO NOT BE REPRESENTED IN SCHOOLS OR LIBRARIES....? Please see above. Also.... No books/literature make kids gay. A book with the word cock, or balls, isn't really anything to worry about. Kids aren't just going to "turn gay" from reading a book with some gay sex in it. Especially in high school like I figure that massive book is from. We know this because heterosexuality has been pushed upon people through the church for centuries and it's just not the case for all people. And what about what the church presents? The church has been trying to keep people straight, and it has been doing a TERRIBLE job. So.... You can't force people to be straight or gay..... Reading a book about being gay doesn't make you gay, being told by the church to be straight doesn't make you straight.... And even it's highest priests molest little boys.... which is a totally gay thing to do. Not only is it homosexual, but they should all rot in hell for it, if there was one..... as you can guess, I don't think Jesus would have thought it was a good thing to harm children. Very well said. Who is that protecting? Trans people literally just want to exist without persecution. Why the fuck is it up to you you or anyone else what bathroom they use, when they just want to take a piss??? You want to out kids (which gets them beat up/killed in some places) and look in their pants to try to tell them what bathrooms to use when if you just left everyone alone there wouldn't be all this hate. You understand that right???? If the "right" was not pushing all this hateful rhetoric onto trans people it wouldn't exist....???? There would be literally NO PROBLEM for people on the "right" if they simply let trans people exist. There's no data to support their whacky claims. Trans people simply want to live their lives and get access to proper healthcare, that's it.
  2. There is no "disinformation" here. We are just talking about how we each "feel" about SMB2 USA. It's okay for you to "feel" differently. Skinny and I just "feel" that our "feelings" are backed with historical facts and public knowledge. Doki Doki Panic was not created as the sequel to Super Mario Bros. It's really that simple.... and @Astro Bot seems to agree with their new comment.... They (Shigeru/Nintendo awesome team) created a sequel for SMB and RELEASED IT in Japan. It was (is) hard as fuck and got turned down for a North American release. Tanooki.... you know this. After that it (SMB2 being a "real" SMB game) becomes an argument of semantics.... so to say that we are spreading "disinformation" is definitely FALSE.
  3. Playing Mahjong in real life... no. But I have always loved playing on the computer since Mahjong was one of the first computer games I ever played.... This style: https://www.freemahjong.com/games/mahjong-relax
  4. Had a funny .gif, but maybe it was rude.... Bump for your search, though!
  5. Interesting, thank you. The fact that AOC is considered a "radical extremist" is fucking wild, though. As far as I can see.... Right = guns for everybody, no abortions, and no trans/gay people. Left = stricter gun laws, abortions are healthcare, trans/gay people are okay. I CAN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME UNDERSTAND WHY THE FUCK ANYONE WOULD LEAN TOWARDS THE RIGHT. If that makes me a "radical lefty" then so be it.
  6. I had a shit ton of time to kill at work for a while and ended up watching these.... There's 4 for the 80's, and a series for 90's cartoons as well. Probably get a few ideas in there if there's been any missed....
  7. Room looks nice! Also, effing radical receipt!!! Haha... that's amazing. I did a double take on the date because I didn't read the text at first.
  8. I don't know much about American politics, but that shit looks fucked up right now. Why can't AOC be president? I'd vote for her.
  9. Got 'em. Listen... We didn't TELL AstroBot to come in here and revive this thread from nearly two years ago to unknowingly help build the case "against" SMB2.... but they did it anyways! I can't help be proud. For reference, @Astro Bot, this is what we are referring to.... It's a good read!! I mean... part of the SMB2 discussion is had as a result of the title discussion.
  10. Yeesh! I would if I ever had anyone to play this game with... or could actually get to that level with me. Yeah... not sure... I just always loved those little flapping wings!!
  11. FUN LEVEL: Super Mario Bros 3. World 5, Level 6. The little flying beetles were always my favourite to jump on and ride. I always thought it was hilarious when their little wings would start flapping harder and they'd struggle to fly with your fat ass standing on them... BADASS DESIGN/GAMEPLAY: Battletoads & Double Dragon (NES) Level 4, Ratship Rumble This shit is awesome! When a game throws in a variety of gameplay into a game and does it well like Battletoads it can be amazing. This is a perfect example. You got heat seeking missles, it's difficult but not insane, there's a bunch of different enemies to fight. It's fast, it's furious... it's great fun!
  12. Okay... I'll bite. Also.... IS Astro Bot.... a bot???? Regarding Cody @DarkTone ..... I understand peoples sentiments for that... they can feel that way. I disagree, but I can understand. That being said.... there can be a segment of people that feel that way, but Cody was BY FAR AND AWAY the biggest babyface in the company for a literal 2 year stretch. Having him NOT beat Roman at WM 40 would have been bonkers and probably would have upset a lot of people. Like, people crying in the audience level disappointment. Typically a run like that would have ended at the first 'Mania with him winning... but it wasn't the right timing for Roman to drop the belt the first time. So they went another year.... It was TIME for Cody to win the belt. For the fans. You (WWE) can't build Cody like that, and NOT expect there to be a huge amount of people that want him to win. That's the literal build.... So they just released the documentary on WM 40.... Rock came back, main event COULD have been Roman vs. Rock, but WWE saw just how much ppl were behind Cody, so they added fuel to the fire by having The Rock put "Cody's title chance in jeopardy" and it was an even BIGGER moment for WWE fans once Cody finally won at Wrestlemania. That was some Daniel Bryan level shit... even bigger.
  13. Welcome.... back!! This place is 10x more radical than you remember *redacted being! Glad you made it.
  14. Me and @docile tapeworm joining the chat...
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