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  1. Yeah, I didn't see anything about them being 'bought out' either.. they still own their own marketplace .. but it looks like some of their 'classifieds group' sites are sold off .. They did make a deal with a new Dutch payment processor though (Adyen).. maybe that's what he was referring to
  2. I got one a few years ago -- best thing I've ever done for that NES. It works flawlessly now. Definitely recommend.
  3. Oh hai! too bad the upscaler wasn't any good.. like he points out in the vid, it'd be great to get a good hdmi upscale for that price if it was actually quality
  4. Yet another thing that 2020 took from us :-( RIP, Mr Bond
  5. Glad to see a mirror was created.. This is such a great resource for the hobby
  6. welp.. got some stuff together now I've got it up and running a LIVE OS from a USB stick at the moment.. I've never seen that many cores/threads running on one of my machines before.. pretty sweet! gunna do some disc cloning and backups for the M.2 drives .. hopefully it all goes well! Haven't run into any huge problems yet ::knocks on wood::
  7. well, I've got *almost* all of my new parts in the mail.. Just waiting on the new case new hardware looks so shiney and spiffy! Opened up my current rig and yanked the GTX 1060 out (replaced it with my old GTX 460 for the time being while I get the new rig setup) pro-tip for anyone running linux .. make sure if you downgrade you still have an old kernel installed with the right nvidia drivers!
  8. Welp - Just plopped down a substantial amount of the Stimulus ca$h for a new rig I've been running the same cpu+mobo+ram for the past 8 years, so it was about time Planning on re-using my existing Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card with the follow new kit: Hopefully all of it should arrive by Monday (give or take virus-delays)
  9. I've started to collect a couple of them,.. I find they help my motivation a lot with these really long RPG's .. so that I don't get stuck and then just give up Speaking of... Does anyone know if they ever made a strategy guide for the original Suikoden for the PS1? All I seem to see on ebay are the games after the first....
  10. wow.. there was no Reserve? weird to turn down an offer of $1 mill and then not set that as a Reserve at least...
  11. Having less vendors on the expohall floor probably helped as well.. more room for people to spread out
  12. I looked up some pictures.. game looks dope ... I'll keep an eye out for it when i go to RetroWorldExpo later this year
  13. Ah nice! There's so many Need For Speed series I never know how many of them there are, so that's cool to see
  14. Fantastic work, Gloves.. Thanks for this!
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