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Just a suggestion, but you might want those who are not subscribers to suggest perks for subscribers to get them to become subscribers.  AKA maybe you need to duplicate this posts in another section of the forums that is viable to all 😘

Also I suggest you updated your link to Beating N64 to the current year's thread.  

But some legit suggestions:

  • AA has tokens for being sober for so long.  Maybe you can do something similar for being a subscriber.  Not physical tokens but maybe a certificate worthy of printing and framing? Here are some examples, one is me LITERALLY being certified as amazing... 




  • I have hundreds of suggestions but it all relies on @CasualCartdoing artwork and I'm sure you are not wanting to have him do MORE work for VGS.  Maybe VGS can find another artist to help with doing some artistic work.  Would be nice to have someone with skills make me an avatar with some direction of what I'd like.  
  • Discord status??  I know other "communities" give perks to those who sign up for some kind of donation/subscription.  Look at what those do if you want specifics examples.
  • Could do special things for "VGS Meetups" when that/those happen.  
  • Commision VGS users (money or subscription status, could be voluntary though) to use their talent to make stuff that is a giveaway for Subscribers. AKA at catholic festivals growing up people would "donate" items for the community to bid on or buy chances at winning.  This could be "VGS tokens" that are earn through subscribing or flat out "purchase" through donating money to VGS.  
  • I know you were working on some kind of rank status for all of VGS users but you could do the same thing for sponsors.  I'm not sure if you are tracking total money someone has donated to VGS.  I can see people wanting to be anonymous with their generosity though so maybe not a good idea.  You could always just bestoe the highest tier to me specifically 😏.  The title would obviously be "McSage" 💰🤑💰
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