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it works like a book club... except for watching and talking b-movies
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  2. This was right up my alley. 60s buxom bad girls in fast cars. Easy to see the influences in modern film that G-type mentioned. I also never knew where the "I never try anything" quote came from other than it's sample in White Zombie's Thunder Kiss '65. I'll definitely return to this movie in the future.
  3. Probably for the best. It would be expensive if you wanted to add it. Arrow released a Russ Meyer blu ray collection but it’s OOP now and expensive and the Russ Meyer estate doesn’t seem interested in letting companies release stuff (but they’ll sell you an overpriced DVD version for like $80!)
  4. Just watched Streets of Fire. Fun movie! I know it was a "Rock'n'roll Fable" but they sure devoted a lot of screen time to the live music performances. Great cinematography and lots of familiar faces: Diane Lane, Bill Paxton, Willem Dafoe, Rick Moranis! I wish they had shown the climactic fight between Tom and Raven with more wide shots and fewer cuts, but I guess these two weren't really martial artists. Was there any more to the Final Fight connection beyond the main guy being named Tom Cody, and the bad guy biker gang leader kidnapping his (ex) girlfriend? I also see some parallels to Walter Hill's earlier film The Warriors. Fun fact: The Torchie's dancer was Jennifer Beale's dance/body double in Flashdance.
  5. Runaway Planet of the Vampires Streets of Fire (part 1) (Part 2) Nightmare City Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!
  6. part of the selection criteria is that it should be free to watch online somewhere... I can just post links to all the movies next time.
  7. FYI, looks like Runaway and Planet of the Vampires have both been uploaded to YouTube. I'm watching both this weekend.
  8. Finally watched it. I don't think I had seen it, funnily enough. But you can very clearly see it's inspiration in the world of the Tarantinos (and Roths and Zombies) of the world. I don't think I need to add it to the collection, but I was entertained.
  9. John Waters said in his book that this was “The best movie ever made, and possibly better than any movie that will ever be made.” I don't know if I would go that far, but I liked it. It delivered everything the title promised: sex, violence, speed.. Lots of cleavage and skin, but surprisingly, no graphic nudity. The opening narration: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to violence, the word and the act." with the audio waveforms on screen was amazing. It was very light on plot (so light, that just them having lunch at the homestead constitutes a major plot point) The acting was a little cheesy (partly just an artifact of the time period), but the actors all had an undeniably strong screen presence. Especially Tura Satana. Instantly iconic. Snappy dialogue, driving score. I can see how this influenced Tarantino. The only good person was Linda, but I wonder if Varla was keeping her around because she thought she could turn her into a bad girl? "I never try anything. I just do it. And I don't beat clocks, just people!" "You're a beautiful animal... and I'm weak, and I want you."
  10. Looks like FPKK is the pick for May. This movie has it all, girls, cars, violence, go-go dances, bad acting and a killer lead actress by the name of Tura Satana. This movie was directed by Beyond the Valley of the Dolls fame, Russ Meyer. I'm not sure how I stumbled across this movie, I'm thinking it would have been one of the B grade movie documentaries I've watched. I gave it a watch and loved it. Tarantino has cited this movie as one of his inspirations for Death Proof which definitely shows. If you don't have a channel showing this (or don't sail the seven seas) then you can watch the Youtube upload below:
  11. I think everyone voted so we can call it for faster pussycat. (And Streets of Fire for anyone who wants to do a double feature)
  12. Oh wow FPKK inched out the win! Or is the voting still going? Also the video I posted was the full movie if people don’t have access to what Link is talking about.
  13. I love the haunted arcade game motif... it was also used in The Last Starfighter and The Bishop of Battle
  14. I haven't seen Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, but I used to listen to the hair metal band named after the movie back in my high school / college years
  15. I recently got this book by the same artist.
  16. I'm like 90% sure I've seen Pussycat, but there's so many weird 60s movie of that ilk (all shot in Southern California) that they all kind of run together in my head. But I'll check it out (again) either way. I couldn't wait and watched Streets of Fire again last night because I love it too much. I'll probably watch all the nominees each month
  17. It's on the Roku channel (free) and something called The Horror Zone ($3.99/mo.); appears to be free on both.
  18. Checked this out last night. Totally legit. I would've loved this movie as a kid. Leans way into the 80s era styles and fads. Love all the neon, hair, and leg warmers. The possession through her arcade machine was pure gold.
  19. I just realized @G-type forgot to add his own movie
  20. Faster Pussycat please. I've never seen it, it's legendary in my psychotronic taste factor all my life, and it's available on my streaming platforms.
  21. Ahhhh got you. Hedging your bets I see
  22. You can vote for more than one, which I did.
  23. It's due to what physicists refer to as "The Gloves Variable."
  24. It's weird that we have 10 votes but only 9 members. Anyway, I went with Streets of Fire.

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