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  1. Too much to list, but the highlights are all the games they offered, 4 Wii Remote holders (2 white & 2 black) and the gold Nunchuck.
  2. Any chance you remembered the DualSystem arcade version?
  3. While that site doesn't directly say that these items all came together (they're just placed in a general Pre-Order Goods category), it does give other useful information in the form of the back of the cel, which made me skeptical that it was Canada-exclusive to begin with. Sure enough, I confirmed that there were US GameStop stores that at least offered the cel, though they usually never actually got any. It looks like it was also announced by Canadian stores first, and maybe that's just where most of the copies ended up.
  4. There's a card being sold through this eBay auction which is described as a pre-order bonus for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. I can't find the slightest mention of it outside of this one auction. It doesn't look like this game actually had a pre-order bonus outside of the art cel in Canada. My next thought was that this card came along with the art cel, but if it were from Canada, I would expect at least the ESRB descriptors to be bilingual. Could it be possible that this was actually given out at some kind of media event? I've run into a similar situation with F-Zero GX pins from E3 a Game
  5. I've seen that DS setup in store with 2 copies of Metroid Prime Hunters for playing over wireless.
  6. Offhand, I can think of at least 14 of them, and most were fairly easy to come by. This and Pinball of the Dead are the exceptions. The type of game doesn't seem like it would be the main factor; GBA was was pretty much the only system where all the pinball games were released at the time, and it's arguably the only system that can truly claim to have multiple proper F-Zeros. But there's stronger case that the themes of these two particular games wouldn't find a large audience on the system.
  7. I used to have this! I think I bought it complete on a site I can't remember in 2005. I was going after Sega games on the system. I sold it to eStarland in 2010 when I narrowed my collection before a move. I don't remember what I paid or what I got for it.
  8. Just to be sure, I checked my points history, and it shows that I earned them within the last couple of months for Aaero and Rival Megagun, both of which were released in 2018.
  9. Maybe that only happens with physical games. I definately always get the gold points when I buy digital games older than that. Either that or they don't actually follow their policy.
  10. That's not true, you can get points for games that are older than a year, but once you have them the points expire a year after that.
  11. Think you could get another shot of the tag that shows the whole logo at the top of it? I'm curious what it is. As long as we're on the subject of digging through Nintendo Power catalogs, I'm in search of images of the Summer 97, Fall 97, Winter 98 and Fall 99 catalogs (some of these may not identify the date on the front cover). I can provide images of the other 20 issues if anyone's after them.
  12. Rental stores stopped providing photocopied manuals (or at least most of them did) when Nintendo sued Blockbuster over it in 1989. I can remember renting exactly one game that included one, Bart vs. the Space Mutants.
  13. I very rarely preorder a game myself, but I'm looking around to see if I discover anything I never knew about.
  14. Even if it's not comprehensive, any specific threads you suggest as a place to start?
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