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The Metalhead Thread


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Well if Reed’s metal month taught me anything it’s that metal music is pretty niche around these parts.  
So I thought I’d start a heavy metal thread for those of the persuasion.  Share what you’re listening to, what you think others should hear, playlists, whatever.

I’ve been on an epic blackish metal kick lately; especially with the cold fall and winter months here.  
 Moonsorrow absolutely are kings of the genre.  Suden uni was the album of my youth but when they put out Hävitetty they had absolutely mastered their craft and two 30 minute epic masterpieces really showcased their prowess.  Such fantastic songwriting.  Not a dull moment.

Also a lot of Falkenbach. 
They’re a newer discovery for me and I’ve been really impressed with what consistently solid and enjoyable albums he puts out.  

Also Opeth‘s In Cauda Venenum.  So good.  Their best work since Damnation. So good.


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23 minutes ago, Reed Rothchild said:

I saw Moonsorrow with Tyr and Korpiklaani in this tiny dive bar.  They killed it.

I have their best albums but haven't listened to them in years 

I saw that same tour.  Fantastic show.  I think it was the last show I ever went to at the particular venue before it closed down.  

 Moonsorrow (and really the whole epic/atmospheric black metal genre) is  really even better if you’re puffing the spleafage 

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22 minutes ago, Reed Rothchild said:

And I think these threads tend to fall apart when they're flooded with videos, so I'll limit myself to one more.  I promote these guys every single chance I get:

Best.  Japanese Group.  Ever.

Oh wow.  Nice one.  I was into Sigh way back when but I haven’t thought about them in forever.  That totally takes me back.  

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Somewhere or other in 2004ish, I found metalvideos.ru where you could download mpeg and wmv files. The first one I remember being really into was “Everytime I Die” by Children of Bodom. There was also an email list I was on called “Cradle of Phil” that some guy named Phil would send videos every week or so.

I like the Finns in particular. Tyr and Korpiklaani as Reed mentioned, Norther /Ensiferum (the last concert I saw - just over a year ago) etc.

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@Link Ahh those were the days.  Was the Wild West.  We used to use Soulseek.  You‘d find a song or band you were looking for and then just raid all the guys other albums.  I was in college so we had that lickety quick internet.  

The Finns were the undisputed kings of the euro metal scene and as far as I’m aware they still are.  Other countries have their niches but the Finns do it all and then some.

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When I need to push hard at work, these two albums usually get played.


Strapping Young Lad- Alien


Zimmer's Hole- when you were shouting at the devil






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1 hour ago, Kguillemette said:

I don't mind korn. It's fun music to play and listen to.


1 hour ago, Hammerfestus said:

I think Korn is all right.  Follow the Leader had its time with me.  They had an MTV unplugged that was pretty good.  

i was 16 in 99' korn was everywhere. i was never a big metal fan. i was prob listening to: edit (brittney spears lol @guitarzombie😉

a random korn video in my feed. it was big day out in sydney.

i had to watch the whole set. what a phenomenom korn was. am i right? i think there sound was just so new and fresh. and the kids my God the kids. that big day out crowd made me think "its the backstreet boys of metal". is it metal? what is "nu metal"?

im still not a huge fan but appreciate it more today than i did then. watching that set made me wish i had at least seen them back then.


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Editorials Team · Posted

@docile tapeworm I'm not really into nu metal at all.

And I don't mean that in any remotely elitist way because I love all sorts of anti-elitist shit like metalcore, newer In Flames, Ghost, etc.

The irony of Faith No More being one of my top 3 artists is not lost on me either.

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