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  1. Had several wow, this shit is awesome times during my gaming years and so many I remember so fondly and so much I still hold dear in my thoughts, and once in a great while revisit, I just don't stick around for as long as I used to with them when I do. Most nostalgic were the NES, SNES and Playstation. Going to go with the Playstation because at the time that was a whole new thing, felt light years beyond anything else even with other similar consoles out.
  2. Donkey Kong Country (totally bought the game after that) Red Alarm (beat this Virtual Boy game several times on the kiosk) Sonic & Knuckles (beat it on the kiosk) Vector Man (another Sega game beaten on the kiosk) Sonic 3D Blast (came close to beating it, did later when my brother bought a Sega Genesis) Virtual Racing (couldn't play this one, guess I sucked at it or didn't care enough) Bug! (didn't like it) Virtual Fighter (same as above) Battle Arena Toushinden (I jumped ship, no longer a Nintendo only fan, played the demo every night during break, nabbed me up a Playstation that christmas of '95) Wipeout (the new F-Zero, was just wow, on the same kiosk demo disk as the above) Jumping Flash (loved how high this robo rabbit could jump, this was fun) ESPN Extreme Games (meh, nothing to get excited about, but was sorta fun for an occasional race) A whole bunch other PS1 games that I can't remember exactly which were playable and which were just viewable. Wario Blast (came very close to beating it) Street Fighter EX (my asshole store manager got his ass whooped by me-and I'm not really that good at fighters-after talking smack, he didn't take it well) Nights in Dreams (very weird) Mario 64 (hated it, Crash Bandicoot was way better) Zelda : Ocarina of Time (I guess Nintendo really is dead) F-Zero X (really, this shit sucks) Cruise 'n World (garbage) Diddy Kong Racing (got me to agree with my brother to get an N64) There were more games, can't remember all at the moment.
  3. Back when Mario 64 came out I was working at Toys R Us, remember playing the demo of it and thought, this totally sucks, the controls, the crappy camera, the lack of cool enemies, the lack of detail, and that is when Mario actually became annoying with his constant whoo, whaaa, and other sounds. I looked at that and Crash Bandicoot and though, damn, if only Mario were like this. Of course over the years Crash has gone the way of crap, with only the PS1 games being really good of those I have played in the series (had a couple of the PS2 games and they weren't horrible, just not great, and played demos of some on the xbox 360 and those were garbage). What I loved about the original Crash Bandicoot back then is how it took the 2D old school Mario style platforming and made it work in 3D. Okay, not complete 3D, but back then that was enough for me. There was a lot of detail in the environment, the enemies were cool and the game challenging and fun without being annoying. Nowadays while I could enjoy it still it wouldn't hold my attention for long, but only because my interest in gaming has changed over the years.
  4. 10/10 Poured more hours into this game that any other; well over a thousand for sure over the several years that I've had the game. Even though I give it a 10 because it is one of my favorite games ever, it is not perfect, has more glitches than any other game that I've ever played except State of Decay, and more useless stuff than should be and still with so much that could have been improved upon, yet somehow what it does works, enough to had drawn me into the open world games and keep me wanting to play that and others like it.
  5. Had intended to get, via download early last year, was about to trade in my microsoft reward points but then they asked and required a telephone number, something I did not have then, thus I missed out on the chance to get it while it was on sale for super cheap at the time. Definitely looks like something I would enjoy.
  6. Back in the day when I actually had a rather good size physical game collection I had beaten two thirds of my games for NES and Playstation. It was my goal to eventually beat all that could be actually finished, but those times have passed and it's not important anymore. I used to keep lists on games I beat, very detailed, date and how it was finished and kept up with that for many years but now am like, whatever, doesn't matter. Nowadays, in recent years I've beaten a very small number of new games, though with a different mindset, not on the whole game conquering thing anymore, I just like to be able to experience and enjoy what the game offers, sorta taking a more leisurely approach. Back in November 2009 my games beaten looked like this: Atari 2600 = 1 Gameboy = 8 Gameboy Advance = 5 Genesis = 9 N64 = 6 NES = 264 Playstation = 73 PS2 = 7 SNES = 83 Virtual Boy = 2 458 games total I never did update the list for this even though had beaten more games since then, a handful more NES games were added which brought the total to 267 or 269 (I forget which number), a handful or more Playstation games, might be a few SNES games as well, a few more GBA games as well as a small number of DS games. So the number of games beaten while not too much higher is probably somewhere around 480ish range. I don't care enough to go over everything, but once upon a time I did. Of games I currently own, 14 of them for the Xbox 360, I beat a few of them, only ever completed one as in got every achievement.
  7. My favorite, Deathtrap Dungeon, love just about everything about the game. It is extremely challenging, enemies are hard to beat, traps are super deadly and are everywhere, there are lots of hidden secrets to find, and the music is awesome. Because of the difficulty, getting good at it takes a while, and it's one of those action games where just can't just rush in, you have to be ever cautions where you step and take care with using your items at the right time and fight enemies smartly. Only thing that I didn't like was the ending, it really sucked bad, and this game had a nice intro, so it didn't make sense why they did what they did for the ending.
  8. It may have been in my teens or early 20s when I saw Blade Runner, I can't exactly remember, anyway, it was weird, and bored the hell out of me. Haven't seen the movie again since. Thought about giving it a second chance since many years have passed, but meh, I really don't care enough.
  9. Long ago from kiddom to early adulthood aside from video game music and cartoon theme songs I was not heavily into music. I did listen to and liked music then, just really didn't go out of my way to really and never owned any music. Mid 90s I got into anime, so actually had some music from some of my favorites which were my very first music cd's (never owned a record in my life, nor cassette). But it wasn't until sometime in the later 200X with Youtube that I really started to find stuff I enjoyed outside of those I've already mentioned, and it was through music videos that it happened. Still to this day I listen to all of my music through Youtube, though it has become more a pain in the ass with ads galour beginning, end and sometimes interrupting right in the middle. Most of the music has videos, that is how I start when I find something I like, but then I will listen to sometimes without, but the overall experience makes it even more enjoyable.
  10. If it weren't for games that I already have for it, I would have gone for the more recent console. I thought it would be cheaper to go with another 360, and is, but is costing me more than I anticipated but still much less than an xbox one would with having to get several games over again because they want you to get the versions for that thus making the 360 ones not backward compatible. Jerks. I had to order another controller, the one I have, the analog sticks have been fussy since a month after I got the thing last year and so with not being able to get my character to respond or with it constantly drifting, I open it up to attempt to fix it, but no good, the parts are damaged, one of those little pieces works when it put it back after cleaning it, the other doesn't, so either I can only move side to side, or forward and backwards, not both. But doesn't matter, having to push so hard just to open a fucking menu screen got to be too much frustration. I did learn a little how they work though, second pic, the black rings inside the yellow side casings, that is where the movement sensoring is, and found that sliding something metal, aluminium across it caused my character to move. I could have ordered new ones of those little parts I removed in the third pic, but why bother when the stick buttons (on left side of analog stick housing) are such a pain to respond. One thing I can say about this, it has been an adventure, one of those puzzle solving kind, not sure how much I like that though. Anyway, my solution after failing to fix it, get another. I still wonder, there has got to be a better way to design these controllers, because what is here is so fragile and just too many extra little parts.
  11. Well, have had the new used adapter for over a week and so far, working out just fine. It came in condition described and everything running fine. Though have had issues with my controller, took that apart, found that the squishy pieces that lay under the buttons that have contact things on the bottoms of them to register the button presses, they were falling apart, one which stopped working had completely come off and caved in where it wouldn't fit back in place so I had another controller, a generic SNES one and used the rubber under button things, cut those into pieces to fit in place for the 360 controller buttons and those ones have been perfect since. Was still having trouble with the shoulder buttons, removed the springs in them that cause them to spring back in place because they are pointless and one would not stay and kept popping out thus misaligning the button, but since removing those springs they have worked fine. Now the analog sticks, they drift a lot and the left one grinds a little (maybe it needs oil, speaking of which, the whole inside was a mess, black specks of oil all over everything in there, cleaned all that up), character suddenly starts moving on their own or ways I don't want them to, not too much a problem so long as you pay attention, but what is a problem are the button press of each stick, left one sometimes responsive sometimes not, right I really have to press on that one hard, reserving both of these towards things noncombat. Problem with these things is that they are made cheap and pressing in on something that should be very precision only damages it over time, always thought this to be a shit ass design flaw, yet they all still continue to do it. I would love to be able to design a controller to my own liking, there would be buttons on the back, underside just on the inside of the grips for those ones that you use the sticks for, thus still in perfectly easy access and natural feeling and less stress on the analog sticks with all that constant pressing in on them that they get with so many of these games. Shoulder buttons, though not so much the trigger ones, need to be made better too because they are flimsy. My little do-it-myself button repair below.
  12. Not a really good shot and camera couldn't zoom in as close as I wanted, and most of the pictures was of road which I cropped out, but wanted to get this pic before they flew off - a pair of vultures going after what remains of roadkill. One had flown right over my head before making a sharp u-turn and gliding down to join the other. If only I could have gotten a closer pic, but moments later they flew up to the top of a light post together.
  13. I've played 5 Metroid games, The original, the Gameboy sequel, Super Metroid, and the two Gameboy advance games, enjoyed them all, though will say that the 2nd game is the weakest of the lot, and while I like many things about Super Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion, the first game still remains my favorite, and why is because of the ease to just get in and start playing with total freedom to explore once you aquire a few items and can explore in whatever way you want, no story to break it up, no telling you where to go next, no forcing you along a certain path until you accomplish a certain thing.
  14. Well, if not that how about just impliment something on the site that will bring you to a list that will link to various vgs people's twitch channels. See image(s) below as example (Live Streaming link at top with other links). Then people here with a twitch can request to be added to it, or maybe are added automatically if they set that in their profile (can that be done easily?). I don't do the twitch thing myself, it doesn't like me most of the time, takes too much power that my computer can't handle or maybe my internet speed sucks or something. But in seeing this and there being possibilities here, thought I'd add my idea, maybe it can work? Maybe not? Figure I'd share regardless.
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