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  1. I'll have to get better at pausing because I can't even get halfway through the level as-is. Dozens (hundreds?) of attempts in and I can't get even remotely close to winning the race part
  2. I've never really made it much past the Turbo Tunnel in the past, but I recently got an Everdrive N8 Pro, largely because I wanted to have more than 1 save state slot to practice. Since then I've been grinding at the game hardcore, got a save state at the beginning of each level and just practiced each one over and over again. At this point I can get from the beginning to Clinger Winger (11) on the original cartridge without using a continue, so I guess the Clinger Winger grind begins. The level is just so boring to me, hard to stay motivated about pressing the dpad perfectly for a couple
  3. This is a VGA, not WATA, not even close to the same thing. Best I can offer is $3.50
  4. I'd bet this guy's just trying to get an extra $5 out of you. If he insists that he wants his $5 and shipping cost him XYZ, I'd ask him for a receipt for what he actually paid for the shipping. Seems sketchy AF to me. Maybe he actually spent that because he paid for a box, tape, or some other nonsense at the shipping store, but I can't imagine his estimate or Facebook's was off by that much, and I don't think a Kindle should cost all that much to ship...but who knows?
  5. On one hand I agree with the "it's meant to be played, not kept in shrinkwrap" argument, but I mean honestly in 2020 that doesn't hold much water. If you want to play the game as they designed it, you can get another copy. Most of these games were made in gigantic batches and nobody is unable to experience SMB3 because 100 copies are still sealed. You can get one on Ebay or a local game store without breaking a sweat. Or you can get one of 5 different flash cartridge options, or play it on an emulator... In my opinion though, having a sealed copy of a game you really treasure is something
  6. It definitely doesn't feel very satisfying when you put the carts in. It didn't really bother me because I'm not putting the system vertical or kicking it while I play or anything. Guess we'll see if they start having problems.
  7. I was also surprised by how small it was. Guess I know how women feel now. Still performs as expected though!
  8. Mine arrived today so I got it all set up and replaced my RGB NES. Played some Battle Kid 2 and SMB2 with my buddy tonight, had a blast. Tons of menu options I immediately ignored and lots of other stuff involved, but I'm just hot n' bothered about the Famicom/NES dual unit with RGB and HDMI. Beaut.
  9. Got my email too, it's supposed to arrive Monday, very excited to put it through its paces. I'll probably use it in place of my RGB top loader as my primary NES machine for the foreseeable future.
  10. I don't have any interest in these and certainly don't have the VGS clout to get one anyway, but wanted to say I approve your mission!
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