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  1. I don't recall what he had to say about those games, but if you're interested i could look. In my opinion those are just boring ass games. I programmed blackjack in excel, it's dead ass easy, lazy, and frankly boring. Solitaire is a similarly bleh game, and both can be played very easily with a deck of cards. Why they were ever adapted to the nes is beyond me, and I certainly wouldn't consider them entertaining. As to whether or not all regions should be considered, I think that criticism, which you level on everyone in every thread on this site, is a very unfair one. How, exactly, is a
  2. You had 3 posts within 3 minutes. I would recommend finishing a thought (or several thoughts), writing it all down, then posting it all at once. There's really no reason to write each individual idea on its own post. People can read 2 paragraphs at once and digest 2 different thoughts without you helping to separate them by putting white space between them.
  3. On a lark I put together the stats for unlicensed games (as rated in the book). There were 90 games reviewed for an average score of 2.11 compared to licensed with a 3.03. There were 4 games total rated a 4.0 or higher, and only a single game rated a 5, which was probably generous tbh. I will freely admit that I haven't played a lot of unlicensed games, not because I had a particular bias against them, mostly just because I have a gigantic backlog of licensed games to play which I've already collected and want to get through. Plus I've been playing games for the NES completions thread and
  4. https://images.app.goo.gl/gEd4LrKtcS1nLm7i9
  5. It's definitely a store, they list their address and info all over their Ebay page. They should be ashamed of themselves for taking in this obvious fake and certainly not trying to pass it off like this. Is the cart real? It's hard to tell because the chips in the pics are so dark, the printing isn't very clear.
  6. Oh yeah those unlicensed gems. Honestly I felt like I was giving a pass by skipping unlicensed because they were almost all 1* games, which I agree with. Unlicensed games were, on average, garbage. You must have really low standards when it comes to "really fun" or "top tier" games if you're going to say the NES/Famicom has 50% fun factor. I've beaten ~110 games and I've got a list of maybe ~25 more that I want to beat, and there's not much else I'm particularly looking forward to playing. Don't get me wrong, the system is my favorite and I'm obsessed with a lot of the games, but I t
  7. God damn, the later parts of Destination Earthstar are insanely tough. The Starfox-type stages are pretty much impossible to die on once you get the hang of it, but the shooter stages get pretty brutally difficult. I'm currently working on the last one which is insanely hard. I will try practicing each of the shooter stages a bunch of times to see if I can get them all down to a science, but there's some chance it will just be outside my abilities. I was feeling quite confident up 'till the last one but dang if it isn't a real pain. Definitely going to give it some more time, figured
  8. I didn't want to complain but I totally click on the sage to get back to the main page, and honestly sometimes just to refresh. I was just going to work on developing new habits...but yeah if the sage could take you to the forums or to your current sub-section of the site or something...I would consider that an improvement. Did I mention you guys are great?
  9. I mean either that or her YT gaming videos are marketing for her OF.
  10. Going back to the discussion about how many of the NES games are exceptional, I took the time to input the ratings from Pat Contri's (sorry for those who hate him) book into a spreadsheet, licensed only, to check the #s of games. Now, putting aside whether or not you or I agree with his and the other writers' opinions of the games and just using them as a starting place, here are the results. 184 games were rated 4.0 or higher (27.42%), 299 games were rated 3.5 or higher (44.56%), so depending where you draw the line on what is a "good" or "top tier" game, there is no way you're getting 5
  11. I am impressed with the graphics and design as well. Also very confused when I hit my bookmark.
  12. I'm sorry but either there were 300 amazing Famicom-exclusive games, or you've got rose-tinted eyeballs. I made a list of "must-play" NES titles for my friend when I gave him my spare Everdrive and I got to ~85 games, including homebrew which I had the roms for. There are arguably a handful of other "good, but not must play" games I could add to that list, but definitely not 300. I think you'll find if you actually start to compile that list you'll quickly realize it was 100 or 200 and you wildly overestimated. Either that or you have very, very low expectations. I'd be willing to bet I c
  13. I've been working on practicing destination earthstar. I am actually starting to enjoy it. It will probably be a little while before I beat it because my life has gotten a little busy lately, but I'm starting to get good at it
  14. IDK @fcgamer if you're going to rate a system based on the number of shitty games it has you can't really say NES/Famicom is the GOAT. While it has a lot of amazing games, there are a metric fuckton of shitty games on that platform. I'd say there are less than 100 standout titles for NES/Famicom, out of...over a thousand? The overall numbers depend how many genres you generally enjoy, but for my money it's around 10%. I'd say if you're looking for a system to have 50% amazing games you're deluded and you'll never find a system like that.
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