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  1. Black Bass is one of the games I tried in the past week. I read a guide on Gamefaqs and was thinking it shouldn't be too bad once I get the hang of it. Probably spent 10 minutes trying to play it and didn't get a single fish on my line, then decided I was done with that one.
  2. I started working on Krusty's Fun House today, will probably beat it later today or tomorrow. I tried out a bunch of other games in the list and...wow some of them are really rough. After this I'll probably jump right into Bases Loaded 2, so this will be my last for the rush to 600. Looks like we're going to fall behind 2015, but considering the number of participants, I think we're doing just fine!
  3. Finished nightshade today. Picked it up yesterday following a speedrun path, but eventually added in a couple more steps for safety. It's a fun one and has a lot of positives, but the combat is a bit clunky/ the bosses have somewhat unpredictable patterns.
  4. Looks like it's time to kick it into high gear folks. There's absolutely nothing on the list that I've ever beaten before (as has been the case for a while) but I'm going to try to take a crack at a few games this weekend, then possibly start working on one of the Bases Loaded games next week. Anyone have an opinion about which (2 or 4) is any easier/more fun? I'm not the best at Baseball games, but I have a lot of free time.
  5. To the top! Also I re-named this since I'm down to 1 PC-10 game left.
  6. I was just looking at Solstice last night (just watching videos of gameplay) and considering starting it myself. It looks like a lot of fun, I'll probably start playing it soon too, regardless of points.
  7. I just finished Wayne's World. Unsurprisingly the people who programmed this game who couldn't figure out how to code a competent platformer also decided to have an end screen which lasts 5 seconds, so I didn't get a picture. Maybe I'll go back and beat it again because I'm collecting the pictures for myself, but I'm not in any rush to do so. It's a short game, thankfully, but the controls are just...so bad. The graphics are pretty awful as well, and the gameplay is super basic. All you ever do is kick, shoot, and jump. There's a reason this one has a bad reputation, and it deserves it.
  8. Ren and Stimpy buckaroos is done. Honestly not too bad of a game. Definitely another one where controls are the biggest problem. The variety of gameplay is refreshing, graphics are good.
  9. I didn't ever start it...though I may still consider it. It may just be the way they were written but...I was reading some FAQs for the game and the mechanics just seemed absurdly complicated. I'm not sure how much you have to master the intricacies of the way combat works to just complete the game, but it was a bit intimidating for me. I agree both games I'm currently working on are wonky and obnoxious, but with infinite continues (R&S) I think I can eventually beat it, frustrating and dumb as it may be. IDR if Tom & Jerry has limited continues or not; if there's a limit on lives
  10. I'll be messing around with Ren & Stimpy and Tom & Jerry. I've played bits-and-pieces of each, but never wanted to dedicate the time to finishing either because of the various problems they have. I think if I alternate between the two hopefully I can keep myself from burning out on either.
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