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  1. Seems like the 8bitdo controllers are in stock on Amazon, at least in certain colors. Here's the one I was looking at, for the Grey/Black SNES: https://www.amazon.com/8Bitdo-Wireless-Gamepad-Original-Transparent-nintendo/dp/B092DXQYDK/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=UrNE4&pf_rd_p=af390eed-2070-4c64-bb4f-c7ec6010bb7c&pf_rd_r=WD7EJ2A4JHC9H2QYMJ8P&pd_rd_r=fcf8347c-556b-465e-827b-fc446e85d4cd&pd_rd_wg=eDKz3&ref_=pd_gw_bmx_gp_qddm0c9o
  2. I beat the original tournament so I guess I'm about halfway through tecmo cup soccer game. I'll leave my comments and advice for my final post when I finish it, but there's definitely some strategy involved. It reminds me a lot of blitzball from ffx, it's pretty fun albeit a bit simple and seemingly random
  3. This may be the same copy as the AVGN one. That's Erin, girlfriend of Mike Mattei, who helped James of AVGN on most of his videos for many years, including when the Chiller video was made. The copy AVGN used might have been Mike's.
  4. Started playing Tecmo Cup Soccer Game today...It's an interesting one for sure. Some people online said that while the opposing players are running down the field you need to use A/B to change players and chase down the opposing player. That's kinda weird though because there's nothing on the screen to indicate that? Am I supposed to be doing something on defense? Seems like the opponents regularly catch me with 2-4 players, and I rarely ever catch them and they just run 3/4 of the field unmolested and shoot from 2 inches away from the goal. Other than the defense part, I think I get the game pretty well. Maybe I'm just unlucky or don't have good enough players yet, but I'm definitely not winning almost all matches first try or second try guaranteed. I lost 2 or 3, won 1 0-0 in penalty kicks, and won a single game on my own merits. Am I crazy about this defense thing? I've tried holding dpad in the direction they're going, tried alternating A and B, all kinds of random stuff but nothing seems to work. If I could actually see where my defenders were, it would make a lot more sense.
  5. That's how it works in the US as well, at least in theory. But what happens is that rich people make money from different things (not salary) like capital gains, and super-rich people just take loans out on their assets. Technically we have a progressive system like this, but the effective tax rates end up really small on the high end because the rich wrote the tax laws. As far as minimum wage, I'm not sure what is fair because I'm not an accountant or finance professional, but they've done plenty of research on this and it isn't $7.25/hour, which is the current federal minimum wage. If you earn that and work 40 hours a week, 4 weeks a month (rounding), you're making $1,160/month, before taxes. You can't possibly afford to live on that in almost any geography in the US. God forbid you have kids with that wage. Oh and good luck finding ANY minimum wage job where you're given 40 hours a week every week. As to all the other pearl clutching from people making $16/hr in the US complaining about how the lowly minimum wage workers are going to be making almost as much as them...rising tides raise all ships. There's no chance that companies will get away with paying $0.50 over minimum wage for skilled labor, all their employees will be headhunted by their competitors and they will fail. Also, you shouldn't kick other people down so that you can feel good about your salary.
  6. If I had some ideas of a decent strategy to winning Tecmo Cup Soccer I could put in the time, I've got lots of free time and need to get some points to beat @Gaia Gensouki. If anyone knows the game and can provide some pointers I'd give it a shot. I've also considered beating a few other games on the list but it's pretty daunting. I've got plenty of time but I have some concerns about skill when it comes to stuff like difficult shooters or Arkanoid, for example.
  7. Lol except "Stealing from the people" is the only way governments make money. That's like...the definition of taxes? How can a government make money except by taking it from people or companies (which are effectively just groups of people)? I think we agree on more than it seems on the surface, I don't mean to say that you're wrong about a lot of these things. That's kinda like...not how economies work? Money doesn't disappear into the aether once it's spent. Yeah I mean that's the problem. I'm not talking about government seizing the means of production or anything...I'm referring to ACTUAL progressive taxes, instead of the retarded bell curve taxes we have because rich people avoid paying taxes, so once you reach a certain point your taxes go down because "you're not earning anything." The fact of the matter is that rich people are still buying things so they are obviously getting money from somewhere, but are paying nothing in tax because of the way the code is written. If Donald Trump has paid $0 in taxes because "he made $0" then he shouldn't be able to afford a sandwich at Subway. If he made money to cover all of his expenses and also buy a yacht, then he shouldn't be allowed to use the excuse that he "made $0 last year." I'm fully aware that this is a complex topic with difficult and maybe impossible solutions, but at the end of the day, the rich shouldn't (morally, not legally) be paying 0-10% effective tax on their income just because it's complicated and we can't find people smart enough to write tax laws to target their income. And all this "but he wouldn't bother to innovate if he was being taxed on all that new income" crap reminds me of the failed "trickle down" Raeganomics, which is to say pissing on the poor without even the courtesy of calling it rain. Companies are driven to increase profits, they will still improve their processes, supply chains, reduce costs, and innovate new products and ways of doing business, even if they're taxed. Anyone saying otherwise is just trying to justify why they deserve another $400m tax-free.
  8. @obnoxious I'm getting the impression from your responses on this topic that you're really jaded about trying to tax rich people. Maybe you're right that it's too difficult to tax these people because of their influence in law writing and/or their access to high skilled accountants. That still doesn't make it any more right morally. At the end of the day, taxation in the US looks like a bell curve; at the low end you pay very little in taxes, which progressively goes up until you get to a certain point at which you start (effectively) paying less taxes. I think that, morally, that's wrong. As you make more and more money, through any means, you should be paying more and more taxes (as a percentage). Sure, you can insist all day that it will stifle innovation and nobody will ever bother to put any effort in because they are turned off by how much their new income will be taxed, but I don't buy that BS. Just like the argument that cheeseburgers will triple in cost if they have to pay a living wage, I think it's disingenuous argument made by rich people to continue to stay rich and earn record profits. Another point: that's the bed we made. That's how capitalism works, a corporation is required by its investors to try to squeeze out every dime of profit they can. They can't just decide to do the right thing and pay more taxes than they legally have to, it's suicide. But I don't think it has to be that way. We live in a society and have control over our culture and our laws. Unfortunately with all the money in politics, it ain't gonna happen, but it's not impossible.
  9. You could look at it like this. Or you could look at it as: "Someone who did absolutely nothing for this money and is suddenly being given $2m for the arduous task of being born to a rich parent is being taxed for their lottery winnings" which makes it a slightly different story.
  10. I think a more interesting question is the one Classic Gaming Quarterly answered on his YouTube channel: what's your "next 10." That is to say, ignoring the top 10, what are your next 10 favorite games (11-20)? For NES, maybe you increase that to 20 or 25, but it makes for a more interesting question with more varied answers. As others have said, you really can't say anything other than SMB3, Zelda 1, Megaman *, etc. You will always end with the same 5 answers, even with a library of this size. I guess it says something about the quality of those games though, that basically the entire world agrees they're the best.
  11. Cody's original point: if you aren't going to take their opinions seriously about the grade the game gets, why bother grading? This question was asked because that's one of the most obvious purported selling points of a grading service is to have the game...graded. To have an "objective" number applied to the game, as others have said in this thread, so that any person on planet Earth understands what a 9.6 is. That logic kind of falls apart when you argue with the grade and undermine the credibility of the grading service, and say that your opinion is more correct than theirs. Granted, as OP said he was doing this to dip his toes in, and how would you know the quality of their objectivity without trying yourself. Also granted: not everyone is doing it for the grade, some are doing it because of the protective case, some are doing it because they think it looks better than a raw sealed game, others are looking to profit, I'm sure there are a dozen other reasons. I don't really have much to add myself, I think these points have all been covered already, but I also think there's a lot of misunderstanding here so I thought I'd summarize. It's not an either-or situation, you can have multiple reasons for grading a game, many of which can have absolutely nothing to do with the opinion of the grader. Also, you don't know if you'll agree with their opinion until it's too late.
  12. My friend published a book on Amazon which I helped edit, and I also helped him through the process. The hardest part is getting the book into a format Amazon will accept, setting up the bindings, artwork for the cover, etc. He actually paid a company some small amount of money to format it for Amazon, and also paid an artist to make the cover art which was provided (more or less) in the format/sizes they need. I'm sure it can be done on your own, and their tool will tell you if it's not the right size etc. but it can be a pain.
  13. I can help you out with the math. 12,000,000 X .0006
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