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Open to anyone who owns arcade cabinets or otherwise interested in arcade gaming in general. Talk about arcade games, share your collection, ask for advice, provide technical guidance, etc.
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  2. My first arcade cab is a CPS-2, 2 player. I still have the A-Board mounted in it, and have a few different B-Boards. Children of the Atom, Marvel vs Capcom, Xmen vs Street Fighter, and Darkstalkers 2. Currently I'm running a Pandora's Box DX in it because I wanted to mess around with adding PS1 games to it. Playing NFL Blitz and Gauntlet Legends has been fun. 2nd, I bought a twin set of Daytona USA racers. They're a blast. 3rd, I bought a Time Crisis 2 double. The 2-player screen is in-op, currently searching for a 27in standard def tube. 1-player side works perfectly though. 4th, I got my first pinball machine. Data East TMNT. It gets some hate from pinball enthusiasts because it's relatively simple with a limited number of shots, but I enjoy it. 5th, a 3-player Ivan Stewart's Off Road. Been wanting one of these things forever.
  3. Finally the big systems, one MV-1T, two MV-1FS, and one MV-1F, honestly these don't look good but we got to clean them up and see if we get anything out of them. This is how the boards look after removing the batteries, pretty disgusting: Boards cleaned up, much better: There's some moderate amount of corrosion on these, some IC legs look a bit corroded, 3rd system I can see it's missing a capacitor near the center (labelled 10 µF), the 4th one spots a repair. Testing goes as follows: -Stuck in green screen -Fully working -Stuck in click of death -Fully working Overall not bad! 2 out of 4 worked, I'll reassemble them and try to fix obvious problems like the missing capacitor and see how it goes.
  4. (cont.) The MV-1B's cleaned up really well, first system spots a small repair and resoldered IC (labeled MASK1), some systems present small corrosion spots, nothing too bad. Testing goes as follows (from left to right, top to bottom): -Fully working -Fully working -Black screen -Black Screen -Working, some buttons don't work but JAMMA connector is really dirty, I expect it to be fully working after cleaning the connector 3 out of 5, not bad so far!
  5. Sorry for not updating earlier, I did went though all of them last Thursday and Friday, I'm going to go quicker this time with less pictures overall. These were the five MV-1B's in the lot: Forgot to take picture of the boards before cleaning but they were extremely dirty, here they are after a good clean up with the power washer:
  6. MV-1Cs are ready to be tested. Board 1 - Looks good, it had a blown fuse so I replaced it Result: No image, CPU did get a bit hot, found a cap that is shorted near the CPU so most likely shorted CPU Board 2 - Looks good Result: Fully working Board 3 - Looks alright, a little bit of corrosion near the NEO-YSA2 Result: It booted, wouldn't take carts or display sprites with garbage, so I gave the cart slot a good clean and finally it worked correctly, another fully working system Board 4 - Looks good apart from some small amount of corrosion in the underside of the cart slot Result: Fully working Board 5 - A little corrosion near the NEO-YSA2, blown fuse so I replaced it. Result: Fully working These were much better, tomorrow I'll try to clean at least the MV-1B's but I'll try to get them all.
  7. Next up are the MV1C's, the lot had 4 of them but I added a 5th one that was sold to me recently as non-working, so here they are: Boards ready to be cleaned: Boards cleaned up really good: I'll probably test them later tonight if I'm sure they've fully dried, these are looking good so I'm hopeful!
  8. So boards pretty much got cooked under the sun so they're ready to be tested. Board 1, MV-1ACHX - This one has heavy corrosion and some traces seem gone already, don't expect to get anything out of it. Result: Green screen Board 2, MV-1FZS - Looks decent, might get lucky with this one Result: No audio but works Board 3, MV-1A - Very light corrosion in some spots Result: Wouldn't boot, click of death or solid color Board 4, MV-1FZ - Some ICs legs don't look good Result: Weird audio issue, as if it were too high, but it works. Board 5, MV-1A - Some corrosion spots in the board, there's a weird bloated spot in the BIOS chip Result: Click of death, even after swapping the BIOS chip, seems that the corrosion did get some traces. Overall a little underwhelming, only a couple of them are working with audio issues, these were the ugliest ones of the lot so not surprised with the result. Next I'll do the MV-1C's, those tend to do well so let's see how it goes.
  9. Couldn't clean any yesterday so today I began with these MV-1A/1ACHX/1FZS that seemed the dirtiest of them all: Removed batteries from boards to get them ready: Power washer: Here they are cleaned up and getting dry under the sun (it's scorching outside), they already look pretty good to me, a few have some corrosion but doesn't look that bad, I didn't separate the boards from the cartridge slot but I'll do before re-assembly to make sure everything is dry and looks good, also I have to clean the JAMMA connectors: That's it for now, I'll test them tonight and report back how it went. EDIT: Decided to separate the boards from the cartridge slot, should've done it before cleaning but no worries, I'll manually clean these connectors:
  10. Today I unpacked a lot of junk MVS systems that I bought for scrap price, in total I believe it's 18 systems, 3 MVS games, an unknown bootleg game & a NES connector somehow got thrown in, along with a wrench, everything is super dirty: I'll try to clean them up the following days and report any progress as I go through them, for now I might hook the bootleg game as it isn't that dirty on the first place just to satisfy my curiosity. Wish me luck!
  11. I actually had to pay $800 (overpriced at the time) and drive like 8 hours round trip to pick up that dedicated Mr. Do! years ago, but it's the only one I've ever seen for sale in my province, before or since, so I think I made the right decision
  12. Awesome that you have an Arm Wrestling! You don't see those very often. Another KLOV hotness cab. As you can tell from my avatar pic, Punch-Out!! is also on my "dream list" for future cab acquisitions. Oh, and you can't go wrong with Track n Field...especially the cocktail/island version (like Atari Football...where you stand up to play!).
  13. Lunar Lander... Zoo KEEPER! Mr. FRICKIN' DO! You have some of the KLOV hotness right there. Mr. Do...man, if I could ever find one of those in the region at a reasonable price...
  14. I got 4 cabs in total, a Sega New Astro City, Capcom Impress, Capcom Status 18, and a Jaleco Pony Mark III, unfortunately 2 of them need work (Impress and Pony) other than that I'm pretty happy gaming mostly in the New Astro City, I got Super Street Fighter II Turbo hooked by default.
  15. My arcade is a mess right now. Too many projects. Here is the current working line up: Punch-Out/Super Punch-Out (Switcher) Arm-Wrestling Playchoice 10 Double Screen with Gun Playchoice 10 Counter Top VS Red Tent Battle Shark Sea Wolf Sea Raider Elevator Action Ghouls n Ghosts/Haunted Castle (Switcher} MVS Goldie Centipede Asteroids Road Blasters Cadash (4 Player in Nintendo VS Corner Cab) Star Wars Cockpit Sinistar Cockpit Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr (Switcher) Galaga Ms PAC-Man (60 in 1 board) Ultracade (Dragons Lair 1/2 and Space Ace 30 anniversary) Pong Clone 4 player cocktail Do Run Run/Mr Dos Wild Ride cocktail (switcher) Super Cobra Ring King Midway Big Games (Piece of junk my kids like) Projects: Omega Race Battlezone Mr Do Universal Dedicated Spy Hunter Track n Field x2 Hyper Sports Artic Cabaret x3 Stratovox Fire Trap Cloak and Dagger Galaga (Building for friend) Yes I have a problem
  16. I didn't know we had an arcade club - just joined. These are the games I have in my home arcade (all dedicated): Lunar Lander Ms. Pac-Man Frogger Zoo Keeper Bank Panic Universal Mr. Do! Pro Monaco GP Computer Space Ball Looping Space Invaders Circa 1933 (Pinball)
  17. Hi guys! Just joined the club. I currently have an Outrun, Street Fighter II: World Warrior (i.e. plain old SFII), World Series: The Season, Atari Football, Donkey Kong Jr., a Neo Geo MVS 1-slot conversion, and a Pac-Man Arcade Party cocktail table that Namco of America made back in 2010. I also have a pin in Bally Midway's Party Animal! DK Jr and Atari Football are my newest acquisitions. That stimulus check helped out with those two! MaxLords, awesome pics!
  18. Hello Arcade peoples.... Would anyone have any helpful information for me to go about selling my non-working Sheriff Cocktail machine? I'm looking for a general $ evaluation and best practice to find it a new home. Any and all help would be great! Thank you!
  19. Haven't noticed your reply, sorry about that! Right now with the pandemic the postal services are under severe strain so I've stopped shipping altogether until things get somewhat back to normal, I'll keep you in mind when I resume shipping activities.
  20. Nice! I have a region free ST-V and a 1-slot for my cab as well as a huge stack of carts. No Atomiswave though. There weren't many games I wanted to play on it. All great units!
  21. The cabinets I own are cartridge-based ones - Neo Geo and Sega Titan. I own an Atomiswave board and some games however the cabinet is a real bitch to locate.
  22. Here are the only photos I have left from the arcade I used to have...
  23. I have a 4-player Quartet cabinet that has languished in my office for the last 8 years, or so, waiting for me to do a refurb I'll bring it home once I can finally clear up the space, and then I"ll be more likely to actually get the work done... (needs button upgrades -- original is a bunch of mostly-worn-out leaf switches) At some point, I'd like to put in a switch-able harness/board to give it other 4-player games or a 2-player multi-board of some kind. I also inherited an OLD pinball machine (1960's era version of 8-ball). It needs a ton of work, but has a lot of sentimental value, so I'll make a project with the kids one day.
  24. Sweet, Egret is an incredibly cool cab. I have a New Astro City - used to own a standard wooden European jamma cab, but I sold it because I felt like having more than one cabinet would take up way too much useful space. Traded the real estate for a cupboard I could use to organize all my PCBs neatly, which has made switching out games much more relaxed. Too bad I can't fit all my PCBs in that cupboard anymore.
  25. I used to have an entire vintage arcade at one point. I'll have to see if I can dig up some pics. I don't have room for much so I just have a single Taito Egret 29 and a stack of boards and carts now. All the buttons are Sanwas of course. What do you play on?

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