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  1. My friend just asked me to try an look into this on their units. The big N looks like they are not taking in any repairs at the moment anyways so gunna attemp something. Seen vids on iso alcohol, I don't see this as a bad strategy for temp fix. Iso is non-conductive but the danger is using a low% solvent. anything in that 30% will typically be slightly conductive. I use 99%, and plan on compressed air drying. Looking into replacment sticks in the meantime while the temp fix serves it's time
  2. I have not put it up in any complete form on youtube. I may have to one of these days.
  3. I have not kept up with the new charms lately. I would like to sign up please. First is the chipmusic cartridge one please. Second is whichever developer/homebrew/chip artist charms you feel would apply (Brewer/ Graphic Artist / Chiptuner / Publisher) . I released/developed the music cart Moonfall all on my own. Code, graphics, music, cart production. Link to that is in my signature.
  4. It is clear you're motivated to get ahold of the rom, I feel this is what is causing your ideas and justifications for why the public (you) 'deserve' to be able to play it too. I was not expecting you to accept this explanation, but that has no bearing on the reality. They have stated themselves that their motivation is their videos. and have no intentions of distribution. Doing so would also be illegal, and a huge disrespect to RushJet. And video editing music is not the same and would be immediately recognizable as a video edit in comparison. Level transitions, sound FX, etc would all have to be manually added and synced to reach the level of integration his rom has displayed.
  5. The 'Finished Product' is his playthrough. The romhack work looks to be in a direct effort to create his videos. He does not have to release any code, tutorial, or rom file for people to be able to see and appreciate his hard work.
  6. Releases section of chipmusic.org is the main spot for me at least. https://chipmusic.org/forums/forum/9/releases/
  7. For anyone that was waiting for their chance. Doom is back up at retail cost. https://gear.bethesda.net/products/doom-deluxe-double-vinyl-record
  8. I never remember the cart becoming a tangible thing. HeavyW8Bit coulda made it happen though; Made some sick stuff on NES. Just downloaded the rom and looked at the mapper it uses. He is using Mapper 66 (https://wiki.nesdev.com/w/index.php/GxROM) My guess to why it was never released would be simply to the cost and time needed to acquire GxROM donor carts for production. His utility carts would not need much space, and I'm guessing he went for GxROM for NOFX only to accommodate the large amount of data that a cover cart requires in comparison to something like his NESK-1. Cheapest GxROM cart I see on ebay is around $10 are there are not many of them to gather for disassembly and reproduction.
  9. Been waiting for this repressing for ages. Finally got one. Hotline Miami
  10. That looks awesome!!!! Great showcase video too. However my OCD is triggered by this:
  11. Just saw an interesting episode of Ben Heck pop up in my feed. Regarding a prototype for the Sega Pluto. Apparently a Saturn with built in networking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeGoYHx_k90 From the info in the video there are only two of them still remaining, and it was known that only 6 were made in total. Interesting stuff.
  12. They are obviously still in 'Lets turn this company around' mode and are only looking at the traffic it would bring to the stores. I agree that it is ridiculous to claim they are an essential service. Their offerings are the definition of leisure and hobby.
  13. This is incredibly cool. I would love to see a Super Tilt Bros mod to use online matches.
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