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  1. Last time you couldn't buy the nes/snes controllers unless you had the subscription. I don't know if that'll apply for the expansion pack. Will you need the to have that or just the $20 annual? No way I'm missing out on that N64 controller.
  2. I have one, but its not 9+
  3. Found two of these at a Flea Market. I washed the one on the left, but the one on the right needs to take a dip. Before and after in one pic They were equally dirty.
  4. I can help test it out, for the next few hours.... lol
  5. Very sorry for your loss Estil
  6. In addition to the main page that shows the VGSer's bdays, maybe a little cake icon that lasts the day of?
  7. Wow! Lots of June 9ers! I fear I'm the oldest LOL. Thanks for the well wishes!
  8. Welcome! I love the Spyro games!
  9. For sale! All items include shipping unless otherwise stated! Offers welcome! Glider SEALED CIB: $150 Battle Kid Fortress of Peril: $90 Battle Kid 2 Mountain of Torment SEALED: $100 Assimilate CIB $55 Blow 'Em Out CIB : $80 Donkey Kong Pie Foundry : $225 Chunkout 2 Japanese LE #38 CB: $180 Chips Challenge CB: $45 Crazyland LE#9: $70
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