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  1. I too was going to get something graded. I don't have a single graded item in my collection. Since they grade "anything" I had reached out about a TimeWalk CIB I have. But never heard back. I tried via email and FB Messenger but was just ignored. I'm not sure if they ignored me due to the game or their support is shitty. It was something I wanted to try, perhaps become a customer, but if you can't muster a response after a few days/weeks, then its not worth my time either. Best of luck to you, I look forward to hearing how the rest of this works out.
  2. Refreshing didn't work for me. Still seeing the same issue. Incognito as well.
  3. Sometimes you get a shitty rep too. They're short with you and often provide confusing and inaccurate info. When I get into those situations I'll often call back, being extra polite, and ask them to clarify what the last person said. Often the first person is incorrect, or in some cases I ask for special consideration as I believe I was mislead/misinformed. You'd be surprised how often they try to do something extra for you when you approach them like that. Cool off and call them back, the worst they can say is no...
  4. Patience. That's what it comes down to. The video was a nail biter!
  5. I went with 8 but I wouldn't say it was the best movie that year. 7 wasn't strong enough. Good balance of action and suspense. There is a scene that while good, doesn't really add anything to the plot. Overall a great movie. Its a remake of a 1953 movies of the same name (also a good film).
  6. 7/10. Fun movie, sci-fi, comedy, action all rolled into one. Plus Chris Tucker in his prime lol
  7. Then why are you in the show off section?
  8. I've got four. PM me and we can chat.
  9. In for participation, I'm not good at Tetris 17931
  10. It was just a matter of time. Its obviously a hot topic, but it's time to put it to bed.
  11. Not all are homebrews, but of the homebrews there are 50+ shown here.
  12. I thought I was the only person who collect ASM Retro! Very cool. Whats the last NES cart in the second row? I've seen it once before at a Retro Game shop in NYC, but the label doesn't tell much.
  13. I did the same for the same reason. It's a great cult classic, but not in the top 10.
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