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  1. New stuff this week. Love variants and never knew about these GBC variants. Super rare must be worth 10,000 each (he says annoyed with how others do this). Paid too much for the arcade games, but have been looking for these games (Moon Shuttle and Mars Cabaret) for over 10 years. Yes they came from the Banning Auction.
  2. So I can now sell the 38 arcade machines I have for 200K. Sweet!
  3. Anyone else get all 6? I love Gameboy homebrew!
  4. NES Bonks Adventure for $4.99 at Bookmans in Mesa, AZ. Ok so it was 20 years ago
  5. Mine was getting all 32 treasures in Atari 2600 Pitfall. The thing to do when I was a kid lol
  6. My favorite sub set. Namco with Guncon sets:
  7. Misprint or fake. Yep copy has the seal, yes I have the GBC set CIB.
  8. I am an ass online and off.
  9. I know a collector who has it complete with its Gameboy system. The only way it was sold. Also has the Kirbys Dream Land 2 yellow and Battle Arena Yellow
  10. I love the trailer! Had me laughing. Need the physical release now lol
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