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  1. I am just jealous. I have been putting together the same book, but for USA box/manual/cart variants only (not the world, good on them for tackling that). I found that it is a never ending process though. Every time I thought I had them all, I find anther 2 or 3 variant's (especially box variants).
  2. 100% guarantee they are missing 30% of the box variants for USA. As far as I know I have the only list. I saw their list (if it is our French friends) and they are missing a ton.
  3. I had 0 to do with this and that is why the USA list is not even close to complete unless they are only going by - variants. Don’t collect the rest of the world so no clue on that.
  4. There are 2 versions of the green screen box. First print is with warranty info only. Second print has warranty info and for sale in info
  5. This was my first console and started my love of video games. I played pitfall, jungle hunt, raiders of the lost ark, pressure cooker, enduro and keystone kapers for hours.
  6. Very fun system. I like the unique Metal Slug games the most
  7. My copy is sealed also. I think most in collectors hands are.
  8. The Kentucky Fried Movie. I remember always loving this movie. Now I think it was just the Boobies?
  9. Interesting. Will look into this one.
  10. Box will be easyish to find. There are 3 boxes for Radar Mission all say Game Link Game Pak. The first 2 boxes (TM and R) came with the error/misprint cart. The 3rd -1 box came with the corrected cart. The 2nd Box is the hardest to find. I think it was only printed once and corrected 3 months later.
  11. So looks like I was wrong. FIFA Road to the World Cup 98 was never released in the USA. World Cup 98 was released in USA and Europe. I guess we just did not get a FIFA game in 97 on Gameboy?
  12. This game was released as World Cup 98 in the USA. Code: DMG-A8WE-USA I was 100% wrong.
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