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  1. Yes, yes! New Order! That is it. I am liking thus far. I beat Old Blood a few weeks ago and started on New Order. New Order is definitely an expanded version of Old Blood. Old Blood seems more straight forward with less things to do, but that is sometimes an OK thing for me, as I have 4 kids and time for video games is fleeting. New Order is taking a lot longer to get through given its double length of Old Blood. But, I definitely like the Wolfenstein story and campaigns. It is VERY nice that all of them are on Xbox Game Pass as well. I don't have to buy them separately and I can just go straight into the next game.
  2. Probably nothing special for video games, though Xbox does have a Castlevania game for Free With Gold...so maybe that. For watching, Svengoolie (if you don't know, google him!) has a month of Frankenstein movies for this month on Saturday nights on MeTV, so probably that, along with MST3k and MAYBE Rocky Horror, yet again.
  3. Still playing through Wolfenstein New World Order when I have the time. But, I also started "Call Of The Sea" last night on my brand new Series S. Pretty nice FPS adventure game, thus far.
  4. Coleco Gemini...Coleco's knock-off/clone Atari 2600. It just showed up one day, probably in 1984 or 1985 with a bunch of games. My dad must have gotten it through Random House, as they were selling it with a slew of games as long as you joined that Random House club, like their tape or CD club. However, our Gemini was "badged" differently from the normal Random House one, so it is still a bit of a mystery where it came from. My dad, who is 76 this year, can't remember a thing about it or where he got it. Anyway, we just called it the "Atari" since it only played 2600 games (remember, this was not the ColecoVision). I have told this story before on these forums, but, at the time, I don't think I knew that Coleco made anything other than the Gemini, but then we went over to our babysitter's house and he had a ColecoVision...and we played "Smurf" in all of its ColecoVision goodness and we were blown away. I was pretty mad that my Coleco couldn't play the same games as his Coleco and had a rough time understanding it all! Anywho, that Gemini is long gone. My mom sold it in a garage sale circa 1990 or something like, as we were full in on the NES by that point (which we obtained in Xmas 1987). I do remember enjoying the Gemini's dual joystick/paddle controllers compared to the separate ones from Atari (which we had spares of those too). Oh, and playing 2600 on a black-and-white 13" Zenith was a right-of-passage back then!
  5. Off Topic and a few days late to respond to you (like I said earlier, using this holiday weekend to catch up on this thread!), but for the last three or four years, there has been a lively return of BBSes, believe it or not. Especially in the 8-bit computer space! There are a ton of Commodore 64 BBSes that have sprouted up in the last few years and are truly a good time to dial/Telnet into. Some Apple II and Atari 8-bit ones have sprouted up as well, as well as IBM/DOS ones too! Just in case if you are interested, start at this C64 list here: http://cbbsoutpost.servebbs.com/index.php
  6. They have that in Iowa, though, too. Seriously.
  7. So, I think I know what I am doing for my Labor Day weekend... I had fallen off of VGS a bit this summer (lots of things, good and bad, going on), so I totally missed this WATA dust up until I saw a video from Pat the NES Punk this morning...which then brought me here to this thread because I knew it existed and, holy cow, lots of stuff to suss through from the last week+. I am only on page 102 of this thread, so super glad we have a long weekend coming up! I do see, however, that Cincinnati-style Chili made an appearance thanks to @Bearcat-Doug!
  8. He's been there for 2 or 3 years now, right? After Reggie left?
  9. Just started playing through the revamped Wolfenstein series on XBox Gamepass (awesome service, by the way). I just finished The Old Blood and I am now playing The New Order. Liking them thus far. I am looking forward to playing Young Blood, as it is a 2-player COOP campaign, and I already informed my wife I need her help destroying more Nazi scum!
  10. D'oh! Yes, Dragon's Lair should have been my first guess. Pole Position...I don't think I ever made it far enough to realize it had an intentional ending! And now that you mention Dragon's Lair, I am sure all of the "Me Too" Laser Disc games that came out immediately after Dragon's Lair also predate Marble Madness as well.
  11. Probably the first Zelda, with my uncle, making our own custom maps of the dungeons. Graph paper and all. Yeah, actually beat this before SMB1 because we got the NES and both games for the Xmas of '87 and Zelda just sucked us in until we beat the first quest.
  12. Yeah, did the whole arcade thing too before I got a Coleco Gemini in the home. I am trying to think...what was the first arcade game that had an actual ending? Marble Madness? That is the famous story, isn't it, regarding Marble Madness? The first six weeks it hit the arcades, it earned quarters like hot cakes. But then when everyone got to the end of the game, it plummeted from the earnings report for Atari since the game had a definite ending and was a pretty short game once you mastered it.
  13. Probably some Atari 2600 game on a loop, like Tulpa just mentioned. Here's one: I finished ET on the 2600 by throwing it in the closet at the tender age of 6. The game gave me my first, actual headache in life...seriously. I was finished with it at that point.
  14. Being called a coward by Sinistar really cut deep:
  15. That is interesting hearing different perspectives from that time and what others experienced during the console war (or lack of console war for you). The war was definitely on at Pleasant View Elementary in Bettendorf, Iowa on the playground. I vehemently defended the NES to a rich friend of mine who had the Genesis basically right when it came out (I think he got it for Xmas of 1989?). That kid just went around to all the Nintendo fanboys doing the whole "Genesis does what Nintendon't." Oh man...good, childish times on the playground during the Console War. I got the SNES the Xmas it was out (1991, right?). I felt like I then had the upper hand over the rich kid...who, by the way, had moved on from Genesis to a freakin' Neo Geo AES that Christmas. I was losing yet again...but the Neo Geo was so above the war, it didn't matter after the first few months of 1992. I made peace with the kid and wormed my way to be invited over multiple times to play the AES. I DID, however, convert over to Genesis when my brother and I pooled our money to get a Genesis due to the blood in Mortal Kombat!
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