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  1. Looks cool! When I first came on this evening, I almost thought VGS was "offline" or moved again. Then I realized it was a new landing page!
  2. I have Temple of Apshai for both Commodore 64 and the Atari 8-bit computer. I have played it on C64 and it is actually quite entertaining with you reading the manual as go along to each room...it almost feels like a board game being played on the C64, or a D&D session with you acting as both the player and Dungeon Master.
  3. As a kid, the buzz words and phrases I thought would matter going forward, I bet wrong on "blast processing." I wish that would become a thing again in today's world.
  4. It's a real thing for me, at least, once I hit my 40s. Seriously, when I turned 40, its like my eyes suddenly got even worse than they were. I still can't believe I have frickin' bifocals!
  5. I think I got the GBA Player accessory (and the fabled play disc), literally, right before it exploded in price. One of my few "collecting insights" of my career. The GBA Player for GC is a great accessory. It really is the only way I play GBA games nowadays.
  6. Final Fantasy Tactics for PS1. Many of you know I don't like JRPGs. So I don't play Final Fantasy games after FF6 (and even that one was starting to get "too JRPG" for me). But, I still would like to give Tactics a try sometime, due to the tactical gameplay, from what I hear. I have my brother's copy of Tactics sitting right over here. I have had it for probably 15 years, but still haven't played it. I think my brother forgot I still have his copy. I should remind him of this...
  7. I gave it a 7, but it is a 7.5 in my mind. Don't get me wrong...I was super-hyped when I got the SNES the "launch Christmas" of 1991. One of the kids in the neighborhood had rented the system from a local mom & pop video store known for game renting (even had an AES Neo Geo to rent), and my mom would never take us to that video store...had to wait for our dad to come visit us for us to visit it. Anyway, I was super-jealous of the neighbor kid who got to rent before even I did! But...after playing with it the first month or so, some of the magic of the NES era was lost. Can't expla
  8. I have Super Mega Baseball II, but I want something even lighter than that...hence why I asked about the Backyard Baseball series! If I am way off base here (pun not intended) and the Backyard Baseball series is NOT lighter than Super Mega, let me know. I may just stick with Super Mega II.
  9. Hi all, Title pretty much asks it. I am interested in getting into a very light, easy, arcade-y baseball game, and I have heard great things about the Backyard Baseball series in general. I don't care about playing real MLB teams or MLB players, and actually would probably prefer fictional teams and characters. Which Backyard Baseball entry would you recommend to start with on console (whether it be PS2, GameCube, DS, etc.)? I know the original few entries were PC-only, and I have a Mac, so I am not sure I could even play the first one. Heck, I am not even sure there is a legitimate
  10. 8 for me. At the time it came out, I liked it more than the original. As time has gone on, I think I like the original a bit better, but this game is still easily recommended due to the differences from the rest of the Zelda series and the gameplay. I actually just started playing it again recently and I am having more fun with it than I did back in the late 80s.
  11. Holy crap...how did I forgot this on my list??? Yes, Star Control II...phenomenal! It even made its way to consoles via the 3DO. Star Control 1 was also decent (though it lacked a story...but that was pretty much conveyed in the instruction manual). Star Control 1 made it to the Genesis.
  12. I know this has diverted over to DOS/WIN95/ IBM-Compatible (still use this term at Best Buy to confuse the hell out of the younger millenial/gen z employees...yeah, I can be a-holey), but whole-heartedly agree with: X-wing, TIE Fighter, EVERY Lucas Arts adventure (1st Monkey Island is on Sega CD and had a recent re-release from Limited Run), Civilization 1 & 2 (1 is on SNES, right?), Colonization (still play this one regularly via GOG), Pirates (also on NES), Pirates Gold (on Sega Genesis). Add to the list all Ultimas up to 7 (8 is OK, 9 was a mess, and I know some of these made it t
  13. Earth Day coming up on April 22...just sayin'...
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