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  1. I barely managed to get through The Last Jedi on a DLed version. There's no way in hell I'll be watching this. This entire trilogy is brutally pandering and horridly written. Absolutely infantile. I loved Abram's excuse that the 2nd movie ruined everything that the first set up, like the first one was any good at all. My wife and I both hated The Force Awakens so much that it's hard to describe in words. You can put a bow on a turd, it's still a turd. For that matter, I hated the prequels so much that I only watched a DL of the 2nd movie and couldn't finish the 3rd. Easily some of the most disappointing sci-fi of all time. For perspective, I enjoyed Rogue One (though I hated a few things they tossed in) and thoroughly enjoyed Solo (though again hated a few details). I also enjoyed The Mandalorian, excluding the two bad episodes. You know which ones.
  2. I'm a fan and have seen every series. I liked Lower Decks, but it was slightly more crass than I'd prefer. Regardless, I was entertained. I also liked Picard, thought it was exceptional acting, but a slightly weaker than average plot. LOVED the Romulans in it! I also enjoy Discovery, believe it or not. In fact, the only Trek that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed was DS9, especially after the Dominion War started, and Enterprise starting about halfway through Season 3. Personally, my favorite is Voyager, followed by Next Gen, Discovery, and Picard.
  3. I have a bunch of these....PM incoming.
  4. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7424290/ I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch the whole thing but it does look hokey and kinda fun. Anyone already seen this one and have some thoughts?
  5. Updated: Mega Turrican and R-Type III sold, Super Metroid complete in excellent condition added! I'll get pics of it tomorrow!
  6. I just looked at the current rates for sealed, and I take it back. You're absolutely correct and that's ridiculous.
  7. Soul Hackers, most notably is the only English release of the game and likely to hold a higher value. I looked a few weeks ago and Overclocked 1 & 2 were about $100 each, SMT IV, and SMT: Armageddon are also the only English releases, and were something like $150+ and $120 respectively. I forget what Soul Hackers was.
  8. Yeah, I was SHOCKED when I looked those up the other day. They're outrageous. The whole SMT series has skyrocketed though and it's only going to go higher, I suspect.
  9. I backed it. Just want a physical copy....no idea what console I should get it for, but I'm betting on the XBox Series X for maximum graphics potential, just in case. They HAVE stated that they're planning a retail release as well, but that Kickstarter backers will get all the DLC for free and are guaranteed both access to the Beta on Steam and to get the game BEFORE a commercial release.
  10. I've been Platinum before...but not lately. I haven't gotten any swag from them for a LONG time
  11. OK, so I've got a fair amount of stuff to get rid of here. My buddy's getting out of the hobby and going digital, and he gave me his pulls to sell off. Here's what I've got currently. All prices are in Canadian $, but I can convert to USD easily enough (I use www.xe.com for conversions. I take Paypal as well as Interac EMT payments if you're within Canada. I haven't sold here before, but I have sterling feedback on eBay and I've got a fair bit over on the shmups boards as I've been there since they started. Shipping is at cost and I only ship with tracking and insurance. All games are original, no repros, and have been in this collection for literally decades. I had to dust them.... Detailed pictures are available on request. I don't do bulk sales, but I will haggle a little on multiple item purchases. Prices are not set in stone, and they're based on recent closed eBay auctions minus shipping. Here's my eBay feedback: https://www.ebay.ca/fdbk/feedback_profile/max-lords And here's what I have up for sale: NES: Dragon Warrior IV (cart and manual only) $140 SNES: Super Metroid (complete, excellent cart, nice manual, above average box, flyers included) $280 Lemmings (ex-rental, cart, coverless manual, decent box, one sticker on front) $20 Super R-Type (ex-rental, cart, box with tons of sticker residue, label on cart sticker, manual with tape and video rental stamp) $30 Spider-Man & X-Men: Arcade's Revenge (ex-rental, cart, rough box, decimated manual) $10 (if it works) SOLD R-Type III (cart only) $140 SOLD Genesis: Alien Storm (cart, box, manual) $75 Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (cart, box, manual) $50 Phantasy Star II (cart and box only, completely hammered) $15 Phantasy Star III (cart, box, manual, poster) $40 Phantasy Star IV (cart, box, manual) $160 SOLD Mega Turrican (cart, box, manual w/Blockbuster sticker on back, has hangtab) $175 SOLD - $150 Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition (cart, box) $10 Biohazard Battle (cart, box, manual) $35 Eternal Champions (cart, box, manual) $10 Aladdin (cart, box, manual, Disney insert) $15 N64: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Collector's Edition (cart, box, manual, inserts) $200 Sin & Punishment (cart, box, manual, inserts) $110 GB/GBA: Metroid Fusion (cart, box, manual, inserts) $130 SOLD - $115 The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (cart, box, manual) $120 Mega Man Zero (cart, manual, box, inserts) $80 Mega Man Zero 2 (cart, manual, box, inserts) $80 Mega Man Zero 3 (cart, manual, box, inserts) $80 Final Fantasy Legend III (cart, box, manual, map, all inserts) $125 Gamecube: Ikaruga (disc, manual, case, no scratches) $85 Dreamcast: Ikaruga (disc, manual, case, no obi, a couple of light scratches, very small) $75 Street Fighter Alpha III (disc, manual, case, extremely light scratches around disc) $60 Street Fighter III Third Strike (disc, manual, case, some light scratches and marks) $140
  12. I've never become notorious, thankfully, so it hasn't been an issue. But I've had random people tell me "I know you" after they hear my handle, and I've had a few people tell me they've heard of me before. It's a weird feeling. It probably helps that I step in and out of the collecting scene and try not to interface too heavily. It's best to keep a focus on real life.
  13. I picked up the Yoshi set today too. It's interesting that collectors are scorning them. To be fair, they're designed for kids to play with though and that's why I'm buying them. Going to get the Boo house too.
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