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Playing around with Genesis programming



So someone told me that SecondBasic has very limited capabilities for the 32x. So I've decided to get rid of the 32x aspect of the game and instead make it for the Genesis (or Mega Drive). I added a bunch of stuff since the last time I worked on this. I woke up a couple of hours ago and put a lot more stuff in the game. It took a while to get how to put tiles on the screen. You can now change the elephant's direction by pressing left or right. But one thing is still missing: sound. Nobody has explained to me how to put music in a Genesis game yet with SecondBasic. I put a cloud in the game. It drifts left. So now it looks like the title screen of Yoshi's Cookie.


I think I'm doing a good job for not knowing what I'm doing. So as for game play for this game, I'm thinking I'll make it a Bubble Bobble-type game with the grapefruit throwing stuff at the elephant and the elephant dodges the stuff and stomps on the grapefruit. But that's a loooong way off. I need to figure out how to read which tile is which and make the elephant act accordingly.

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