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Sad news



Our dog is dead. We had her put to sleep.

The power company may shut off our power for a few days because they have decided we live in a place that's a high risk of wildfires. Seems really dumb since I'm in a CITY and not out in some country wilderness. So I'm going to stop working on Frank the Fruit Fly or anything else for a couple of days in case they actually do shut off my power.

Woke up to find the Queen died. I can't watch our US news networks any more since they can't seem to stop talking about it.

My GBC is on standby in case I get the call that they'll shut off my power. I should also take some time to play my Pokemon Mini as well. it looks like I have more AAA than AA batteries. I can play my GB Pocket since it takes 2 AAA batteries.

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Sorry about your doggy.  I don't really know what your electricity has to do with wildfires.  You would think they would be more worried about people grilling out.

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