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For as long as I can remember, I've always had my trusty CRT TV with me. The sticker on it says it was made in May, 1993. I was 10 years old then. As the years grew, the TV was always there with me. In my room, all three rooms (I've moved twice since I got it). There is a huge dent in the down button on the thing. I had it right next to my bed one time for ten years and I lost the remote for it, so I started using that.

In 2008, I moved where I am now and it got delegated to my retro gaming TV. I used it recently to play Yoshi's Safari. I was going to get out my ActionMax and do some gaming with that, but that's suddenly not possible now. A couple of months ago, I saw these weird white lines on the top of the TV when I turned it on. At first, they worked their way up to disappearing. Just yesterday I was using my TV. The same one where I got the two similar Tetris scores on.

But today I turned it on. It presented me with one line of static in the center. It had shown its last. It's kind of sad. I now have to do all my gaming on a flat-screen TV with apparent lag. I can't score >200,000 points in NES Tetris like I used to with my old setup any more.

So it feels like I've lost a family member. I know it's just a material possession, but I am truly wondering if I can get a cheap CRT screen TV at, say, Goodwill anymore. Probably not. Oh well. I guess it was bound to happen eventually. Symphonic made a good TV. It lasted almost 30 years. Goodbye, old friend.


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Sorry for your loss. 

RE Cheap CRT: At least by me, you can still get CRTs at thrift stores for $15.  Worth a shot to hunt around. 

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