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Stupidman issue 2



One of the things I liked to do from a very early age was draw. No matter how crappy my drawings were, it was always fun to think of characters and direct their actions like an interactive comic book. I have over 550 issues of a comic book I started when I was ten called "Bill and George." With the advent of computers brought a semi-new way of drawing for me. I could get pictures off the internet, scan my comics, and then put those pictures in my comic. Even though I could have done so for years, I just now thought to do that.

Also with the advent of the internet, I could actually share what I drew with other people. While I am not going to scan all my issues of Bill and George, I will make new drawings even though I'm not a kid any more (and my drawings haven't really gotten better). One of the earlier comic book characters I have been making is Stupidman. He's a superhero, and although he's dumber than a sack of bricks, he always seems to beat whomever decides to attack the town. Quincy is his sidekick who is a lot smarter and directs Stupidman to do stuff. Every Batman needs a Robin, right?

I was almost done with the second issue. I needed something for the back page. I like fake ads. So I made one. I had actually forgotten about issue 1 until a few days ago when I was searching through my computer files and stumbled upon it. So I made a second issue. Both are available to view here. They are 12 pages long (a third of a regular comic book), so a very quick read.

I seem to have a rash on my butt and it hurts when I sit down. I have been putting neosporin on it hoping it will go away. I think it's a little better, but not much. I have a doctor appointment on August 1, but I have to have a blood test then, so I want to get out of there as quick as possible while at the same time, it's horrible having to sit and hurt.


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