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Blargh (part 2)



It's been three days now where the temperature has been below freezing. I don't think once it got above 30 all weekend. And with .1"-.25" freezing rain coming this afternoon, the power may go out. So if I go missing for a week or so, that's where I am. Tomorrow it's supposed to finally get above freezing. So if the electricity goes out, we'll have no power and it'll be 50 degrees as opposed to 20 degrees.

I understand that most of the country right now is below freezing, but it's really rare where I am that it is so cold for so long. It should be in the 40s and raining, not 24 and freezing rain. I have good reason to be paranoid since the 6 day power outage two winters ago. At least we have a fireplace to keep us warm.

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Same story for us, except we were hovering around zero all weekend as opposed to just freezing.  Not super uncommon for us.  We tend to have about two weeks in winter time when we don't get much above zero.  I'll look forward to getting back to 30 or 32.  I typically don't bother with a coat at 32.  A nice hoodie is good enough for that.  

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