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Playing around with 32x programming



I downloaded something that will help me. I downloaded SecondBasic. Apparently it's a language that lets people make Genesis games. But it also allows people to make 32x games as well. I was impressed with that Santa Claus demo for the 32x someone was making, but unfortunately the programmer and that game dropped off the face of the earth. Impressed so much I wanted to make a 32x game. So I set the controls to compile it as a 32x game and began work.

I needed an emulator. So I decided on one called "Gens," mainly because it can emulate the 32x. I found the BIOS files. SecondBASIC had a Hello, World demo, so I worked with that first. I eventually got this:


I was thrilled. I had made a 32x program. But I wanted more. So I decided to work with the sprite demo. I eventually, after four or so hours later, got an animated elephant that walked to and fro.


It was very hard to understand how to flip the sprites for when the elephant walks to the right, but I eventually figured it out. I bought myself a Genesis Everdrive to see if I can get my program to work on a real 32x. I don't know how far I'll get with this. I don't know if I'll be able to get past this. I don't even know what the game will be about once I figure out button presses. Another thing a game needs is sound. I wonder how I can get music on this thing. I wonder if I can get the elephant to walk on the ground. I wonder a lot of things. That's why I'm calling it "playing around with" and not "making a game with" the 32x.

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