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Beer-loving rabbits



Here is one. As a webcomic cartoonist of a really unsuccessful webcomic page, I really don't care if I have proper grammar or not. But I just got curious. I had made a riddle, and I decided to put it in comic strip form. But I was having trouble with the phrasing in the first panel. I eventually got this. I was wondering if it was correct or not.


I needed to make sure the reader knew it was a rabbit, not some sort of really deranged cat with long ears or something. Since I can't draw at all.

My throat is scratchy and painful. I thought it was just because I had some trouble with swallowing my pills. So I ate some popcorn. And it didn't help at all. Paired with the sneezing and blowing my nose excessively a couple of days ago, I have come to the conclusion that I may have a cold. Which is kind of odd since I don't get out much, and I haven't gotten out of the house in more than a week, and the only contact with the outside world was with the groceries deliverer. But my nose is fine now, so I don't know.

An influx of comic strip ideas just happened to come into my brain all at the same moment, so yesterday, I made two weeks' worth of material. The webcomic is about three rabbits who live together, Two and a Half-Men style (only my jokes are usually G rated.)

Also, I have almost finished my Yum! game. All that's left to do is make a fourth background for the guy.


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