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I'm back.



The last time I checked to get on videogamesage.com (without the s) a few months ago, it gave me some warning, so I went back to what I was doing. Today I checked my e-mails and I got a PM from someone here. So I decided to see if I could go to videogamesage.com again and I got the welcome screen. So apparently everything is back to where it was before?

Nothing much has happened in the last few months. I started work on a port of my GoSub, this time on the Game Boy. I also picked up and figuratively dusted off a project I was making for the Atari 7800 called Pineapple. I also started a project on the Odyssey² about canoe riding. So I have been bouncing around working on three different projects I have going on simultaneously.

I seem to be having a problem with my computer thougn. Sometimes it freezes (I can still move the cursor around but can't click on anything), so I have to do ctrl+alt+del and then click on something on the menu in the blue screen (I'm using Windows 10). It then takes me back with something and I notice every time I do it, my CPU usage is at 89% and then it starts going down again and I'm able to do stuff again. I don't know what that could possibly be. It makes me want to give up and buy a Mac. But then I don't know if I'd be able to continue my game work since I doubt some of the programs I use would work on a Mac.


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